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I’ve worked in customer service at a retail store for the last 8 years (ugh!), so I have lots of stories.

One that sticks out in my mind was a man who wanted to return shoes he had been wearing for 2 years because they were getting worn out (duh). He didn’t have a receipt or anything, so we told him we wouldn’t be able to take them back. He got SO angry and started yelling really loudly. Even customers were like “What’s that guy’s problem?”. He ended up throwing the big customer service suggestion box at our 9 months obviously PREGNANT manager in charge. It was her last day before maternity leave, that’s how pregnant she was. The cops ended up having to come to the store to get him to leave. He was even challenging the huge cops, trying to come back into the store. They told him they would arrest him if he stepped foot inside. He ended up standing outside the store for about an hour, and the cops stared back at him until he finally left.

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I used to work at an UNOs restaurant during college, and I remember this one time this college-aged girl walked in. I seated her (I was a hostess), and she proceeded to throw her drink order at me. I told her her server would be right up to get it for her. When her server took her order, the girl was super demanding and just ridiculous. Then she sat by herself eating and reading a book. When it came time to pay, she said it was her birthday and if we offer a birthday discount. We were like, “Um… not really… That’s not our policy.” She insisted on a birthday discount. We got the manager over, and he got some discount for her. No wonder the girl had no friends to eat lunch with.

Another time I was working a dental office, and this very obese guy walked in to pick up his kids. We’re talking 400-500 pounds. I don’t want to be rude, but he basically stunk the entire place up so badly that my own boss told me I could go into another room if need be. I don’t remember having to hold my breath for so long. It was bad. We had to Lysol the place after he left.

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In high school I worked at a Hallmark store.  We had these seasonal promotions for people that had our loyalty card.  There would be a item, usually some little holiday decor thing, and they would get a coupon to get it at a special price.  The items were special one time only things, they never repated them and they were limited stock.

So one day this older lady comes in with a coupon for a bunny shaped candy dish.  Except this coupon was 4 years old.  I tried to explain to her that we haven’t had that item for a long time, pointed out on the coupon where it had an expiration date, said “While supplies last”.  She proceeds to SCREAM at me in the store about how shes a valued customer and can’t believe how horrible we’re treating her, that she just got this in the mail today, and if I dont’ get her the bunny bowl right now she’ll call the owner, never come back, etc.  I was 16 and had never experience something like this so I just basically shrugged (with a look of terror on my face I’m sure) and let her leave.  I don’t think she ever did come back.

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i worked in bars/restaurants/events for 12 yrs! I have ENDLESS stories, but I’ll to something quick and recent:

It’s always a contest of the dumbest things people say or ask me when I’m bartending, and here’s a hall of famer:

“How do I get to the smoking area that’s just beyond those glass doors????”

uhhhhhh you open them???

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Thought of another one (also from Hallmark in high school, despite years of customer service jobs all my funny stories are from there).

Anyways, it was an evening shift and I was working with one other girl, we’re both around 16 or 17.  The store was empty expept for one guy.  He was probably a few years older than us but still young, and from the way he was dressed and carried himself you could tell he thought he was a total badass/thug/too cool.  He was walking around the store, glacing at us often, we were both at the counter.  Then he goes over to the area where the plush toys were, and is standing behind the beanie baby display for a long time.  We thought he was up to something but neither of us wanted to confront him.  Then he leaves.  After he left we looked and sure enough a few beanie babies were missing.  We both just cracked up that this wanna be tough guy stole beanie babies of all things.

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I work in customer service for a software company.  The crazy customer stories always brighten my day.

  • I have heard multiple Obama conspiracy theories over the years.  Things like “it’s Obama’s fault that I can’t log in” or “you’re working with the Obama administration to ruin my life”.  Our software isn’t remotely related to government, By The Way.
  • In our old office, we were allowed to bring our dogs to work.  My dog would sleep in my office when I held webinars with clients at my desk.  One time I held a very large webinar and decided to put myself in lecture mode (meaning that all attendees were muted and couldn’t umute themselves).  I explained this at the start and showed how someone could type in a question instead.  During the session, a delivery guy shows up and my dog starts barking.  After the session, I get an angry email from an attendee explaining that it wasn’t fair that my dog was allowed audio, but she wasn’t.  It didn’t dawn on her that my dog could be in the same room as me…
  • Once I had a customer who could not find an item she had downloaded.  I helped her navigate to the downloads folder on her computer, and it blew her damn mind.  She kept saying “OMG I downloaded this picture years ago and I had no clue where it went on my computer.”  At least she had a happy experience when she called us.
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Not Always Right has thousands of funny customer service stories. It’s a huge and amusing time suck.  http://notalwaysright.com/

I personally don’t have any really great stories, but Fiance is a manager at a hardware chain and he comes home with some good ones. My favortie one is about a Mexican man. Fiance was selling this man some building materials. He wrote up the order and sent the man to the cashier to pay before he could go out to the yard and pick up his lumber. The man comes storming back to Fiance livid that the cashier charged him more than the order total on his picking slip. Fiance patiently tries to explain that the total was higher because of sales tax. The man looks at him perplexed and comes out with this gem, “Taxes? I don’t pay taxes, I’m an illegal!” he then tried to get Fiance to refund him the sales tax >.< Fiance says the guy is super lucky that he didn’t declare his illegal immigrant status to FI’s more conservative coworkers because they probably would have thrown him out of the store. Fiance now calls that guy Mr. Illegal and he’s still a regular at the store.

