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So I used to QA Help Desk calls back in the day… Basically I would anonymously listen in on the analysts to make sure they were doing/saying what they were supposed to.  The call doesn’t disconnect when the customer hangs up, it disconnects when the analyst hangs up.  So this one analyst is very obviously EATING potato chips while on the call with this customer.  So while I’m taking notes about this, the call ends but the analyst forgets to hang up her phone.  She proceeds to stuff her face, chew with her mouth open (with headset on), moan (the kind you make when you ate WAY too much), and then BURP INTO THE HEADSET.  I died.  

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alzell02:  Well she definitely heard the analyst chomping on the chips and crinkling the bag during the call, but she’d hung up before the moaning and burping!

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I worked in a gas station for 4 years. I have loads of stories. Most of them are more rage inducing (for me) but lets see if I can remember any funny stories….

There was this one woman that used to come in on weekend mornings. She always came in when there was just two people working, and right at noon, so we were extremely busy. She was the kind of person that talks just to talk. So she’d come in, get in line, and then when it was her turn she would just stand there talking, while theres 10 customers behind her, but she would refuse to leave. It got to the point where my boss started having someone come in at that time so we had 3 people working and one of them could just stand there and talk to her.

I also used to have a customer that was in the Vietnam war, and he was kind of crazy. He would come in, dressed like he thought he was still in the war, and talking to himself. Sometimes he’d have a walkie talkie that he was talking into, but it didn’t work. And if you asked him if he had a store loyalty card then he’d go off on you screaming that he knew what you were doing and knew you were part of the government and was watching him. One day this girl was in the store at the same time as him, she was maybe 17, very young. And he was full on hitting on her in front of everyone (keep in mind he’s like 60,) so her dad came over and asked him to stop, and then he started claiming that the girl was trying to rape him…

This lady called the store for about 2 weeks straight. Everyday was the same thing, she told a story about how she bought something (that we didn’t even sale,) and she needed to return it, but she needed a ride out there and could one of us please pick her up. It seriously took 2 weeks to convince her that she was calling the wrong store.

A drunk lady came in once wanting to buy more beer, when we refused she pulled down her pants and peed, and then passed out.

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I worked at McDonalds for a while when I was 15. A man came through the drive-thru and asked for a cheeseburger without cheese. So, naturally, I put through a hamburger. He saw it come up on the screen and said, very angrily, “No, I don’t want a hamburger, I want a cheeseburger without cheese!!!!!!”. I changed it but said to him “Sorry, I just put through a hamburger because that’s what a cheeseburger without cheese is. I’ve put through the cheeseburger without cheese now”. That was literally all that happened and he then proceeded to abuse me through the speaker. He drove past my window and came inside to make a complaint to my manager, saying I should be fired because I didn’t know what I was doing. I don’t know if he ended up actually getting the order or not. He was really crazy… Maybe he just really wanted the cheeseburger wrapper?

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I used to work in customer service for AT&T. I don’t have any hilarious stories like LMD’s phone burper but I do have a few eye rollers that come to mind.

This was about… 10 years ago now? So keep in mind, GSM was brand new, text messaging cost a fortune, you were allowed to charge  the purchase of a new device to your account, and a lot of people still had the old digital phones.

I had one guy that called and demanded I refund him 10 cents for the text message he sent to a land line I had another guy call and scream at me that his 12 year old daughter left her phone on the bus and lost it, he told me he didn’t want to still pay for a phone he didn’t have anymore (as in pay the cost of the hand set because it was charged to his account and brand new). I calmly asked him “if you were to lose a DVD player from Best Buy, would they give you your money back?” Surprisingly he calmed down instead of becoming more angry and was like, well no… fine how much do I owe. LOL

I also had a guy call me because he had bought a car that had a car phone in it that he wanted to de activate so he could have his OWN phone number. Except the person who had owned the car apparently had died, and we weren’t allowed to cancel an account if he wasn’t the account holder. In fact he was a complete stranger to the name the acct was in. That guy was SO PISSED. He was yelling at me about how the person who’s account it was was dead and its not like they were going to use it etc etc… That was one where he asked for my supervisor and we put him on hold for awhile to see if he’d hang up. He did lol.

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A long time ago, I worked at a cell phone store. I was very new to the job but doing my best to do a good job. I helped an elderly passenger and then he made his way out but stopped to talk to the store owner on his way out. The store owner later approached me and told me the elderly passenger said that “Trinay” was doing a great job and he should be glad to have such a dedicated team member. I had to stop and ask who Trinay was.

He said, you are Trinay. I wasn’t sure what he meant, but he pointed at my name tag. It said Trainee.

Bless the man who thought I had an unusual name. Most memorable customer ever. 🙂

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I used to work as a waitress and have plenty of stories, but here’s one for now.

One night, four adults and kid (around eight or ten) were seated in my section. The bartender warned me that the adults had been drinking at the bar and I noticed that they did seem a bit tipsy.

When I went to take their orders, they wanted more alcohol. Conscious of RSA laws, I told them that I would bring them out some free tostada chips and soft drink for now and they could order alcohol with their mains – pretty nice and generous I thought. Of course, they weren’t happy with that and made me get the manager. He talked to them and told me that they’d agreed to have some free tostada chips and soft drinks for now and could order alcohol with the mains.

During the night, they kept loudly complaining whenever I was nearby that they were adults and could drink what they wanted. All in front of the kid who was with them. Was so messed up.

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Used to work in a big supermarket. 

