(Closed) Cycling bees – rant about drivers!

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Helper bee
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Yikes! Glad you made it out of there safely! Definitely seems like she did not know the laws of sharing the road with cyclists.

I live in a city where everyone drives, and pedestrians/cyclists just aren’t as commonplace as other places in the country/world. So I think drivers here just don’t know what to do when they encounter a pedestrian/cyclist since they’re so unaccustomed to it. I don’t cycle outdoors, but I do run outdoors, and I’ve had a few instances of just carelessness from drivers that don’t keep an eye out for pedestrians. Must wear more neon 🙂

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cbgg:  First of all…”burned my buiscuits” is hilarious. 

Yeah drivers can really be obnoxious to us bikers. I typically ride just very local to my apartment so I know the roads like the back of my hand, but when i go to a more unfamiliar place, i rty so hard to be very cognisent of drivers- because they seem to hate people on bikes. 

Playing devils advocate though…..before i started biking, i never understood why they couldn’t ride their bike on the sidwalks (stupid now that i understand why), and i thought the bikers were being inconsiderate…… ignorance got me there, but i ultimately learned 🙂

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Honey Beekeeper
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cbgg:  I bike, walk and drive, depending on where I am going, so I have stories about all 3. The problem is we are always talking only about the 0.01% so it won’t really accomplish anything.

I live in downtown Vancouver where we have more bike lanes going in every day and cyclists are still complaining all the time. As a driver, it drives me crazy when cyclists who can’t ride with the flow of traffic insist on biking up the hilly street where I live, instead of riding ONE block over where two lanes of traffic were turned into separated bike lanes right across the whole downtown area.

As a cyclist, I’ve narrowly missed being doored by a driver who forgot to shoulder check before opening their door. It’s taught me as a driver to always open my door with my right hand so I’m forced to shoulder check.

On the other hand we have cyclists who ride on the sidewalks,(which is illegal here)  barrelling through and around pedestrians, a high percentage of which are seniors. I once had to call an ambulance for an older lady who as knocked over by a cyclist and suffered a broken hip. Cylists also seem to think that 4 way stops don’t apply to them.

Pedestrians are for the most part oblivious that they have any personal responsibility to obey laws and traffic controls. Downtown traffic grinds to a halt because pedestrians have no idea that “DON’T WALK” , means Don’t F___ing Walk!

My Darling Husband just shakes his head at me, and wonders why I have not yet figured out that people are stupid. My personal pet peeve is whe any one of the above does something stupid, then smiles and waves at you as if that makes it all ok.

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Bumble bee
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Move to California, where drivers are required to give way to cyclists.

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Busy Beekeeper
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cbgg: On the opposite side of the spectrum (and no doubt, she was an idiot), people here on bicycles ride on the sidewalk, don’t signal and zip across roads and through stop signs, expecting traffic to stop for them, as if they, too were not an actual vehicle that is expected to follow traffic laws.  Idiots happen no matter what the mode of transportation, unfortunately.

Still, I remember as a kid those jerks who would honk their horns for the hell of it and nearly make you fall off the bike out of pure shock, on a road with no shoulder.

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cbgg:  I was a professional cyclist and was hit by cars (and car doored) a few times.  It’s obnoxious.  I live in California and drivers do NOT follow the three foot rule, nor does law enforcement enforce it.  BUT cyclists can be jerks too.  Cyclists here run stop signs, ride horribly and in general don’t follow laws.  

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Honey Beekeeper
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cbgg:  The city has made some mistakes e.g “separated ” bike lanes that drivers have to cross to turn right, but these issues are being identified and improved upon.

They did this on Smithe. Cyclists come flying downhill off the Cambie St bridge and pass cars on the right who are trying to turn right onto Beatty or Cambie. I’ve seen many near misses there.

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Ugh. I bike a lot, but live in a more rural setting. It is DOGS that scare the bejeebers out of me! Apparently people must assume that since they are not in town, they don’t have to have their dogs leashed or contained or trained not to chase cyclists.

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