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@Pupperoni: this is 2 funny…I was talking to my neighbor about htis problem like 5 minutes ago. My Fiance lowers the heat to 65 when we go to bed and turn it back up when we wake up in the morning. We do have thoe energy save lights and they are great. We try not to use as my hot water as that is going to cost us since everything is electric. We have candles in burn them for some energy. If we are just watching TV we turn off the light. The biggest help we got was our complex put new storm windows and we got a new boiler. My bill went form 250 to like 175 for the winter.

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Hand washing your dishes helps too! (if you’re currently using a dish washer) And washing on cold for your laundry.

Keeping lights turned off (obviously)

And keeping the heat down if can. Our downstairs is always colder than our upstairs so I have a few pillar candles I usually have lit when we’re down here… amazingly 4 or 5 candles lit makes a pretty big difference in temperature.

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Here’s a tip sheet that our hydro supplier developed.


The things that use the most electricity are those that make heat. You also use a significant amount of energy in phantom use- energy used by appliances that remain “on” even when they are off. If there is a light glowing- on the PVR, computer, coffee maker etc they are still drawing power.

Program your thermostat (or get a programmable thermostat installed) so that the temp is automatically turned down overnight and anytime you are regularly out of the apartment.

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Do you have all of your computer components plugged in to a power strip that you leave on? If so, switch the power strip off anytime they’re not used for longer than 8-10 hours.  Those buggers actually pull quite a bit of electricity even if the computer is in sleep mode.

We also turn the heat down to 64 when we’re not actually in the apartment.

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We turn our heat wayyyyyy down at night…like 55. We have heated mattress pads/blankets. During the day our heat never goes higher than 67, usual 65. Although we’re in a house not an apartment. We also have a fireplace with a blower (not sure if that is the real term) It takes in air heats it under the fire, then blow’s out the hot air. Our back room gets soooooo warm. 

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We have gas heat, but I hear you on electric. Ours soared during the summer months, so I was always trying to cut down on AC usage.

For the heat though, we always turn ours down at night too, like PP’s said. Sometimes even as low as 60-62. I know it’s low, but just wear sweats to bed with a few extra blankets. For REALLY cold nights, I also have an electric blanket under my sheet that I will turn on low and it is really warm! 

I also turn the heat down to 60-62 if I’m going to work, or won’t be home during the day. I only keep it above 65 when I’m going to be home. If it’s not too terribly cold out, I do try to keep it set at 65 and just wear an extra layer, I know it’s not the most comfortable situation, but it really helps.

Don’t wash laundry with a hot cycle, like amnystik said, handwash dishes (but don’t have the hot water runnin the whole time, fill a sink load, wash and rinse), take shorter showers, use power strips for big appliances like TVs, PC’s etc and unplug even phone chargers during the day – unplug ANYTHING you won’t be needing/using. I even unplug my lamps if I’m not using them! Sounds drastic, but it all helps.

Hopefully you can find a way to lower the bill some! Good luck!

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@miss-spunkin: unplug ANYTHING you won’t be needing/using. I even unplug my lamps if I’m not using them!


Yes. This. Biggest help I learned from a college prof.

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My two biggest savings are always washing in cold water and hanging clothes to dry outside (even in the winter, though it takes a few days), and hooking up most everything to power bars. When I am done with my computer, tv, small appliances, etc, I push the button and they all turn off. Apparently a plugged in, but turned off tv, can use up to $50 of electricity a year!

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I use lots of candles for lighting at night (and a wee bit of warmth). I even bought the candle lanterns that can be carried from room to room. You can use organic candles if your concerned about the burnoff toxins etc!


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I second unplugging anything not in use!  It drives my Fiance crazy to have to plug things in, but I swear, it saves a ton. Look into weatherproofing your windows, if you have a lot of them – tons of heat escapes. They sell kits at Home Depot and you can google DIYing it. Also, call your electirc company, and check to see if they check your meter monthly, or bi-monthly.  I found out that they had been just “extrapolating” and then credited my money back.  Its worth a shot.

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Unplug your appliances when they are not in use, even if they are turned off they still pull electricity.

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If you are out during the day at work, turn your heat off. You’re in an apartment building, so you shouldn’t have to worry about pipes freezing since they’re insulated and intertwined with pipes from other apartments. But you’re not home, no sense keeping your furniture comfortable at 69*!

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We shut our heat off when we aren’t here during the day and turn it way down while we’re sleeping. Helps quite a bit.

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