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OMG do it! I love cruises and we are doing a 14 night Hawaii Cruise this month for our honeymoon.  Pick one of the nicer lines for luxury and quiet (Carnival tends to be more ‘party’ and drunk people by the pool) and pick a time when most kids are in school, and you will have the most romantic time ever! I’ve never seen anyone get sick, the ships are so big you barely notice the moving, but bring some dramamine as worst case scenario. I love that we get to go somewhere new each day, i get bored in just one city for a week. wow i could gush about cruises all day.  the one downside is alcohol, depending on how much you drink.  cruises charge per drink, my Darling Husband drinks moderately and I don’t, so it works out either way, we pay more upfront at an all inclusive resort for my non drinking, or we pay more after the cruise for the drinks we do get.  (and there are ways to sneak booze onto the ship if you’re crafty)

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I love cruises – we’re doing the western caribbrean for our honeymoon. 

Bring some bonine/dramamine to make sure you don’t get seasick, but really, other than that, there’s nothing to worry about!  Make sure you factor in the added cost of alcohol and drinks (other than water/iced tea) into your budget though; that’s where cruises get pricey!

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cruises are wonderful, but you need to stay away from the party lines, which would attract all sorts of people.

If you are crusing during Hurricane season, the prices will be better, but you take the chance of experiencing one…and you don’t have to be anywhere near one to have it effect the cruise.  If you are in the path, you may be diverted, and it may not be anywhere you might want to go.

Alcohol is expensive, and don’t even try bringing it on board, it will be confiscated.  And any you may buy in port will not be returned to you until very last night.

As for seasickness, prepare ahead, even if you are not sure if you will be effected.  As large as some of the ships are, they will rock if the weather is very windy, etc. I use the TransDerm Scop patches, but they can have some weird side effects; some people do well with Dramamine.  If you doe experience it on board, the ship’s doctor can give you an injection if nothing else works.

Privacy, well, it’s a large ship.  Many ships to have dining tables for two, or alternate restaurants, but not all do.

Excursions in port can also be very expensive, but many islands are not really safe to venture on your own. If you want some quiet time, when the ship is in port, you can stay on the ship; however they may cut back on dining options, but the spas give greate reduced rates on port days.







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We did an 11 night Southern Caribbean in April and it was amazing.  We used Holland America, there were a lot of old people but we didn’t mind one bit.  We had a table for two for dinner which we really liked. Holland America also allows you to bring on wine, as much as you want, so we packed a cooler full of wine and champagne (like 10 bottles) and cracked one open to drink on the balcony while we were leaving ports.  We did still spend quite a bit on alcohol but this definitely helped the expense (as did me winning in the casino!).  We also hit up happy hour where it was 2/1 before dinner. I would very highly reccomend it!

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Darling Husband and I went on a cruise to Bermuda for our honeymoon.  TONS of fun!  PM me if you ever have any questions!

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My husband and I just got back from our honeymoon cruise on Thanksgiving Day.  We did a 5 day/night Western Carribean cruise through Carnival Cruise lines with stops at Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel.  It worked great for us.

We had the same idea…thought it would be great to visit a few different places, plus my husband had never cruised before. 

A couple things…I’ve only been on Carnival Cruise lines (once with parents too), and that line is definitley more “family friendly”.  Meaning, lots of kids.  It didn’t bother us at all, but if you think it will, I would look at adult only cruises.  Others on our cruise told us the Royal Carribean is a great choice for adults.

I was also seasick 2 days of the cruise.  But it really wasn’t that bad.  The first day I actually threw up, but afterward I took some seasick meds and felt fine within the hour.  I didn’t take any more of the pills (I then felt fine) until the last day when I was feeling ill again.  All in all, I was only seasick each time for less than an hour in the early morning, so it wasn’t bad at all.

Lastly, yes booze does add up.  But I’ve heard there are all inclusive cruise lines with booze inlcuded as well (I just don’t know what they are).  But you can definitely sneak it on initially (it will be held until the end of the trip if you try to bring it on from one of your stops).  Just make sure you put it in your larget suitcase you check and then they deliver to your room.  They’re only sticklers about booze if you try to purchase it on an island and bring it on board to drink.

All & all, we’d highly recommend it.  The “sail days” are great for relaxing, and then you have the opportunity to get off the ship at your stops and get busy shopping, snorkeling, zip-lining, or whatever your heart desires!

