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Bumble bee
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If someone went into the stall next to me for a violent shit, I think I might turn into a child. “Ewwwwwww!!!!!!” That’s what you get for doing that next to me!

Why is it that every time I go to the pharmacy, they NEVER have the prescription I need in stock???

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Buzzing bee
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Ewwwww that’s so gross!! I HATE it when people use the stall next to me!


My rant of the day…

It just took me 3 hours to get to work…. there’s a bridge that is collapsing in my city with a train on it, and it might explode. This is only one week after this city experienced crazy floods. Work sucks more than usual this week, and I had some weird kind of emotional breakdown last night (not even all bad!)

It seems like this city is living out some crazy Hollywood movie script right now!

I just want this f’ing week to end.

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Honey bee
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@badabing88:  i HATE that. Same rule applies for cardio equipment at the gym. If there are 20 treadmills and I’m ALLLL the way on the end leaving you 19 to choose from, DON’T COME TO THE ONE RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Also, this is probably why I stopped going to the gym.


My rant of the day: It’s cold in my office. FUCKING FREEZING. It has to be for the lasers. It’s 90 degrees outside. There is no comfortable way to dress. I freeze all day then sweat my ass off walking to the car. Fuck.

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Sugar bee

My vent today is also bathroom related – we’re dealing with a hover-pissing epidemic in the ladies room at work.  Any time of day, you can guarantee that half of the seats in the bathroom have pee all over them.  Ok hover-pissers, so you’re scared of sitting on a toilet seat and your solution is to piss all over it and make it unusable for any other ladies who need to share the restroom?!  And it’s not like the bathroom is dirty – the cleaning crew is in there 4 times per day…it’s probably cleaner than my bathroom at home.  Sit on the seat and deal with it!!

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Sugar bee
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It’s not much of a rant, but my meds are making me sleepy today. Can I go back to bed please? Or go home and watch cartoons and work on my knitting design? Either one sounds waaaay better than working right now.

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Sugar bee
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@badabing88:  I hate that SO much! I swear if there are 30 stalls all empty they will still choose the one next to me!


My rant: I tried on my wedding dress for the last time yesterday (it looks amaze btw!) and noticed that my back has tons of white spots on it. I was in Hawaii last week and got burned, but this looks REALLY wack. Can’t be having that…so today I had to put some medicine on it that smells and I’ll be sniffin that for the next 9 hours at work.


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Bumble bee
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@bleusteel:  Aaaah! The hover-pissers!  I despise that! At least clean it up when you’re done!

I’m annoyed that the girl on the other side of my cube wall is bogarting the summer intern, making him do 95% of her work – while I have to listen to her stupid personal phone calls and telenovellas all day.

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Sugar bee
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In the same vein as the bathroom stall thing – why, when you are in a nearly empty theater, do people sit immediately behind, in front of, or, even worse, right next to you??!! I hate that so much.

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Busy bee
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This one woman in my office is going to drive me to my breaking point one day. I’m one of THOSE people that get migraines from perfume/sprays/scented lotions. This woman sprays SO much perfume in the bathroom that I am forced to use the bathroom on a different floor. THEN, she informed all of us that she thought the office smelled and sprayed a ton of it IN the office!!! It does not smell good either. All of us had to walk outside to get fresh air bc it was so overwhelming. UGH….office drama.

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Sugar bee
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1) i will never understand why they didn’t notify us ahead of time that they’d be paving/sealing our parking area. the lot for my building is closed indefinitely because it’s being used for storage due to construction. so we’ve been parking in the main parking lot. the other day, i got a call demanding that i move my car. at like, 8am. no notice, no anything. very frustrating. it’s now been 3 days, and i have had to park my car in three different lots. none of which are near my building. they never notify us of anything. they painted the exterior doors last summer, and the interior walls the same day. i ended up with paint on my hands because they didn’t say anything and i touched the door. i bumped into the wall as well, and ended up with paint on my arm.

2) why the *&%$ is rent so damn expensive at home? $1400-600 for a one bedroom apartment is absurd. and it’s not even a NICE apartment. if it were nice, in a secure area and had nice finishes and things? sure. but it’s not secure, it’s not remodeled, and it’s just not nice. very frustrating.

3) i wish my apartment would clean and pack itself. cause i don’t wanna do it.

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Busy bee
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My work computer is being SO DAMN SLOW!!! It won’t let me open simple files to make labels (we’re talking Word here people) and I’ve already put it to sleep once. I really want to take this POS to a field and give it a beating Office Space style

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Bee Keeper
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@s2bmrscook:  I have the exact opposite problem!! It’s 90 degrees outside (with VA humidity, it’s more like 100) and due to federal budget cuts, the thermostats aren’t allowed to be set below 80 degrees. Oh and did I mention that ours doesn’t even work half the time. And I’m on the top floor and we all know heat rises. It’s miserable.

Wedding related: I had to file a dispute with my credit card company because I purchased invitations and haven’t heard from the seller in over 2 weeks. She was supposed to send me proofs for my approval and I haven’t heard a single word. Yeah, eff that. I contacted a local person but I still had to file a claim to get my moeny back!!

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Sugar bee
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@s2bmrscook:  I was totally going to say the same thing about treadmills! pisses me off!!!

Also..cold offices are terrible. At my old job I had a space heater that I used during the winter. Well, when it was 90 degrees outside, I certainly wasn’t wearing pants and a sweater. I like to wear skirts and dresses. So I would use my space heater in the summer! People laughed at me but I didn’t care, at least I was comfortable!

My current office is chilly too…but the building where I have class is even colder. It’s so unpleasant! And I live in the city so I walk everywhere. I refused to wear pants and long sleeved shirts and walk around in the 90 degree weather!

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