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Blushing bee
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I have done a couple of crusies, including a Mediterranean.  We are also doing a cruise for our honeymoon!  As I see it, there are infinite up-sides:

1. food 24/7. seriously…the food does not stop flowing. it’s insane.  also, while one of the highlights of traveling is experiencing local food, every once in a while you just crave a burger (like on the last couple days of a 14 day cruise).  The food on the ship is stuff you’re already familiar with, so it’s kind of nice that you have the option of eating adventurously in port or no-so-adventurously on the ship.  And to address your question about having to eat on the ship- you certainly do NOT have to eat on the ship.  In fact, many ships offer flexible dining arrangements.  Really, if you view your ship as a floating hotel and not a restaurant, it is easy to justify not eating on it for all your dinnertime meals.  Even if you dont eat at ALL on the ship (except for your days at sea), it’s still an incredible value just in a hotel/transportation sense.

2. no searching around for hotels (and you get to go home to the same bed every night)

3. no lugging your crap around

4. no dealing with passport stuff as you move from country to country (the cruise handles it for you)

5. you have the advantage of not getting scammed by “tour guides” who prey off of tourists.  the cruises will book a tour for you through a reputable guide.

6. yet you have the freedom to go off and explore solo if you want

I have done Italy both ways- flying in, traveling around by train, and staying in hotels.  It was fun, but it was really a lot of work.  Being on a cruise was a lot more relaxing.  It gave me more time to devote to exploring rather than coordinating logistics.

I will suggest this, though- try to spring for an outside cabin with a window or balcony.  Interior rooms make you feel like a mole because they are constantly dark.  it’s really hard to tell what time of day it is if you dont have a window.

Also, search around forums and stuff to see what kind of things certain cruises are known for.  Princess, for example, is a mid-level line with a family emphasis.  there will be lots of things to do on this cruise and you wont have any issues fitting in age-wise. Crystal, on the other hand, is higher end and suited more for older couples.  If you just want to eat good cruise food and be by yourselves, this might be a good one.  But you will really stick out as one of the younger couples.

Im happy to answer other questions if you have them!

Good luck!

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Helper bee
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I did a mediterranean cruise with my family a few years back. It was incredible and we got to see so many places, but I’m not sure i’d do it again. We had to be back on the boat by 4 or 5 pm each evening, so we did lunch on shore, but dinner and evenings were always on the boat–we would have liked to see the counties in the evening too. And we hit mostly tourist spots, which was mostly fine, but sometimes got a little old.

The cruise ship (Princess) was nice, and the food was great, but I wouldn’t really call it a party atmosphere. More younger and older people–not so many in their 20s. We had fun going to the various activities, but I would have been fine without them–it was a little cheesy.

I think if you just want a relaxing vacation with pretty scenery, a cruise is probably great. if you want to really explore and see the places youre travelling, a cruise is probably not the best way to do it (though it is an easier option!)

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Helper bee
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I have also done a few mediterranean cruises – my advice would be to pick a cruise line that will give you exactly what you want. We did one cruise with Royal Carribbean, where we didn’t eat every meal on boad – sometimes we wanted dinner in town, other nights we wanted dinner on board.

Re privacy – you can definitely have TONS of privacy on a cruise. If you get a room with a balcony – that doubles the privacy as there is no need to use any of the “main” decks. Don’t want to leave the bedroom all day – there is room service!

I highly recommend cruises – I think they are a fantastic alternative to a traditional land vacation.



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Sugar bee
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hubby and i love cruises, but we only have experience with one cruise line, and you will find different experiences with different lines, but these are my observations:

1. you don’t HAVE to eat in the cruise ship restaurants – but to us (we’re kinda…thrifty is a good one for it) we felt like we have already paid for it, so why not?  you can definitely eat in the different ports and everything, but make sure you budget for that and have currency considerations taken care of before getting off the ship!

2. you can have as much or as little privacy as you want – i.e. the cabins are totally private!  if it’s a honeymoon, i’d recommend the splurge of a balcony or verandah – then you can order room service out on the deck!  ahhh.

3. the atmosphere will likely be dictated by what line you cruise – so do some research on what will fit your situation the best =)

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Bumble bee

I’ve never been on one, but Fiance has been on a ton of cruises and has convinced me to do one for the honeymoon. 

In addition to the great info above, I would say to look at the excursions different cruises offer. If you find an itinerary that offers the activities you’re interested in, I think a cruise could be the perfect honeymoon. 


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Blushing bee
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I’ve never been on a European cruise, but I’ve been on several in the Caribbean.  I have traveled quite a bit in Europe.  The biggest drawback I see is that life happens in Europe, especially in the summer, after 10 p.m. and you will most likely be sailing on to your next destination.  Cruises are a great way to relax and get a tourist’s view of a place (I’m all for it, if that’s what you want).  But if you go on a European cruise, I suggest adding a couple of days in a hotel either before or after, just so that you can get a real feel for it.

And as far as atmosphere goes, you can find whatever you are looking for on most ships.

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I just went through the same decision making process.  I wanted to go to Europe, but we wanted no part of trains, hotel planning and packing and unpacking.  But I also had it in my head I didn’t want a cruise, but after a lot (I mean a lot!) of research and a trip to a trusted travel agent we booked a med. cruise on Celebrity’s Equinox. 

Three words of advice (some echoed from others)

1. Cruisecritic.com needs to become your best friend. I do not work for them or are affiliated in any way, but I do love them.  Not all cruise lines, cruise ships (even within the same line) and itineraries are the same and this website will help you find the right cruise for you. Its the wedding bee or cruising.  

Do your research to find the right fit: Small ship, big ship, average age of cruiser, how many days at sea (more equals more relaxing IMHO), does it get into ports at the crack of dawn (Mr Dagmar is not a morning person…) or does it do a lot of late night stuff? etc etc   Also check out you tube to see videos of ship interiors and cabins. This helped us a lot.

2. Balcony, Balcony, Balcony.  It increases your privacy, makes your room infinately more enjoyable and there is just nothing like having room service on one in the open Ocean or at port.

3. Food, they are all pretty much getting on board with flexible dining options.  You don’t need to eat on the ship. You can eat on a deck chair with Julie McCoy if you want or you can go all glam and do the luxury liner experience in the formal dining room.  

Best of luck! Keep in mind european cruises tend to be more port intensive and therefore they don’t always have their best ships over there because you won’t be on it that much. I thought celebrity had the best mix of both. Its also more like a hotel than a “fun ship” Dont’ get me wrong, I like a fun ship, but not just on this trip.





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Sugar bee
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my friends just got back from 2 weeks in the Med. on a cruise, and they were exhausted from all the stops, activities, and travel.. keep that in mind!

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Sugar bee
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I think the only big drawback to a cruise (that I can see) is that you have a “curfew” because you have to be back on the ship by a certain time. Even though you arent party people, sometimes they leave the port earlier in the day (6 or 7PM) and then its kind of like, well we wanted to see more, but we had to get back on the ship. I went on a Carnival cruise and I dont think they go to Europe or Mediterranean but I wouldnt suggest it if you arent looking for a party atmosphere.

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