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I’m getting married embarkation day on Carnival in 17 days!  ๐Ÿ™‚  … you may want to check out cruisecritic.com or bestdestinationwedding.com.  Those forums I have found to have more info related to cruise weddings.  I don’t have a any info on Celebrity but so far all of my interaction has been with Carnival & TWE has not been communicative.  As I understand it, this is pretty standard for TWE.

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Glad yall posted! I’m cruising on Carnival on May 18th next year and docking in Key West on May 20th and getting married on the beach there.
@cascole , I feel like everytime I get off the phone with Carnival I come up with a million more questions! We still have 11 months to plan but when you get back I’d love to hear all about your Carnival experience and any recommendations you may have!

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@cascole:  I’ve seen someone get married on embarkation day on a carnival cruise, that group had the most fun on the cruise, you are going to have sooo much fun. Congrats!

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Totally depends- we are booking a shoreside wedding but all the ports are different prices. Ours starts at 1250 and some went up to 4000. And that isn’t including a reception. And the receptions totally vary on the length you want and if you want sit down dinner or entertainment, we aren’t have one on the ship.

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I think cruises are dumb…who wants to spend a week on a boat with a guy named Kitindi!  Seriously…even it though it’s a nice name and all, according to peaches.


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@mandz20:  I got married on a Princess cruise 2 months ago while the ship was at sea. It was just me and the husband though, no one came with us. We had a lovely dinner that night in the fancy restaurant on the ship, then went to a comedy show, and then the disco. I had fun. Because I had the wedding dress on, I got lots of attention from the other passengers telling me congrats.

When we got back back home, we hosted a 35-person family dinner. 

TWE coordinated ours, and they were just ok. Not outstanding, but our wedding was a relatively uncomplicated affair and the whole thing was pretty stress free. We paid about $4700 altogether for the plane tix, week-long cruise to the Caribbean, and the marriage aboard the ship. 


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  • Wedding: July 2013 - Antigua, Guatemala

Haha!! ๐Ÿ™‚ 


And just so people know, I don’t think cruise weddings are dumb…I was just kidding around with my pal mandz.  ๐Ÿ™‚


Can’t wait for you to celebrate with us at our destination wedding and I can’t wait to be a part of your cruise wedding!! yay for adventures!!

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Have you seen this?


This PDF is Celebrity Cruises Wedding Package – found it on Celebrity’s website.  

It looks similar to the Royal Romance wedding package information for Royal Caribbean.  I think your best bet, if you haven’t already read this is to start here.  

We’re getting married on RCC – Allure of the Seas June 2014.  A few things from my experience THUS FAR to share:

  • Location, Location, Location: Getting married at sea is normally more expensive than getting married on/off board at a port. In considering to get married at a port (on/off board), you need to think about what will happen if you for whatever reason miss that port. (Big consideration if you have people who want to be there for your wedding at the port but don’t want to travel on the cruise). In considering to get married at sea, you may have very limited space and time to conduct your wedding since everyone is on board.
  • Get a travel agent. Trust me, you really want to think about getting a travel agent.  You’ve been on a cruise before, what about everyone else? There’s only so many times you want to explain the different between the cabins (interior, outside, balcony, suite) and pull up the pricing structure.  We paid ours a $250 wedding coordination fee and thus far its been completely worth it and stress free. This will be expecially helpful once the flight planning starts.  Also, it’s nice knowing that if we get 8+ rooms we will be eligible for a group discount with RCC (if we get 2 suites, 1 interior  and 5 balcony rooms, the cost of one of the most room type – balcony- will be refunded.)
  • Consider doing a JOP at home THEN going on your cruise.  This tidbit came from my pessimistic/realist father, “Do you really want to wade through another country’s legal system to get an extra copy of your marriage license when you need it?”  I know its not for everyone but I’d rather do a 30 minute drive to the county court house than trying to track down my marriage license in another country. We’re planning on getting married JOP the week before. Plus, it was cheaper because then we could do a symbolic wedding (we’re talking about a savings of over $2000 at sea vs. symbolic).  I don’t know about you but I can find another place for $2000 in my wedding budget.
  • Know your guests:  Sadly not everyone likes cruises, can afford to go, or wants/can take the time off to go on a cruise, be prepared for some fall out from family members and friends because of it. That being said, IT’S YOUR WEDDING! Just make sure you give as much notice as possible.  We gave 18 months notice.  Excessive? YES.  But, we did it so that those who could afford to go had time to save. Coming up with $5K in 3 months (saving $1666.67/month) vs. 18 months (saving $277.78/month).  We sent out STD/invitations and we plan on sending a reminder postcard about 3-6 months out for those we know have booked and including such things like “please make sure your passport is in date for your return” and “please remember this cruise has two(2) formal nights”.
  • Decide for yourself if you’re going to have a welcome back reception.  We have a few family members who are not cruising with us who have been pushing for a welcome back reception.  We’re not doing it.  Sorry, it’s just counterintutive to the point of getting married away – especially if you’re the one who would be paying for a 300+ person reception.  If it’s your thing, so be it, just not ours.  
  • You really don’t start planning your wedding until about 3 months out.  This has been a hard one for me to swallow – if you can’t tell I’m detail oriented. ๐Ÿ™‚ – I’ve booked my cruise, paid for my wedding, but for the most part Royal Romance, won’t entertain a conversation with me about specifics to my wedding until we’re closer to cruise time.  Waiting is the hardest part.  
  • Get it in writing.  This should go without saying but make sure all of your communications with vendors (travel agent and cruise wedding people, etc) are in writing.  I have a nice binder where I keep all the bills paid, my vision board, and our Royal Romance contract.  Fair warning: The Royal Romance contract reads like it was written by a lawyer more than by a wedding planner. 
  • Trip Insurance:  Most of my normal trips I don’t carry trip insurance; but, being that this is my wedding – hecks yeah I got some.  Too many things can go wrong and I’d rather pay a couple hundred dollars upfront than crying about it later.  This is the case of I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and want it.
  • Make sure you do something special for the guests who do come:  We’re planning on making some really cute “Welcome to our wedding bags” stuffed with goodies, we are also trying to see if we can switch our lunch to a dinner at one of the speciality restuarants, and some get togethers like a group reservation for the FlowRider and/or Zipline and maybe a cocktail hour or group spa trip. Ooh, on the bags, make sure the stuff you put in them will have no problem passing customs and flying to/home.  We’re still working on this.
  • A Wedding is just a day but a marriage is a lifetime.  I’m sure this also goes without saying, (sorry if I’m getting preachy) but be realistic with yourself and your budget.  There’s no sense coming back home from a wedding, whether cruise or whereever, in debt.  It’s just one day, a very important day, but not one than you need to still be paying off 5 years later.  Our decision to go with a cruise wedding was because in our local area DC/MD/VA weddings start at $20K for a backyard wedding, and with 300+ people we could have easily ran up a $50K bill. We could do it, but why?  Especially, when by the end of the night those 300+ people would have been a complete blur.  By having the wedding on the cruise, we are able to really spend time with people and make some memories in an intimate setting without a lot of the wedding drama. Thus far, it’s working for us.

Hope that helps!

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