A lady ran up to me frantically once, and said that she just saw someone pull out a syringe and inject a liquid into the large bucket of corn. She sounded crazy. I told the grocery manager – and we basically had to assume she was correct and throw out the entire bucket (one of those huge wooden crates) and replace it with fresh corn. It had to be hundreds if not thousands of dollars in corn that we had to throw out, in case she actually wasn’t crazy. Some people joke that she probably just wanted fresh corn. 

I worked at the cheese counter/olive bar, and theres a clear sign that says “Please ask us if you would like samples of the olives.” I caught a guy reaching his dirty hands into the olives, chewing them, and leaving the pits on the counter. When I confronted him, he told me “I don’t read signs”. 

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I worked at the service desk for a discount chain awhile ago.  It is out of business now, but they had a policy to take back anything.  We had some old cowboy type man bring in his cowboy boots (muddy, filthy, worn out) because his horse died.  We had to give him his money back.

Another gal brought back a box of condoms with a few missing.  We always had to ask why they were returning the item, and she said “she didn’t need them any more”.  I still wonder about that one.  It would never occur to me to return something that had been opened unless it was defective.

Customer service can be eye opening.

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i used to work at walmart. Talk about eye opening. One night, about an hour before i got off, during holiday season no less, i had a middle-aged guy come to my register and used a credit card. So, of course, i asked for ID. He demanded to know why, so i explained the holiday policy regarding credit cards. He proceeded to get extremely angry with me, and he pulled out his wallet, then literally THREW his ID at me. Not to me, AT me. Then he followed that by THROWING his cards, one by one, at my face, then threw his wallet at me and it hit my chest. Then he angrily yelled, “Is that enough fucking ID for you?!” I wanted to cry. I hurriedly checked the ID and when i went to hand the cards back to him, i accidentally dropped a few, they landed on the still active belt, and it sucked three or four of his cards down under the belt. At that time, the belts were all enclosed. He got even more pissed when he found out we couldnt open the belt container to get his cards back.

I had a guy actually stalking me at one point, he would come in and wait however long he needed to to come through my line, and he would ask insistently if i would have his children, if i would marry him, if i would run away with him. At first i laughed it off, but as time went on i began to be frightened of him, and eventually i turned him in to security. it turned out he had done the same thing to other girls, so he was banned from the store.

after a couple of years of this, i moved to the service desk. Big mistake. I loved the job, but the customers were horrible. I had been involved in a car wreck at one point, and it was impossible for me to bend over. One guy returned a weedeater, and i asked him if he emptied the gas container. He said yes, so i just peeked inside the box and gave him a refund. I got written up because it turned out that the gas tank was still half full, and considered dangerous.

One lady tried to return a open box of condoms, and i opened it, and thank god i did because they were ALL USED. As in, stuff inside them and tied off. GROSS. I dont even know what the look on my face was, but i told her i couldnt take it back, and she got angry and stalked off out of the store, leaving it on my counter, so i had to clean it up and santize my counter. Gross.

One of the most memorable days was one day, around Christmas time, when a middle aged man came in and had a little boy with him, maybe five years old. He came up to me and told me that the little boy had stolen a pair of toy handcuffs from the store that morning. He asked me to make sure his son would never forget that day. So i got down to the boy’s level and held out my hand for the toy, he gave it to me, then looked up at me with big eyes full of tears and he said, “Im sorry, mommy wouldnt pay for it, but i really really wanted it. Please dont tell Santa!” i just looked at him, trying not to tear up myself, and told him that what he did was wrong, and against the law. I told him i would let it go this time, but if we caught him again, we would have to call the police. Ill never forget the look of fear on that little boy’s face. I feared that maybe i had crossed the line, but when i stood back up, the father smiled at me and thanked me for it, telling me i did a wonderful job. I asked the little boy if he knew better than to take stuff now, and he said, “yes, ma’am. I will never do it again. Please dont call the cops!” the father thanked me again, and walked out. Right before they turned the corner, i heard the boy ask his father if Santa would be angry with him.

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Once upon a time, I held a side job at the front desk of my local gym. One day, I heard a ton of screaming wafting over from the women’s locker room, and looked up in time to see a gaggle of half naked ladies, bounding out into the workout area, flailing their arms. I went over to see what the problem was. Apparently there was a peeping tom…. a MOUSE had infiltrated the locker room, and they were all petrified. Of course I cracked up at them. My coworker and I caught the mouse and released it in a field behind the gym. No harm, no foul, but women in their undies, hopping scared was quite the sight.

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I used to work customer service for a pet health insurance company. One day a woman called in and asked for a quote for her maltipoo. Since we base prices on breed, and don’t have enough data to see the risks of the hundreds upon hundreds of cross breeds, we just list the main breed then mark them as a cross. We generally went by the main breed (ex if it was 1/4 maltese and 3/4 poodle we list it as a poodle cross). So I asked her if her dog was more poodle or more maltese.

Her reply? Neither. It’s a purebred designer maltipoo. I explained to her that a designer dog wasn’t actually pure bred and that a maltipoo is actually a cross between a maltese and a poodle.

Then she started screaming at me saying she only drives high end cars, she only wears designer clothes and that she paid $3,000 for her dog, there’s no way it’s a cross breed mutt and insisted that I give her a quote for a pure bred maltipoo. So I just put it in as a poodle. Then she asked for the cheapest policy possible, which was $12/month. That was too expensive, she wanted something cheaper. Guess she spent all her money on her car/clothes/dog?

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