(Closed) Curious: Would you decide to NOT pgrade your CZ ring?

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  • poll: Keeping CZ Ring or planning to 'trade up'?
    Keeping it - it's the ring I given when he proposed/it's the ring I got married with : (27 votes)
    60 %
    Trading in - We've decided it will work for now and plan to get something else later : (13 votes)
    29 %
    Planned to Trade, but Changed Mind - It's no longer important to trade in, I love it : (5 votes)
    11 %
    Planned to Keep, but Changed Mind - Decided get another ring/set later, but not original plan : (0 votes)
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    I’m not in this situation, but I would actually be willing to get a CZ at first and then upgrade it later.  I would make sure I got the setting that I wanted forever though!

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    I don’t really like the idea of a “place holder” either.

    You can get moissy rings with .5ct-75ct centers for less than $400 (here is one for $299)… also I’m pretty sure you can also get colored gemstones for less than that aswell?

    Perhaps you could get married with a simple band and then save up for a few years and then buy the ring of your dreams? I would imagine it would be even more special then, but maybe that is just me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    If you decide to go with CZ and never “upgrade”, I think that’s just fine too. It’s really up to what fits you best.

    ETA: Also, have you tried flea markets or antique stores? You can get amazing deals there.

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    I hear the Swarvorski Zorconias are really something, so maybe if you go into the CZ route then have a look at them?

    There are many gemstones that are super affordable, have you looked into morganite? (it’s a champagne pink/peach stone, I think it’s beautiful)

    If you get a great deal on the setting and a stone you can work some magic with the price.  

    Look into estate rings too? Or antiques, maybe you’ll find something affordable. 

    Personally I didn’t like the idea of a place holder either, first I was ok with it but the more I thought about it the more it bothered me, I’m sentimenetal sometimes so I know it would have been tough pulling that stone out to replace it with something else in the future, and if I knew that was the case begin with I would not get attached to the ring in the present time due to those fears.  


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    Well, we got the setting I REALLY LOVE and I told him I’d love to get a CZ until we could afford something more, preferably moissanite, honestly. I wouldn’t want a CZ forever, just because I do want something that will last, that I can pass down.

    However, the biggest reason I don’t want a diamond right now is that I can’t justify wearing a ring that’s worth more than his and my cars combined. For some reason, once we have better cars I’ll be more comfortable with the idea. I just remember when they showed us the ring with a diamond. $3000! I was shocked.. I had no idea diamonds actually cost that much. Our cars COMBINED probably are worth about $1500.

    So, we’re willing to finance the setting and pay for it together, 0% financing at Jareds. But as far as getting a diamond to go in it? It makes my insides feel awful thinking about spending that much money when all I want is A. a symbol of him asking me to be his wife and B. a clear, sparkly stone so it matches my nail polish. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Maybe instead of thinking about this ring as a placeholder ring, you could spend money on the ring itself you like, and just replace the centerstone later. Then, it’s the same ring, just a different stone. Would that make you feel less anxious about it?

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    I think if I was given a ring budget of less than $300 I would get a plain gold band.  Either in white or rose gold.  Something like this..


    That way I would be able to use it as a wedding band.  Plain bands are classic, durable, and something you will be able to wear it forever.  If later down the road you have some extra cash you can upgrade to something more sparkly.

    The only reason why I would worry about a CZ (if I planned on wearing it for 50+ years) is the durability.  Regular CZs generally only last a few years before they get really cloudy.. that would be the primary reason I’d want to replace it.  Also, if it’s not set in at least white gold, the metal may tarnish.

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    @CaliforniaLove:  Why would the metal tarnish?  Just curious. 

    I love your wedding band idea. Oringinally I was going to go for that too, a plain band and get an e-ring down the road. 

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    if you decide to go with a cz ring, I would highly recommend http://www.e14k.com, you can get ring setting in either gold, platinum or silver, and I feel that their prices are very reasonable and they put out a good product.

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    I have a CZ ring, and we had planned on upgrading further down the line, but now, I don’t really care. It doesn’t seem that important now to have a diamond or moissy. My setting is so beautiful and the CZ is high quality, (maybe an asha? I don’t know, its super sparkly!) If it did chip or get lost we’d probably go with diamond or moissy then, but barring that I’m happy with my lot. I’d rather spend the $4K in would cost to get a diamond on a holiday or house or something we can both enjoy.

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    @Isilme: If you have certain preferances, you should tell us! I know I’d love to help you look for an affordable and beautiful ring! I browse jewelry all the time anyway! I’m sure some of the other women here would be willing to help as well. 

    Oval Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring in 10K White Gold - Zales1/4 CT. T.W. Diamond Band in 10K White Gold - Zales

    These two rings together are only $418!! $199 for the engagement ring(!!!), $219 for the band. Both from Zales. I think they make a beautiful wedding set. There are tons of inexpensive gemstone rings out there.

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    my ring cost $325.  It’s a topaz though.  It’s what I wanted.  For some reason that I don’t remember I have always wanted a topaz ring and Fiance remembered this when he went to pick out an e-ring. It’s “cheap” compared to most e-rings.  But I don’t care.  I love it, and I don’t ever want to trade up.  I’m sentimental too, and i think I would regret changing anything about my ring. 

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    If you need help looking for cheaper alternatives, I literally look at rings daily and would be more than happy to help you in your quest to find something affordable. Like a couple other bees have said..there are many of us here that are more than willing to help!

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    Yep, me too.  I browsed Ebay earlier for you, if you set the price you can find some moissanite rings for around $500.   Also check etsy, I remember there was a moissy seller there too. 

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    Ill send you some links to beautiful REAL diamond/white gold rings from various websites that are well priced! hope this helps! ๐Ÿ™‚ 



    you could use this one as a engagement ring and wedding band




    oh & at walmart you can put any ring over 100 dollars on layaway and only have to pay 10% to do it, so if its say 500 dollars it would be 50 dollars to put on layaway or if it was 100 dollars 10 dollars to put on layaway and you have 6 months to pay it off. you have to do that in the store though not oline.





    Now be SURE to read the carat size on all these rings, and things of that such before buying them… Hope this helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I also really think you should look on classifieds (kijiji/craigslist) and private sale sites, and consignment stores in your area (provided they have authentication certificates for their jewels and stones) 

    You can find a great deal. 

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