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My advice for taking a cruise is to buy those sea-sick wrist bands.  They might look like weird sweat bracelets, but everybody else wears them, too, so you don’t stick out or look stupid in them.  Even if you don’t think you will get sea-sick or if you feel fine, just wear them the whole time on the boat!  It is easier to prevent getting sick than it is to recover once you are sick! 

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there have been some great posts on cruises on weddingbee!  i’ve always wanted to go on one because everyone i know that are regular cruisers raves about them.  you’re going to have a blast!  a great combination of relaxation and adventure!





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I’m the Seasickness Queen!!! (Which is funny because I’m in the Navy…)

Cruiseboats (especially transatlantic cruiseboats) are NOT small.  The don’t rock much if at all.  So if you’re not prone to getting seasick, you prolly won’t.

Those wristbands…don’t work.  I wish they did because I hate pills.

Speaking of pills, go with generic meclazine.  Dramamine has an ingredient that counteracts the drowsiness you’ll get from the meclazine in it that makes some people (get this) nauseous.  So just go with generic anti-nausea stuff and drink some coffee.

If you really don’t do pills (like me) there are ear patches you can get.  They last for 3 days.  They’re fantastic!!  They contain scopalamine.  Highly recommended.  But you must get your doctor to prescribe them.  (Just tell him: Honeymoon.  Cruise.)

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WE cruised on our honeymoon and LOVED it. I found that I was perfectly fine when I could see the water, but I got very seasick when I couldn’t see the water (such as when lying in bed or taking a shower). You might do well to book a cabin with lots of windows!

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Sorry to be longwinded, I broke up my post so it wouldn’t get moderated.  On to the CRUISE:

You will be in each port for like ONE DAY.  So gather info on the internet beforehand on what you’ll want to see and do.  Have a plan.  Make reservations.  DO NOT buy from the vultures (I mean VENDORS) who are right outside of the port.  They expect cruiseliner customers and they usually charge too much.  Go deeper into the cities and find what you looking for there.  I promise they have the same things everywhere.

While you’re underway, enjoy it!  Sunbathe, rock climb, swim, etc.  There’s lots of shopping that can be done underway too!

Bring a set of Black Tie apparel if you want to dine at one of the fancy dinners.  It’s fun!  It’s like PROM for adults.

Finally, be very aware of the people around you, what you’re carrying with you and who may be sizing you up to mug you.  A lot of cruise tourists bring ALL their traveler’s checks/money with them.  DON’T.  Be smart.  Conceal what you can (wallet, camera) and don’t bring a purse if you don’t have to.  Don’t be out too late at night (you should mostly be underway at night but still…).  Fanny packs may look tacky, but you can’t pick-pocket a fanny pack.  If you buy a lot of stuff, take it back to the ship before you go out to dinner.  Basically pretend that every city you’re visiting is Detroit.

Any other specific questions, I’d be happy to answer I have lots of info!

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I’ve heard great things about the patches too. DEFINITELY recommend some kind of anti-nausea. The last thing you want is to get on the boat and discover you have motion-sickness. Even someone with a strong stomach can have trouble if it’s rocky, and on both cruises I went on, even tho they were short at least one night was wild enough that half the dining room wound up empty at dinner cause everyone was feeling bad.

I don’t know about that particular cruise line, but both the ones I went on had "excursions" as an option every time you stopped at a port. They could be anything from snorkling through reefs, swimming with dolphins, to touring castles, to horseback-riding on the beach. They’re awesome, but if your line does them, budget for them! It’s usually over $50 per person for just one, and often a LOT more. I’m someone who doesn’t just like sitting around all the time on vacation, so it’s worth the cost to me. But it adds up fast and you don’t want to be looking at your options and really wishing you could do something but you just don’t have the money. Same goes if you want to indulge in the spas and such on board.

Along those lines, "all-inclusive" usually includes everything but alcohol. The ones I’ve been on both charged about $20 up front for a special sticker on your pass to let you get unlimited cokes too, otherwise cokes cost every time you wanted one. That seemed random but it was worth it to me cause I love it. So again, budget for drinks if they’re not included.

Last, tips. You are generally expected to tip a LOT of people. It usually comes out to several hundred dollars. You aren’t obligated to do it, but if you’re like me you feel like you ought to, and they’re great at shaming you into it.

So my point is, just be sure it’s all budgeted for so you don’t have any cause for stress when random extra costs come in. It sounds like a GORGEOUS trip, so I hope you have a great time! Tell us all about it when you get back!

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"Basically pretend that every city you’re visiting is Detroit." <

Made me almost pee my pants I was giggling so bad 😉


Sorry I don’t have any advice on cruising! We wanted to book a cruise for our honeymoon too but August is Hurricane season in the Bahamas. BOO!! We didn’t want to risk it *SIGH* 

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we’re going on a caribbean cruise for our honeymoon in october. i have been on four other cruises and think they are great. there are so many things to do on the ship and off of it.

one tip that i can offer you is to bring luggage that can fold down (duffle bag style with wheels); there isn’t a lot of storage space in the cabins. with the duffle bag style, you can fold it down and put it under the bed.

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This sounds great. I want to do a cruise too. 🙂

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If you do not get the sea-sickness earpatches before your departure, you can go to sick bay your first day on the ship and get them.  If you are not prone to getting sea sick, you probably will not . . . on a normal day, but sometimes the storms get the best of even the crew (and if the motion does not get you, the sight of your fellow travelers might).  Also, look at all the sessions (classes, demos, etc.) that are going to be offerred on your ship and sign up for the ones that interest you as soon as they are posted or you’ll risk not being able to attend. 

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