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@Mrs. AF: I totally understand the depth-of-field blurring, where they bring the foreground into focus and blur out everything else.  What I’m talking about (and of course I can’t find any examples right now) is when they have a photo (like of all the bridesmaids), taken from the feet up, and the photographer blurs literally the top half of the photo so that everything from the waist up is out of focus.

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Fair enough!

That’s why i don’t work with every couple who wants to hire me. I believe that honesty is the best policy. I believe that letting my potential client know what to expect right upfront is essential.

You have hundreds of photographer to choose from. While i don’t have that privilege, i am still selective with whom i want to work with, i want my couples to be on the same level as I am. I don’t mind doing jumping shots, that’s just something i don’t find fresh and exciting. If couple is open minded about possibilities besides the “cheese”, they would be my ideal clients. You absolutely must click with your chosen photographer and it goes both ways. At the end, it makes both parties happy.

Evey photographer should have their ideal clients, if they don’t and they take on anyone and everyone who comes alone, there is something to be said about them.

No offense to any photographer here.


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This is called Tilt shift, when it’s done with the right lens and not in photoshop it makes a great image. This lens is pretty expensive, so a lot of photographers opt-out to do it in post processin via Photoshop. I’ve done those, but i’m over it now.Laughing


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@caelanarcher: That is supposed to look like a “tilt-shift” type of film camera/lens. It’s a really specific type of camera. Or I guess, I assume that is what you are referring to, unless you are referring to a shallow depth of field, in which that’s just a really basic and awesome part of photography. The lenses that have the ability to have really shallow depths of field are $$$$.

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Hey Mrs. AF,

I couldnt help to chuckle when I read your post. Im a photographer and cant tell you how easy it is to sometimes get caught into a trend because brides demand it on their big day. But a funny story, I had one bride specifically tell me to NOT take any jumping or candid pics whatsoever at her wedding. The couple was very serious and wanted exactly what you said, natural and clean images from their big day. You know what though, their wedding is by far the best and favorite I have ever captured. It really forces you to focus on the couple and emotions between them when you CANT do something loose and fun.

I dont so much mind doing things like that though since it does get the wedding party in a fun and energetic mood that can then be focused into a completely different pose with high energy in their faces. Sometimes getting a bridal party to do something is just another way of photographer to get you to do what we really want and capture those genuine emotions, lol sneaky huh 😉

What I dont like as for trends are things dealing with post production, posing doesnt really bother me since it is all copied by something another photographer has done.

 For your sake though I hope you dont see another jump shot!

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@ITCPhoto: I would absolutely not hire you if you told me you would not take the shots I wanted (except the peeing one – gross).  I hire a photographer to take the shots I want, not the ones they want (except graphic shots – ie, pretending to do oral, just wrong).  If a photographer actually told me they would not take a photo of our hands over my bouquet I would walk out of the appointment.  My mother is a photographer and occasionally does weddings (art is her real field) and she doesn’t care for certain shots but she does them as they are the brides vision for her day.  For my wedding, I gave her samples of what I wanted and she gave suggestions to make them more us, but she never said no.  She also made a ton of suggestions on what to add, some I liked and some I nixed.

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Hell, I’ll let him take all the pics he wants. I’ll just use the ones i actualy DO like. And if he says something I don’t like such as “hold his chin up and look into his eyes”, I’ll just say “Id rather not, next idea please!”.

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I don’t think any photographer would be offended, but if he didn’t agree with you, then I would hope he’d say he wasn’t the photographer for you.

I also don’t see why a bride would get offended if a photographer gave a list of photos he won’t shoot, like a previous poster did. If the bride didn’t agree, then she knows she found a photographer that isn’t for her and move onto another one.  There may be some bride that would be thinking ‘finally, a photographer who thinks like I do’ and hire him on the spot.

Photographers are artists, and they need to be able to express their artistic vision. That’s why it is so important to talk to the photographers and see their work, then decide if they are the photographer for you. But all of your wants and don’t wants should be discussed before you contract the photographer, because it isn’t right to hire an artist and then tell him how to paint.

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I personally dont like the trend of the veil over the bride and groom. Ive seen a few goregous pictures with the bride and groom kissing under the veil. But I think my fiancee and I  would look silly..its soo not us. But I do love the jumping photo…I will definitley do that.

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@Mandydee: Im not the biggest fan of this one either! We didnt do this shot and its totally not our style so Im glad we didnt!

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@ITCPhoto: Ha I lke your style… I think its important that you represent who you are and the product you sell and if youre ok with not taking no clients because you dont want to do a certain type of photog thats great!! Honestly, the photog I decided to go with I almost didnt book because I saw a review (a rave) that someone posted and I hated hated hated her pics.  And I thought yuck if hes capable of this CRAP then I do not want to hire him.  However, I told him this straight up and I liked his defense and that he will work with what we want….

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I like the hanging dress shots, and the jumping shots, and other shots that are fun!  I also like the posed shots, and candid shots.  I really just wanted my photographer to capture the essence of the day and he did – with a wide range of shots that went from details, to couple shots, to posed, to candid, to fun anything goes!

We had a running shot, the ring in the bouquet shot, and probably a few other cliche shots, but I very much loved them all!

To answer the ops question though, in my experience it doesn’t hurt to ask at ALL!  I’m not a fan of the tilted pictures (sure some of them I like, but often I find it distracts too much from the actual subject of the picture) and when doing my engagement photos, I realized that my photographer IS a fan.  I asked him very nicely if he could either try to stay away from those types of shots (mentioning to him that I loved his photography so much that I didn’t want to be distracted by the tilt) or to duplicate them with a non-tilted photo of the same shot.  He was GREAT about doing just that and wasn’t offended at all!

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@Mrs. AF: I hate it too! I’m a wedding photographer, and I always ask my brides what specifically they do, or dont want. For example, I hate the bouquets on the bottom of the dress, I dont do it unless people ask. I think its cheesy, and overdone! Dont be afraid to tell the photographer what you dont want. After all, regardless of their creative desires, they are working for you, and can take pictures of things that you could care less about, on someone else’s time!

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