Cute ways to announce your engagement?

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We called/emailed/messaged/texted those important to us. In My Humble Opinion (and it’s just my opinion) all that facebook stuff is kind of attention seeking and of my friends who did it, no one found it cute besides maybe the couple 😛 You could do a simple photo of you two and say you’re engaged. I think passive stuff like “Do I look engaged?”, “Notice anything different?” or “How does this rock look on me?” is tacky. Honestly, I roll my eyes when people do that.

What we did do on facebook was post 5-10 engagement photos 6 months after we got engaged. People could deduce from there we got engaged and the ones closest to us already knew. 

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I called my parents the night we got engaged and private messaged my close friends. It was midnight or I would have called everyone, lol. A day later I shared a picture on Facebook to tell everyone else. It’s the same one I shared in my engagement announcement here on the bee, with both of our faces and my hand turned around. On facebook I wrote, “Very excited to announce that [FI] and I are engaged! Thank you to all of our friends and family who have supported us through all our years together!” Short, sweet, and to the point 🙂

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“IMHO (and it’s just my opinion) all that facebook stuff is kind of attention seeking and of my friends who did it, no one found it cute besides maybe the couple”

I agree with this so much. I’m also really private and the whole idea of these types of announcements give me anxiety. 

I think when I posted a photo from our wedding, there were  people who didn’t know we were even engaged, and we had been engaged almost two years! The people who matter will know about your engagement, and be happy about it regardless of how it’s announced.

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Epicpooka :  I just got engaged on Saturday after Thanksgiving! We didn’t tell anyone at all for a few hours until after we made it home. We wanted to bask in knowing that only us and the photographer knew that we were engaged : ) Also, it would have been dangerous and distracting to drive home in NY with our parents on Face Time. Once home, we called our parents first, then siblings, then close friends and family. Whoever didn’t answer, we made sure to text them. After those closest to us were informed, a few hours later, we then posted one picture on social media of us together with my ring on and we updated our status to “engaged. It was important to me that close friends and family received a personal phone call from us first, however, it’s personal preference. We posted on social media the same night because I didn’t want anyone else to leak the news first, I wanted everyone to hear it from us.

I got my engagement photos last night and we will post just a few of our favorite shots for those who want to see. We received a lot of requests for the proposal/engagement photos and the easiest place to share with everyone at once is social media.

At work when people asked me how my Thanksgiving was I mostly said “It was great, how was yours?” Then the next person I said “It was great, I got engaged.” And then everyone wanted to see my ring and find out how it happened. I’m not a flashy person and I don’t want to be the center of attention so that’s why I didn’t walk in like “Hey guys look at my ring!” One of my co-workers wanted to shout it out across the room and I asked him not to.

Let us know what you decided on doing!

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We aren’t on IG or Snapchat and I’m not on FB anymore.  FI is on technically on FB but doesn’t really post and just uses it to follow his family that lives out of state.

When we got engaged we had a friend take a picture of my Fiance holding up my hand up and kissing it with me wearing my new e-ring.  We sent out a mass text saying “she said yes!” along with the picture.

We aren’t super cutesy or Pinterest-y.

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I never find these cute anymore. Especially since you just ended a relationship 7ish months ago, I would keep things quiet and low-key. I just read an interesting article about a study that concluded that couples who post more and spend more time thinking about what they are going to post tend to have less successful relationships. The couples who post the least are more likely to have the healthiest relationships. Not saying that’s true for everyone, but I think there is some food for thought there.

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Not really original but My Fiance posted a ‘life event’ on his FB ‘got engaged’ (and tagged me in it) a photo of us with me showing my ring. It read:

“Today I asked my highschool sweetheart to be my wife. I can’t wait to marry you, my name”


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I wanted to do a cute Pinterest-worthy picture to announce our engagement on Facebook, but in the end I decided to just updated my FB status to ‘engaged to FI’s name’ and left it at that. We’ll take official engagement pictures later.

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I texted my parents the day of and a few days later changed my FB status to “engaged”. Facebook highlighted a few pictures of us on the post and I just picked the 2 I liked the best, one from our last vacation and one from when we were on a recent hike. It got the word out and wasn’t too flashy, since I hate attention, but the pictures of us were a nice touch. I always find the close up of the ring pics to be kinda brag-y and showy but that’s just my opinion, probably because I’m not a big jewelry person.

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We didn’t announce it at all. Texts went out to those closest to us and that was that. It’s not really my style to announce things via social media though.

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We have an inside joke about a comedy skit about buying the cow and proof of purchase. So, I just said “important question was asked today. #proofofpurchase” it made the friends in on it laugh. 

I didn’t want cute, just simple. 

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I told my best friend in person (had to wait 3 days which was a killer but worth it). We rang our immediate families (they live many hours away) and closest friends and told them over the phone. Then we sent out a massive group text to our extended families and close friends. Everyone else found out via social media. On Instagram we both posted the same photo (him holding my hand with ring showing), and on his he wrote – I asked, and on mine I wrote – I said yes. That way it came up consecutively in people’s feeds and our mutual friends thought it was adorable but it also meant that non-mutual friends could still get the memo. We then posted the same photo from my Facebook account with him tagged in it, accompanied by a longer message announcing our engagement and saying how excited we were. I don’t get people that are against posting it online. Getting engaged is a HUGE deal! One of the best parts was reading all the comments and well wishes from people we are not necessarily that close with now, but who have been an important part of our lives and the formation of our relationship, such as old school friends (he is my high school sweetheart), family friends and colleagues.

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When I announced my engagement I kept it simple and posted a picture of my hand wearing my ering and the caption “I said yes!”

I will note though that I delayed my announcement a few days so that we could tell the people closest to us personally (well, as personal as a phone call can be).

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Both our moms were actually part of the surprise (although we talked about marriage kids etc etc and I knew wed get engaged soon I had NO clue it would happen when it did) anyways both our moms were there to set everything up before him and I arrived.. I had no idea the moms were there haha


and our families knew because he asked for my dads hand and also asked my mom since they are divorced.

We called our best friends when it happened (he got a photographer to take photos of whole thing) and a couple days later posted the photos from engagement with a sweet message on facebook!! So that’s an idea.


One thing I suggest is make sure u tell him to get someone to take photos of proposal, friend or stranger doesn’t matter. the photos (especially since it was a surprise and I had no idea they were taken) were honestly some of the most emotional and genuine photos I have and I love that I will forever have them.

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