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Maybe go on a sugar fast? I think I’m a real sugar addict and I am always contemplating doing this. Like just for 1-2 weeks cut ALL refined sugar out of my diet and have only small amounts of natural sugar (fruit). So basically do lean protein and veggies for like 1-2 weeks. The theory is that once you break your body’s addiction to it, you can start adding it back in, in more moderate amounts. 

But I haven’t actually tried that yet 🙂 

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Ho boy.

So the jury is kind of out as to whether or not sugar is chemically addictive. However, it is true that sugar triggers a release of dopamine in the brain. And there are studies done with mice that show they will prefer sugar to cocaine. Having said that, although I don’t know what the science is doing, I do know that I’ve tried to kick sugar altogether and it is HARD. And I don’t eat a lot of processed foods or refined sugar to begin with.

People I know who’ve done it all seem to have gone cold turkey. Meaning: no soda, no added sugar in anything, no processed foods, no refined carbs, no fruit juice or dried fruit (and really, not too much fresh fruit either), no baked goods/sweets/candies obvious things. It IS posssible, you just have to be very diligent and check the labels on everything. The good news is that your taste will change and things like almonds will start tasting sweet. Fruit will be crazy-sweet.

I personally had too hard a time and for me, it backfired spectacularly into like, a Saturdaynight sugar-orgy. The compromise for me is I drink no soda or sugary drinks (except for coffee–which I’ll get to in a minute), and I almost never eat refined cards and/or processed foods. Here’s my rationale: the sugar that you add to things, like your coffee, is minimal compared to the amount of sugar that is added for you in processed foods–which can be anything from sugar-free ice-cream to a Lean Cuisine (seriously!). So the amount of sugar I ingest daily is pretty much about a 1/2 T of sugar in my coffee and the fructose in my fruit. That’s it. Now, because I have a sweet tooth, it’s important to me to allow myself to eat sweets every once in a while. I have a stash of popsicles in the freezer, some dark chocolate here and there and maybe once a week, we’ll go out for ice-cream. But I personally feel it’s better that I am at least concscious of my sugar intake and I know exactly when I’m consuming it (as opposed to not realizing that some jarred spaghetti sauces have insane amounts of sugar). So that’s my way, take it or leave it. Good luck!

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I cut sugar out of my diet back in August. I have added more fruits, found sugar free products that taste sweet. Can also buy Stevia (which is 0 calorie, sugar free sweetner), to add to things like coffee, or substitute sugar w/ Stevia in recipes that call for sugar, it is all natural. Also, if I feel like I have to have a piece of cake, I have some, just limit how much I eat of it.

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@JennyW1:hahahahahahaha…sugar orgy.

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GRR! They just emailed this out this morning and i’m not seeing it on the site yet. Maybe this afternoon? soorry…

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Depending on your will-power, you may be able to go cold-turkey. If you think that would cause you to binge, start small. If you drink 2 sodas a day, cut it back to 1. Or buy the tiny 8oz cans instead of 20oz bottles. Eventually go to one every couple days, then stop alltogether. (I used soda as the example, but obivously this could be for anything: candy, donuts, etc.)

Make a grocery list and stick to it. Don’t let yourself buy things not on the list. If sugary snacks aren’t in the house, you won’t eat as much because they aren’t accessible.

Here’s a good book for motivation to cut the sugar; it’s about the effects of sugar on your body:“Suicide by Sugar” by Nancy Appleton


It does get easier as time goes on! I used to drink 2-3 cans of soda every day and loved sugary stuff. But since I’ve started eating better and reducing my sugar intake, I don’t even have a desire for it anymore. And when I do eat it, I can’t eat much. A fun-size candy bar, one scoop of ice-cream, 1 cookie, or 1/2 a donut is enough and I stop at that; I don’t even have the desire to have more.

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I went cold turkey on sugar and white flour for a month last year. It sucked but was bearable because it was only for a month. I hate to admit it, but my body felt healthier and I craved heartier foods more often than sugar. Just doing this for a month helped me get creative with less carb-y, sugar-y foods and cut back on my desire for it when I started incorporating it back into my diet in much smaller amounts. I had to teach myself moderation by going extreme at first. A little weird, but it worked.

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