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I use to work retail. Many crazy people out there. Once we could return a guys tube tv and he decided to smash it in the parking lot outside the doors. It was so funny. We were all dying laughing. 

I also had a creepy person who I talked to for 2 seconds send flowers to my store and left a note that said … Youre the queen of my heart… With a queen card. Then he called around to every department asking if I got them. Everyone found it amusing. Ha. 


another time a customer yelled at me for an issue and his wife made him call me back and apologize. 

I had someone ask me if I could put myself in the bag. 


ah, so glad to be out if retail.

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I was a cashier at a pet supply store in college and this seemingly pleasant man came to my line. Some cat treats he was getting rang up for normal price. His reaction was calm, saying ‘oh those were supposed to be buy one get one free.’  So in cases like this, we usually page the manager and he does a price check and overrides the price change at the register (my manager was a pushover though so I knew he’d give the guy this price no matter what).  Well I tell the guy I’m gonna do this and he says, ok no problem.  Literally 10 seconds later, he starts screaming at me! Like freaking out that I’m “calling him a liar” and blah blah. I just stood there shocked. 10 seconds ago, he was totally ok with me paging the manager and now he’s freaking out at me for it. Like it was scary how bad he was freaking out, I normally defend myself but this was a case where I knew to just stay quiet and let my manager deal with it.  It was just so bizarre. Any time he came in the store after that, I called my manager up to take over the register because I refused to deal with him. 


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Gosh I have so so many…I’ve worked at an amusement park, pizza parlor, various clothing stores, residential offices of two universities, I’ve temped…and most recently, I hold two jobs at once, but the more important for this story is bartending/serving at a bar.

I’ll just go with the most recent story I have…and maybe I’ll continue posting more throughout the day haha.

This was last Saturday night, around 9pm.  There was a large group taking up about 3 attached tables.  They were absolutely trashed, and we weren’t serving them anymore.  They got really upset with their server when she told them, so they tried to go to the bar.  The bartenders refused to serve them also.  Our bouncer had to go over to them twice and ask them to please pay their tabs and leave.

So, instead, they go over to the well and start taking drinks off of it!!!!!

(if that made no sense to you – the well is where the bartenders place drinks with their tickets that the servers order for their tables)

They were STEALING drinks that OTHER PEOPLE had paid for.

They got kicked out real quick.

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Oh here’s another, from my time working the front desk at a private university housing/residential office.

At the end of the academic year, the school would hire a cleaning company to clean all the dorms.  Anything left behind in the rooms would be trashed or donated to charity if it was in good condition.

About two weeks after move-out, a girl came running into our office all panicked.  She was so upset – said she had left something REALLY important in her room.  Thinking it’s like a passport or ID or something, I ask her what it was, and that maybe her building’s RA had held onto it for her.

Nope, she left her Gucci boots.

After I held my laughter in, I explained to her that those would have been donated to charity.

Instead of the anger I was expecting, she just kind of shrugged and said “Oh well, at least now I can ask my parents for this season’s right!”

It was a really expensive private university.

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I worked for Geek Squad with Best Buy, and let me tell you…the stories. Mostly to do with porn because, of course, you’re dealing with people’s computers.

-A lady was pissed off she couldn’t return her laptop after the return period so she threw it on the floor in front of the desk and then tried to say we broke her laptop and we HAD to return it now. I told her there were cameras, and she just gave me the finger and walked out.

-A trucker came in with his laptop. We were trained not to grab the laptop until they told us what was wrong with it because some laptops get peed on, puked on, you name it. This laptop was especially gross, so I waited until he left to touch it because I wanted gloves. The laptop cover and keys were, umm, kind of frosty white….once I turned it on I could only assume why…in the disk drive was a movie that said amateur distrct volume 2 or something like that. I was beyond disgusted. My assumption of what the white stuff was was further confirmed when he came to pick up the laptop and I gave him back his disk, and he kind of shrugged and giggled and said, “Well, you know, trucking life…get’s lonely.”

-A mom brought in her daughter’s laptop, and the daughter looked horrified when I asked her for the password to turn it on and see if I could get it working for her. She just didn’t want it to happen, and the mom didn’t understand why. Well, the girl finally gave me the password and was trying to hurry her mom out. Here, she had her instant messaging open with a picture of herself in a bra and panties as well as a very disgusting e-mail address (it was like pink lips 69 or something like that)………she was 12. Yeah, that laptop was shut mighty fast by the mom. I can only imagine the awkward car ride home.

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