(Closed) CURIOUS: What is the most annoying/gross thing your house guest has done!?

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MrsFiveOh:  My thoughts exactly!  And this woman is a healthcare professional …

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Not gross  but quite the opposite, I had an aunt come stay at my house two weeks after my wedding. Darling Husband deployed 2 days after we got back from our honeymoon and I had been pretty neglectful about keeping the house tidy in the weeks leading up to the wedding because I had bigger priorities- like planning my wedding! I also had bought EVERYTHING for the wedding except the furniture so when she came to visit I still had boxes and piles of wedding stuff stacked in our second living room but had made a MAJOR effort to clean before she came. I spent days cleaning from top to bottom but I just didn’t have time to get everything taken care of (ie tablecloths were washed and folded but not boxed, I had a pile of cards I needed to write thank you’s for stacked up, fridge needed to be cleaned out, etc).

Well she came in and couldn’t belive the place was that messy right after the wedding (I worked my ass off cleaning before she came)- she thought I should have had the place spotless on my wedding weekend when the only people who saw it were our parents who couldn’t care less about mail on the counter and some piles of wedding paraphanalia! While I was at work she re-arranged my kitchen cabinets, cleaned out my refrigerator and changed all the shelves, stashed a whole bunch of wedding stuff in random closets and rummaged through my master bathroom cabinets looking for hair mousse (where she probably saw more than she wanted to see in there and didn’t find any mousse lol). She also lined all my brand new wedding gift appliances with aluminum foil, drank all my wine and a bunch of other random invasive stuff. It pissed me off to no end and I finally called her out on crossing my boundries and doing stuff that only Darling Husband and I had the right to do in my house. I know she was just trying to help but she did not understand that she was only a guest in my home!

And apparently my pastel and neutral color scheme is “bland and boring” so I needed some pops of color in my decor in like mustard and turqouse so we spend lots of time looking for ugly pillows that weekend! lol

I was soo happy when she finally left and could un-do all the stuff she did!

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skunktastic:  Oh I agree, the thread is about annoying house guests. Someone bumming about on your sofa for two weeks would definitely be annoying! I’m not in denial about that part at all. Mental illness is still a big deal even after diagnosis. Medications and therapy will help but they don’t cure it, and it can be years before the right combination and right medication is found for any particular person.

You’re right that this could hijack this thread though. So I’ll finish my post by adding mine, since I haven’t yet.


All of my grandparents are sadly passed away now. I live in London, and my mum’s parents moved to America when my siblings and I were tiny. After my grandpa passed away, she moved in with my mum’s sister who lived on the other side of America. When she was well into her 90s, she came to London to stay with us for three months. Bless her, she was still active but was getting frail and her mobility was not very good. We used to carry her up and down the stairs and she had a walker to get about. She couldn’t manage going to the bathroom too well, but she wanted to. It helped maintain her dignity, and we were able to unlock the bathroom door from outside should anything have happened to her. I don’t know exactly what she did in there but she would sometimes leave tiny nuggets of poop all around the toilet on the floor. It was understandable, and we’d always just clean it up, but it didn’t stop it from being annoying and gross!

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So our shower drains very slowly because the drain has really small holes, which we can’t really do anything about except be diligent with cleaning it since we rent. Well, one of DH’s friends stayed the night and peed in the shower and since it doesn’t drain well, it got clogged and pee was just sitting in our shower! Which it’s not his fault it clogged, but then when I went to take a shower later, there was pee in the tub!! And to make it worst, the next time he stayed he did it AGAIN!!!

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