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@JaneIsGo: BE CAREFUL! Ask to see their work. If they are legit they’ll be happy to show you.

 FI went the custom route with my first setting  inspired by tacori, The cost was 1,000 less.  He purchased the center stone and setting along with the wedding band at the same time. He was happy because there were very little differences compared to the designer ring and it only took a few weekS to make.

My ring had very intricate details although it was made of platinum, it was delicate and I did have problems with it…we sent it back twice  to be repaired. Eventually had another setting made.  I love my new setting!!  Some designs are tricky to duplicate. be careful and ask questions..don’t be shy!!  What style are you considering? 

 ETA I can’t answer some of your questions  as I have no idea what he paid but platinum will obviously be a tad more depending on the style of your ring.  I do know that my diamond is a G color and all the diamonds on my band were G as well, at least that’s what it says on my certification and appraisal. 

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We went the custom route and were thrilled with the results.

We didn’t have a budget really just had an overall look we were hoping to have made. In the end my Darling Husband upgraded the center diamond size without me knowing so I don’t know the final cost. It took approximately four weeks total from design idea to final product and we did have the bands made at the same time, this way the whole thing could sit flush (I hate gaps). All the diamonds came from the jeweler as well.

Here is a photo since you asked about diamond shape, milgrain etc. It is white gold as I don’t like the weight of platinum.

Words of advice would be to go to a reputable and well respected jeweler. Find someone with a great reputation and years of experience as you are trusting them with such an important task. I’m sure there are some bees that can recommend someone in your area.



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How long did the entire process take? Depends on how intricate the design. I have no idea for my ering but my wedding band took about 3 weeks

How close to your budget did you stay? Below budget

Did you have a wedding band made at the same time? No, I had that made later but by same jeweler

Did you buy the diamond(s) at the same place you had the setting designed? Yes

If you had stones in the band (we’re doing channel set), what quality did you get compared to the center stone? the clarity and color were better than the center stone

If you had it done in platinum, how much more expensive was it than white gold? My jeweler advised against platinum

If you had any kind of detail work (like milgrain), how has it held up?  Would you recommend soldering? N/a

If your ring was inspired by a designer ring but with some different features (such as princess cut stones instead of round cut in the band), did it turn out how you imagined? Yup, almost  exactly as the picture I showed him

Do you have any words of wisdom for us?  Am I missing anything?

Definitely try and find a vendor with lots of reviews or that you know from word of mouth. Make sure you ok the design before they start the actual ring making process. 

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@JaneIsGo: we are in the middle of custom making now! it’s on track to take about a month even though we were told 3 weeks. we stayed right in our budget though over my personal budget but not my SO’s. we didn’t shop around at all though, the first custom jeweler we talked to we loved. we could have saved money if we had shopped around. I’m strongly considering having her make my band as well but I Haven’t made a decision yet. I can’t help but think I could have gotten a better deal if I did have her make both rings but I was not ready to pay for both yet. my jeweler found the center stone which took pressure off of me so I Didn’t mind! she also found the side stones and diamonds…to be honest I don’t know their specs yet! I didn’t get platinum but we were told it would increase by a grand or so I think. I’m not positive though.

What is soldering? I’m in class so I can’t google it lol I am having milgrain done.

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@JaneIsGo:  Great! ask questions!!  Is it the 2623 dantela? SOOO pretty if it is! 

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@Treejewel19:  Everytime I see your ring, it reminds me of kisses and hugs xo:) 

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We’re currently in the middle of the process right now πŸ™‚

Our budget was $1,300, and we ended up spend $1,500. So, that’s not too bad. We discussed our budget before going in. We were completely comfortable with $1300, but if it meant stretching the budget by $200-300, we were willing to do so.

Platinum is usually about 3 times more expensive than gold. Gold prices right now are THROUGH THE ROOF, so… if you’ve got the money to spend, good for you! Otherwise, it’s gonna be pricey.

To our appointment, I brought a high quality printed picture of a ring that I liked, and sat down with the jeweler and described every inch of what I wanted. I suggest doing this so you’re a thorough as possible. He was quite surprised that I was so prepared, lol.

As soon as I showed the jeweler what I wanted, we talked about diamond clarity and color, and then he gave me a quote. (The original ring from the company where I printed the picture, was $4,500! It really pays to get custom work!)

He wouldn’t tell me how long it was going to take, (because that’s supposed to be a surprise) but he passed a note to my Boyfriend or Best Friend and he wrote something down. So I’m guessing it’s going to take about 4-5 weeks total.

It sound like you’re pretty set on your jeweler, but it doesn’t hurt to “shop around.” πŸ™‚

When your ring is done, if there’s ANYTHING about it that you don’t like, they should fix it for you, free of charge. All good jewelers do this.