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Sugar bee

I will be the voice of decent.  We hated cruising.

Our major cons;

-When you are stuck on the ship (which is quite a bit) there is just a teeny pool and it’s always packed.

-The ports are sanitized tourist traps, that are in no way representative of the way locals actually live.

-The excursion are ++ expensive.

-Booze really adds up

-The rooms are quite small

-There were lots of really stupid people on our boat.  Wondering why it was hot in August in the Carribean.  Due to the close quarters you are very close to these people, listening to their conversations etc. 

I know people like it, but it was totally not for us.

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FYI for excursions if you do your homework you can book your own through independent vendors and get the same/similiar/better excurisions for less than on the ship. The cruiseline charge a lot because they do all the legwork for you and make it super easy.

As for booze if you are big/huge drinkers tons of mainstream lines are now doing all you can drink packages, they aren’t cheap but if you are really going to knock them back it is definitely something worth looking into. Certain lines also allow you (without sneaking) to bring on wine and champagne.

The poster above says that they didn’t like being stuck on the ship on sea days. That is all personal preference my first few cruises I did all the activities and games on the ship on those days now I love nothing more in this world than waking up, eating, and plopping my ass in a lounge chair with my Kindle by the pool for 8 hours (pick the adults only or quiet pool to avoid crowds/screaming kids). Getting up for a swim, some food, potty breaks, or just to stretch my legs.

I cruise to unwind and relax, I live in the city and am on the go so having time to actually sit down and read in the sun with the ocean air blowing and the ship swaying is my happy place.

That is why in my mind cruising is ideal, you can make what you want of it. You can sit by the pool for 7 days or you can run around in ports going to various beaches, siteseeing trips, and shopping. You can stay up late on the ship or turn in early. Its really up to you to make what you want out of it.


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We’ll be going on an Eastern Caribbean cruise in February for our honeymoon! Princess Cruises 🙂

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@mrs_brownie:  You probably would have as much privacy on a cruise ship as you would at All-Inclusive in Mexico.

There are both downsides and upsides to a cruise. I think the food on a cruise is WAY better than the food at an All-Inclusive. You can do more on a cruise, the entertainment is better, etc. I prefer cruises vs the All-Inclusive. But the all-inclusive is more relaxing.


The ships are big, and I have never gotten sea sick.

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Buzzing bee

I’m honeymooning on Celebrity. Very much looking forward to it!
They allow 2 x bottles to be brought onboar at no cost. They also offer drink packages.

Let us know what you go with!

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@Nic01:  I’ve been on Celebrity & Royal Caribbean. Both are nice, but I would definitely go with a Celebrity ship if I was going on my honeymoon. There are A LOT less kids on Celebrity and it’s a different type of people. Not that Royal caribbean is like packed with kids, but I think that Celebrity is more mellow.

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To combat the sea sickness, visit your family doctor and have him/her give you a prescription for a patch to place behind your ear.  It’ll stay on through anything and it really does help if you get seasick (or for me, it’s air sickness – I don’t mix well with planes).

You might also want to check out Norwegian Cruise Line, although they are a bit more expensive and their schedules are more limited than, say, Carnival.  But, it will be less of a party and more of an experience for you and your hubby. 

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Do it!  I’ve been on…I think 7 cruises in the past three years.  It’s a really great way to see many different places without having to pack up your suitcase and fly tp them.

Depending on the cruise line you choose, you can bring onboard a limited amount of wine; and as another PP mentioned, some mainstream lines are now offering drink packages.  They’re kind of pricey, but might be worth it for some folks.  There are some all-inclusive luxury cruise lines where you don’t pay extra for alchohol, but their rates are quite a bit higher.

As for the seasickness, I’ve only felt seasick once or twice.  The worst was sailing out of the Gulf of Mexico – that was a very bumpy ride.

Most of my cruises I’ve taken with my fiance.  We do find that we can find a quiet spot if we want to; if you’re worried about a lot of kids, consider traveling when school is in session, taking a 5 day or longer trip (and not one that’s over a weekend), or try a repositioning cruise.  These depart from one city and return to another.  For our honeymoon, we’re taking a 9 day repositioning cruise that leaves from San Juan and returns to Baltimore.  Longer trips tend to discourage families because of the length of time kids would have out of school; and repositioning cruises have the added expenese of multi-way flights that can cost a bit much when you start factoring in the kiddos. 

Hope this helps!  

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