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@ChuckNorris:  oh wow – i don’t have time to write a proper reply because i’m dashing out the door to an appointment, but just wanted to quickly wish you the VERY best of luck and say how amazing I think you’ve been throughout this whole process. I’m SO impressed that you are looking after yourself and your career, and I know that you will be an even better mum for having done so ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d definitely be using a non-hormonal BC, or even just using charting, if it were me.

All the very best, my dear friend!!! And we’ll miss you heaps if you disappear completely, so I hope you drop by to say hi and share your amazing wisdom every now and then ๐Ÿ™‚

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Aww Chuck I’m so sorry I can only imagine how difficult of a decision this was for you! It does sound like you are making the right one though. And of course as time goes on the two of you can always change your minds if the time feels right. If I remember correctly you are fairly young right? So on the bright side at least you have time on your side and you don’t have to worry about a ticking biological clock. Enjoy your youth, kick ass in nursing school, and you will have a pretty sweet future ahead of you! You are so knowledgable and will make such a good nurse! Good luck with everything….we <3heart<3 you!

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@ChuckNorris:  UGH! I am so, so deeply sorry, Chuck. I wish I could offer words of encouragement, but I am in the same boat as you right now. :/ My thoughts are with you, and I sincerely hope you get in and out of your program quickly so you can have a baby!

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I know this was a tough decision for you and your husband. 

My mom was a pediatric nurse for 30+ years until she was diagnosed with cancer and now is unable to work.  She LOVED caring for people and always told me how rewarding her job was.  She would go back to work in a heartbeat if she could!  We need more people like you and her!

Good luck!

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I’m so torn on this because I know how badly you both wanted to be parents, but I also know how badly you want the nursing career (which you will be THE BOMB at, by the way). I guess all I can really say is Congratulations! You’re going into a field where you will excel, where you will be happy, where you will be able to afford to give your children whatever you want them to have. You’re going into a field that will likely give you great benefits too. It takes a VERY special kind of person to be a nurse, and I know you have that covered with extra to spare. You will rock this!
As for the baby part….I can’t imagine. I don’t want to imagine becoming so invested in this process and then having to pull back and try to forget about it. I’ve only been trying for a fraction of what you have. Logically, logistically….this makes sense to put the baby plans on the back-burner for now. Emotionally? I’m so sorry lovey! ๐Ÿ™ Just know that you WILL have your babies, and that 4 years in school could make the time just fly by. You’ll be an amazing momma, and 4 years of nursing school will only add some extra wisdom and experience on there for when you become one. Can you imagine how much better prepared you’ll be for things like first colds, first coughs and all those other scary mom moments?
As far as birth control goes…I’d definitely stay away from anything hormonal if you can at all avoid it. The less of that stuff you put in your body, the better.

And….I know this might sound AWFUL for anyone else reading this, but I don’t care. Adopt another puppy! Before Darling Husband and I were married I was still harsh jonesing for a baby. It wasn’t the right time for us though, because we were both adamant that we wanted to be married first. Our wedding was pretty far off in the distance at that point, so we brought our baby Boxer into the picture. He didn’t fill the hole and satisfy the need completely, but he took the edge off. I poured all that need and love and affection into him, and he became my substitute child….and then, just my child. I had the need to mother, and getting a really needy puppy somewhat satiated that need.
I really do hope you stick around though…..between you and a couple other ladies on here, you’ve been my mentor, my friend, my confidante, my guide through the time I’ve been here to need it. I would never want any of the other ladies here to miss out on that from you. Plus, I’d miss you! Lots of love to you Chuck, in whatever you end up doing. XOXOX

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@ChuckNorris:  I am so sorry Chuck.  This must have been an extremely difficult decision.  In the end, it is probably the right thing to do.  This whole TTC thing is so difficult and postponing it is even harder.  Hopefully when you decide to start trying again, you can be one of those people who get their BFP the first cycle!  Congrats on the nursing program.  Hopefully you get in for Fall. 

I do hope that you stick around.  You are such a positive influence on the TTC boards.  Good Luck!

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@ChuckNorris:  I don’t have much to say except I’m really sorry.  That really, really stinks.  Totally understandable but a total bummer.  Hang in there!!!  Just imagine.  In 5 years, it’s very possible you’ll be a nurse kicking ass and taking names and coming home to a beautiful child and Darling Husband every night!!!

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I can’t even fit my thoughts into words to write a better response. Wishing you all the luck in your new career, and know all your hard work will pay off in the end. How exciting, you’re getting into your dream career!

I’m not sure how stressful this would be, but couldnt’ you use FAM as your BC. I’m sure you’ll make the best decision for you. And as bad as this might some, somewhere deep inside me is wishing you can find a way to have it all right now. Not helping I’m sorry.

But honestly I can’t think of anyone who deserves this career opportunity more than you, you’ll make an excellent nurse.

Hugs love!

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@ChuckNorris: I wish I could give you a big hug right now.  I won’t even assume to know what it feels like to be in your position, but I do know its not easy.  Its fantastic that you are entering this RN program and want to work on your career, major props to you for that and congratulations!  Everything MrsPuddingface said was spot on.  When the time comes to be a mom, you’re going to be the best!   Please stick around if you can..you will be sorely missed otherwise.   I’ve been on here a short time, but in that short time I have come to “know” what a fantastic human being you are. 

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Congrats on the nursing program.  It sounds like a great opportunity for you and your family and it’s so exciting to really get started on the career you want.  Sorry about having to put off TTC, but from everything you wrote it does sound like waiting is for the best even though I can’t imagine how hard it would be to want something so badly for so long, and then all of a sudden have to stop working towards it.

… But you’re going to be a wonderful nurse (and then mom)!

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Aww, I’m sorry to hear that you and your hubby had to make this decision.  I know that it must have been a difficult  but it sounds like you both are very thoughtful and it sounds like this option will allow you to have the best of all worlds…a wonderful career and some babies in the future even if the timeline isn’t quite what you would have hoped for.  I wish you the best and hope that you might come by and say hi every now and again.  Oh, and I do second what the other ladies have said re: non-hormonal roads for bc but I seeing how thoughtful you have been throughout this decision,  i know you’ll chosse what’s best for you.  hugs!

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@ChuckNorris:  Ohhh!! I’m soo sorry! I know I don’t really have anything to say to make it better, but even thoughthat’s a horribly tough decision, know that you guys made a decision that was best for your little family. It will happen! *hugs!*

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@ChuckNorris:  I don’t even have the right words to say. I just know how badly you wanted a baby and it makes me sad. I wish you the best with your future career though! One door closes while another one opens. And remember this door opens you and your future children up to so much more. If I could I would give you a big ole hug and tell you “Hey, it’s all going to be okay!” And it will be. ๐Ÿ™‚

As far as BC comes I wouldn’t know where to start but I am sure some of our lovely ladies will chime in soon!

Good luck with everything and I am so glad you will be sticking around!

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Aw man, I’m so sorry about how crushed you are. You’re right though, it’s for the better in the long run. It takes a lot of courage to put something you want so badly on hold to accomplish something else. I’ve only gotten to know you over a few months, but I know you’re going to be a wonderful nurse. You’re so knowledgable and willing to share so much with everyone! Good luck and I look forward to seeing you pop in here once in awhile! 

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