Dachshund Aggression?? Help!

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@MissAnnabelLee:  I’ve known quite a few dachshunds in my day, and most are very sweet! Just make sure you let your golden and the potential new dog meet and make sure they do okay together before you bring one home for good. Dachshunds are great dogs! Make sure you have money saved up for the inevitable back surgery though. 🙂

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It depends on your dog and how you raise him! We got a dachshund puppy at 8 weeks old and she is the sweetest dog you ever met. Great with my 3-4 year old niece and nephew, friendly with strangers, and enjoys living with our (newish) 2 year old 40 pound beagle. I love the breed but you have to be really conscientious of how they are raised and exposing them really early.

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@MissAnnabelLee:  I’ve found females to be more aggressive than our males. That might be because our lab mix was female and the little girls felt intimidated, but I’m not sure. 

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@MissAnnabelLee:  I’ve fond dachshunds to be very hit or miss. I’ve met more aggressive ones than friendly ones, but the friendly ones were extremely sweet. A friend of mine has one basically she’s the only person that can handle him.

Theres also a lot of health concerns you should research about if you decide to get one. Have you thought about adopting one? You can usually find tons that are young adults. I like adopting older dogs because then you dont really have to worry about what they might be like as adults.

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I logged in just so I could respond. Dachshunds are the only small dog I will ever own. I couldnt say enough great things about them. Sure, like all breeds there are ones that might be aggressive but, I think that has more to do with how they are raised.

My pup is the sweetest, most laid back dog. But, he also loves to swim, hike, camp, go on walks and car rides. He is up for anything. But if we are home doing nothing, all he does is sleep. Best of both worlds. He does bark at other dogs sometimes, but not in an aggressive way. More in a “I want to play but you are too big” kind of way.

Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions 🙂

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I love dogs, and I even like dachshunds, but I have to admit – this is the only breed of dog I have ever been bitten by. On two seperate occasions, years and miles apart.

First when I was a teenager and we were on a family camping trip, a lady was walking her dog and I talked to her about how cute it was. (dachshund) She was so nice and said feel free to pet her pup which was a real sweetie. When I reached down, the little bugger bit me HARD. It was a mess because she was stressed and swore it had never happened before, I was startled, my parents were peeved and wanted to know if she had vaccine records.. I never pet strangers dogs again out in public after that until much later, and even still have an aversion to trusting when someone says their dog is an angel.

My sister in law (bro’s wife) also has an older male dachshund and she is upfront that he is a grumpy old fart, and that his mood changes at the drop of a hat. She keeps him inside and both my father and myself have been bit by “Chuck”, completely out of nowhere, usually when we are just sitting on the couch visiting/watching tv – just BAM leg gets bitten – and it is not play.


So honestly I can’t say that I am a grade-a-expert on the breed, but this really is the only breed that I have ever ENCOUNTERED aggression in myself. I know a lot lays on the way they are raised/trained, etc. Any dog can have a behavior problem, so if your heart is in it I think that you really have a better chance if you can “guide” little dachshund to be a friendly member of the family. I don’t think it is impossible.

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I understand what you are saying on how dachshunds could be aggressive in a sense…I’ve had 3 so far…my first doxie was a girl and she lived for about 14 years. She was such a great dog, so friendly to people, loved to play, get her belly rubbed…she wasn’t the best with other dogs though…She never bit any other dogs, but would growl and keep to herself.  I think a large part of that was that we didn’t introduce her to other dogs though. Doxie’s tend to be territorial, like most dogs they hate the doorbell and will bark. HOWEVER….

After my first doxie passed away, we ended up getting 2 more 4 months later, a boy and a girl from the same litter. Right from the beginning we made sure to bring our pups to puppy obedience classes, had them mingle with other dogs, and here is the kicker….we had them interact with my brothers golden retriever as much as possible. Now they are just about 4 years old, love each other and get along with my brother’s golden retriever just fine! There has never been any issues 🙂

I think the key here is to just make sure you expose the doxie to other dogs while they are young, this way they are used to it and they don’t see other dogs as a threat. I think you would have more of a problem if you had the doxie first and then got your golden, but I think you will be fine! Both my FI’s parents and his aunt also added on a 2nd doxie as well and they are all doing just fine 🙂


Best of luck! They are such lovable dogs!

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We actually just added a golden retriever to our pack of two doxies. So far, so good! They play tug of war and chase each other around the yard. We raised our dachshunds to go with us wherever we went(if it was ok with others). They went to our parents with their three dogs, the dog park, friends houses. They defiitely like to bark but they are the cuddliest things. 

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We adopted a 6 month old dauchsund mix who isnt agressive one bit.  She barks a lot but for attention.  She is territorial and loves everyone.  and i mean everyone.

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Growing up my family had dachshunds.  The first one was a total sweetie but we ended up having to put two other dachshunds (siblings from two different litters) down due to aggression issues.


My family has owned 10 dogs since my birth (we always have multiple) and have had no aggressive dogs except for those two dachshunds so I don’t believe it had anything to do with how we raised them.  We even took them to dog behavior specialists around the state who all agreed that is was a genetic disposition, not something we caused.


I do think that many dachshunds are sweet dogs but because of the history I’ve had with them, I personally wouldn’t trust owning another.  I wouldn’t want to risk the heartbreak.

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I wouldn’t do it. I grew up with a lab/retreiver mix and she was the sweetest dog. But now DH and I have a dachshund, and despite the fact that I’ve put WAY more time, effort, and money into training him than I ever had to with my last dog, he is still very alpha and territorial. He’s very selective about what other dogs he does or does not like, and has randomly tried to attack our IL’s dogs that he is normally fine with. I’ve seriously never dealt with such a tempermental dog, and DH is not at all phased by it because he grew up with dachshunds and pretty much says that’s just how they are (um, so you and your family continue to select that breed WHY?!)

I know there’s always people out there who will say it’s not true because they have one that is sweet and not territorial, but I really think they’re the exception. I’ve been to multiple behavioral classes and trainers with him, and they’ve all said that his issues (being territorial and alpha, very difficult to train especially when it comes to housebreaking, jumping on people and other dogs, especially if they’re larger) are very common with the breed. And as other bees mentioned, the medical costs are something to consider as well – obviously any dog can get sick unexpectedly, but dachshunds are notorious for back problems. We’ve already spent thousands on this guy’s back issues and he’s only six years old.

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I think introduction is key, sure at first they might act a little off, but thats just an adjustment phase when meeting/living with another pooch. I have two daschunds, a chihuahua and a french bulldog, and my female daschund is the alfa of the pack, I swear she’s like a little human she’s so intelligent!

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I had a neighbor with a dachsund and the doggy would come chasing after me barking and growling as I ran past the house. The dog would chase me half way down the street it scared the crap out of me the first 2 times. Then the neighbor grabbed said doggy and said settle down and introduced us. Turns out said doggy wanted me to stop and pet him. Very strange from then on when I ran past that house before I moved and doggy came running growling and barking I’d stop and he’d put his paws on my leg and wag his tail. Strangest dog ever but all he wanted was me to pay attention and be friends with him. I miss that weiner dog. I should go run at my parents this summer just to pet him :D.

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