Oh, and last, we did not have our wedding bands made at the same time. We’re going to wait a while before we get that done, however we’ll most likely go back to the same jeweler πŸ™‚

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@Birdi:  ha ha that is a first. Very cute! πŸ™‚

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We had an awful experience trying to get a custom engagement ring made; we went through a recommended Pricescope vendor and the whole experience was just awful.  They were really nice people, but it wasn’t meant to be. We spent over two months and they never were able to come up with a viable design (they also misplaced our requested design from the get go, so their quote was off and we never received an update). Because of this they missed all the potential dates my Fiance wanted to propose on; things worked out all right but it wasn’t ideal as he’s a stickler for dates and anniversaries.

I believe the quote was at budget.

We did not have a band made as we are using an heirloom.

We have a platinum engagement ring and the wedding band is platinum also. It was most certainly not 3x more expensive than white gold would have been. I absolutely love it. It does not have milgrain on it so I can’t give you advice on that.








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I wish I had asked these questions over two months ago! You sound like you’re on the right track.

My Fiance proposed with a loose .84 cushion cut because he wanted me to design my ring, which was lovely and romantic. Unfortunately, our experience with jewellers trying to get it set has been quite sour…. We tried to have my custom ring made through two different jewellers who totally screwed us around and did a horrendous job πŸ™ The first one actually made a ring that looked like a piece of junk and nothing like what we asked for, so we took our diamond back. The second just kept on telling us they’d send us drawings for 4 weeks and when we never got anything we eventually said “see ya”.

We’ve finally gone with a third who is doing a brilliant and professional job (it’s been 3 days since initial contact, we have drawings and they’re perfect!). Third time was definitely a charm in this case….just wish I didn’t waste over two months and still have to wait 4 more weeks to get my ring!

Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone that’s had a custom ring made, and I really couldn’t find many reviews for custom made e-rings in Aus, so we went in pretty blind. It’s all worked out in the end though and I’m very excited to receive it πŸ™‚

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How long did the entire process take? About a month and we made changes after we got the CAD.

How close to your budget did you stay? 500 under.

Did you have a wedding band made at the same time? Nope, but they’ll be making it soon.

Did you buy the diamond(s) or (or other center stone!) at the same place you had the setting designed? Bought the diamond there. No one works on commission so they weren’t pushy and really walked us through all our options.

If you had stones in the band (we’re doing channel set), what quality did you get compared to the center stone? I have baguettes that require a certain clarity level, however the color and clarity match my center stone (G, VS2)

If you had it done in platinum, how much more expensive was it than white gold? Mine is rose gold. Gold is super expensive right now btw.

If you had any kind of detail work (like milgrain), how has it held up?  Would you recommend soldering? Milgrain looks great. I’m not gonna solder in case I want to wear the rings separately.

If your ring was inspired by a designer ring but with some different features (such as princess cut stones instead of round cut in the band), did it turn out how you imagined? It was inspired by my Mom’s ring.

Do you have any words of wisdom for us?  Am I missing anything? Make sure they have a great upkeep policy and that you aren’t locked in to a ring if you hate it when they are done making it.


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@Treejewel19:  It’s gorgeous:)

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See, I am of the opinion that wedding rings (e-ring, wedding band, or both) should be a reflection of the bride’s personality, her character and what she wants the world to see when they look at her ring…which they will.  Whether that ring comes stock, has custom elements, or is fully custom made depends entirely upon how (I use this phrase a lot) “uniquely you”  you would like your ring to be.

I am a custom jewelry designer, I haven’t mentioned that before, and I feel kind of strange mentioning it now; however, I think that perhaps my opinions/advice could lend some insight into the designing process and how much say the client has…which, ultimately, is 100%!  If the designer that you are interviewing for the job isn’t open to creating exactily what you have in mind, or you think that their style could perhaps contradict or not be consistent with your own vision, do not be embarassed or feel guilty about saying “thank you, we’ll contact you upon making a decision”, and move on to the next candidate.  Always, always keep in mind…this is YOUR ring and it will be on YOUR finger (hopefully) forever.

I was married recently and, of course, designed my own ring; which, was more difficult than it sounds because I love so many different styles.  I applied the same philosophy to choosing my design as I have applied to tatoo designs that I was considering having on my body:  pick the ones out that you love the most…really put some time into it…consider ALL of the aspects that are important to you, and ask yourself:  does the design compliment and is it consistent with who you are;  does it have meaning to you; is it within your budget;  are you going to love it in 10, 20, 50 years when the styles have changed and your hands, likewise, have changed? Then, step back for a month, give yourself at least this long to let your choices sink in; after that, try making a final decision.  If you are like me, and a bit indecisive, then 1 month is not long enough!  Back to the tatoo thing.  I applied this rule of choose and wait for 6 months before I had permanant ink applied to my body–and these are designs that I created, that I loved–not one has passed the test, I am still ink free to this day.

Okay, so a ring is a bit different than a tatoo, (thank God); however, you can apply those similar questions when you are considering a custom design.

My ring (of which I designed and created from beginning to end) has a simple design with larger proportions.  It is “uniquely me” with some unusual elements.  I was going to go with a bit smaller of a stone and add the halo, and keep the East/West setting, & do a more delicate band–however, I considered my life, and my personality and went with the one that I thought most accurately reflected who I am.

Sorry about the image size, btw…little excessive Embarassed

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