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Awww, that’s too cute!!! <3

Me and my fiance both have a…bizarre sense of humor and we both liked this obscure show on Comedy Central nobody ever seems to remember lol, but it involved this goofy Appalachian accent in one character.

Fiance used to walk and get us donuts and coffee at a place near his place sometimes while I started my workday (I have a startup and I get in the ZONE and do NOT want to be distracted once I start), and he came home with a blueberry donut in his hand and said in the dumbest accent “My lady will you do me the honor of marrying me?” and I was like “OMG go away, I’m working.” LOLOL. He knows he has the WORST ADD and I love that he’s ok with how hardcore I am with work and that he needs to be properly distracted to not be irritating hahahahahahaah. <3

I took my eyes off my laptop to look at him like “Seirously, bro? Now?” and I saw the box and he opened it with my ring inside. <3 I was so…SHOCKED because it was SO early on. He’d been asking me ring quesitons but I was distracted working so I was like “eh I’m not down with the whole diamond trade thing and I’d need a pretty big/expensive one to be happy anyway. I like the pink morganite/rose gold trend that’s going on right now” and just kept working.

But, as soon as I saw the ring, I shut my laptop. ๐Ÿ™‚ <3 I told a few clients I was taking the rest of the day off and we spent the whole day just basking in happiness. 

It wasn’t an official proposal — he said he didn’t wanna rush me into anything, but he felt SURE about this early on and he wanted to bring it into the conversation. But we’re using the same ring now that we’re officially engaged. It has sentimental value to me. <3

When I thought back about it I rememberd him at one point saying “I hope the mail gets here early tomorrow…” and I just thought wtf? What a weird thing to say but whatever. I’m busy. LOL. It didn’t occur to me that he was waiting to have it delivered, and he rushed it so he could have it by my birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚ <3 

We have an arguably strange dynamic but it totally works. <3

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Mine was not cute, but it’s very romantic.

We both agree not to do it publicly. And I know that he already has the ring for several weeks and start to get very grumpy LOL.

One day I got a phone call from my mom saying she was sick and needs me to go home straight from the office. While it’s very unlikely of her (she never say anything when sick), I do believe her.

When I got home, the house is full of candle and flower, and there is a note in the door that I missed earlier (I thought it was some kind of commercial LOL) said there are 12 letter scattered and I need to find it. Each filled with a reason why he love me. It ended in my room, and there’s a DVD on my pillow (yeah it was our journey alltogether). Bit of tears here and there, and suddenly he came out from the bathroom (I really dont know why he choose the bathroom while there are another room to hide LOL) and proposed.

Perfect day!!!! Also loving the ring!!!

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jgargiulo :  thanks for reminding me, you make me love him even more!!!

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I think mine is pretty cute, I’ll share! ๐Ÿ™‚

Fiance and I had kind of a tough 2016. He was making good money before, but was set to start a new job in January that would be even better, so he took it. He moved to an apartment halfway across town to be closer to the job, and we decided that I would move with him (living together for the first time). Things started off okay, but it became apparent after a few months that the new company wasn’t doing well and they were not going to be able to give my Fiance all the things they promised. We really wanted to get engaged, but the money was just not there for a ring. He ended up quitting that job and I had to support both of us for a few months until he found a new job. 

Since 2016 was so shitty and stressful for us, and we are both HUGE wine drinkers, Fiance came up with the idea of taking a short New Year’s trip to the wine country in our state for some relaxation and to kick of 2017 in a good way, and I happily agreed. (Note: At this time, I was honestly NOT expecting a proposal. I thought Fiance needed some more time to save for the ring, since he was still pretty new in his job, and I had pushed the idea of getting engaged out of my mind for several months at this point.)

So we get to to wine country, and decided to make our first stop at a winery we had never been to before heading to the hotel to check in. Fiance chose this particular winery because it sits on top of a tall hill, and the patio overlooks the beautiful rolling hills of the wine country. Upon arriving, we did a tasting inside at the bar, then each chose a wine we liked to take a glass out onto the patio. It was a gorgeous, sunny day – the weather could not have been more perfect.

We chose a spot on the patio to sit down and sip our wine, and not even five minutes later Fiance said, “Starting off the new year on a good note was not the only reason I wanted to bring you out here” and then he pulls the James Allen box out of his jacket, overlooking the gorgeous, hilly wine country, and opens it up to reveal my dream ring! To say I was completely caught off guard is a huge understatement – I was so shocked I can’t even remember what he said to me, but I of course said yes.

I just love the thought he put into it to make the experience special for me, and after everything we had been through last year, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

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that’s awesome he was able to pull off a backup plan so quickly.

DH also sent me on a scavenger hunt.  it was through our city to 5 locations.  it ended in a tree house in the scuplture garden of the museum where we had our first date.  each clue was a poem that i had to figure out to get to the next location.

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Not cute to anyone else, but it was to me, since it’s so him.


We were at the bamboo forest walking around, I was mad at him for some reason, sat down on a bench, then he looks at me and said, “So, are you gonna marry me or not?”

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I think it was cute and something unplanned happened that was great… First, he kept telling me I had better look really done up because he was taking me out somewhere nice. He kept making this point and I was starting to be annoyed by it! Anyway, he was very happy with how I looked. I was not thinking he would propose yet due to finances and such (because he is slick). We went to lunch at an Italian restaurant that I was wanting to try. As I got out of the car to walk inside, this gorgeous African American bride walks out in her white dress from a limo and into her reception!!! It was definitely a sign! We had a waiter that looked like an actor (think young Brad Pitt), so that was funny.

Anyway, he excused himself to go the bathroom. He was actually telling the waiter his plan to propose. He came back and he kept saying all these romantic things (how much he loved me, how stunning I am, how he is so happy he met me). We held hands and laughed (if nothing else, this would have been the BEST date!). The waiter comes and says that someone dropped their wallet that was sitting where I was, and it fell on the floor. So, I bend down to look for it, and I stayed like that for a while because I could not find it. Anyway, when I look back up DH was on one knee with the ring box open asking me to marry him. I cried of course…

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We’ve been in a long distance reltionship our entire relationship. He proposed as I was driving him back to the airport at 3 in the morning. We had just left my house and he told me to drive slow, saying he really liked this road; we had walked down this road after we met for the first time picking him up at the airport, we first held hands and walked this road for a long while. He quickly told me to stop and pull over at one point, told me to get out of the car and hugged me so tight saying this is the exact spot where we first held hands. He told me a many sweet words, and then pulled the ring out!!

It’s not some huge elaborate plan, but I loved it so much, almost teared up but I was dried out from crying all night because he was leaving ๐Ÿ˜… I was so happy!!!! I only wish he didn’t wait until minutes before leaving so I could show him some affection lol

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So, to  lead into this I almost ruined everything buy finding out the day he was going to propose. He had a lot planned. and he was not happy, but still he pulled it off amazingly. 

The day off, I woke up took a shower and when I got out, he was no where to be found. Just our tablet sitting on the bed saying play me. It was a video of our song and pictures of us saying today was the day. I knew I was to be ready to leave the house at 9am. Well, I am sitting at our window waiting for 9am. Texting my best friend wondering what the hell is happening when she pulls up. He arranged for her to fly in from Ohio!

She took me to get my nails done. After that we had lunch with his parents and more of my friends. Then we went for massages. Once home we cleaned up and at 5pm he texted me to start a scavenger hunt all over the city of some of our spots. All leading back to our house. Along the way we picked up his best friend. They waited out side while I went in to find my house lit by lanterns and Book of Love playing. He asked me in our living room. It was the most perfect day I could have ever dreamt of. 

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