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@elletiger:  Ditto!

You can check the statistics; the countries with the highest consumption of dairy also have the highest rate of osteoperosis and cancer.  Yes, your bones need calcium, but dairy is not the way to get it. And the casein in animal milk is directly linked to cancer growth, particularly in breast cancer. Veggies, nuts, seeds, etc are.  I cut out dairy totally and have seen huge improvements in my health and weightloss, plus I’ve seen a complete reversal in my cervical pre-cancerous cells.  I had two years of abnormal PAPs, colposcopies, etc with no improvements, and then the PAP that was done 6 months after cutting out dairy showed total clearing and was normal. 

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“the countries with the highest consumption of dairy also have the highest rate of osteoperosis and cancer. “

that doesn’t mean that it’s directly related, AT ALL.

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@inspiredcreations:  The countries with the highest consumption of dairy also live long enough to get old age related diseases such as osteoperosis and cancer.

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I don’t consume dairy, but I haven’t noticed my weight go down. I no longer have stomach issues though and my skin is much clearer. And I consume at least 130 grams of protein a day, so dairy is definitely not needed as a protein source. I think a cup of milk only has like 7g of protein anyway, not that much. When I go to starbucks (once every few weeks), I’ll drink skim milk because I’m too cheap to pay the extra $.50 for soy. I have ice cream verrry rarely (every few months). And I’ll eat cheese if it’s on something when I go out to eat, so I’m not militant about it, but I’ve definitely drastically reduced my intake.


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@vanessa7:  I think anything homemade is better than store-bought. It won’t have a bunch of chemicals/preservatives; you know exactly what you’re putting in it.

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@vanessa7:  I cut out dairy over two years ago and my skin has cleared up tremendously, I lost 17 lbs (on a 5′ 1″ frame) and  have kept it off, and I generally feel better. I want to dispel some dairy myths:

  • Milk consumption does not lead to strong bones. Consuming milk actually leads to a biologically observable process that depletes calcium from our bones, which is why a) the countries with the highest consumption of dairy also have the highest incidence of fractures, b) the countries with lowest dairy consumption have the lowest incidences of fractures and c) the dairy industry is no longer allowed to make that claim. Think about recent dairy-touting commercials you’ve seen; the dairy industry hasn’t made the “strong bones” claim for years, but the marketing was so strong and far reaching, people still think milk leads to strong bones.   http://saveourbones.com/osteoporosis-milk-myth/                                      The best thing to do for your bones is to eat veggies high in calcium, get adequate vitamin D, and exercise.
  • You do not need animal based protein to be strong and have muscles. You need amino acids which can be found in plant or animal foods. 100 calories of broccoli has twice the protein of 100 calories of steak (10g protein vs 5g protein). Look at a gorilla. They are plant eaters and are completely stacked aka, pure muscle. They live off of roots, fruits, leaves, shoots and tree bark. If you compare a human’s digestive tract and features to those of a carnivore, omnivore, or herbviore, we are identical to herbivores, which has lead to the theory that humans are designed to consume plants rather than animals or their milk. 
  • Dairy is tasty, but humans do not benefit from consuming another species’ milk. Dairy consumption is strongly linked to: osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, migraines, allergies, arthritis, acne, and obesity. http://www.pcrm.org/health/diets/vegdiets/health-concerns-about-dairy-products

I suggest you cut out all dairy for a couple weeks to see if you feel better. I was a cheese addict, and ice cream binger. I cut out dairy for 30 days as part of a Facebook challenge. That was two years ago and I will never go back!

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Countries that eat a lot of dairy have crappy bone density and high cancer rates, but that doesn’t mean it’s the cause. Those cultures are also more sedentary and eat a lot more junk and drink tons of soda. We also live longer, which gives us more time to develop these diseases in the first place. I’m a vegetarian who is allergic to eggs and quinoa and some nuts, so tofu and dairy are my best sources of protein. I mainly stick to healthy sources like cottage cheese, greek yogurt, and goat cheese; but I always drink soy or almond milk.

I’m not trying to be a crusader for dairy– I am a former vegan (the animal-loving kind) so I still feel kind of bad when i eat dairy, but only for that reason– I don’t think it needs to be elimated for any health reasons. 

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@lampshade:  Whenever conclusions are reached at the end of studies, they correct for other factors. It isn’t true that the fractures are linked to living longer and being sedentary. They correct for those factors. Scientists who carry out studies and draw conclusions at the end of them know better than to erroneously make causal statements if there are other suspects that can be blamed.

Generally, black people are lactose intolerant. Living in the same country with the same type of lifestyle as other Americans, they have far fewer incidences of osteoporosis. The only difference is they do not consume milk. They even have lower vitamin D levels, yet their fracture rates are far fewer. The missing component is dairy. Dairy absolutely causes osteoporosis. Dairy has been cited as the primary dietary cause of osteoporosis.

Dairy is not a health food. Dairy also contains contaminants. Think about it: if a woman did drugs and ate pesticides, her breast milk would contain pesticides and drugs. Here’s some of what the USDA Pesticide Data Program found in milk:

  • 96% of samples contained DDE, “a breakdown product of DDT, which was banned from agricultural use in the early 1970s. DDT is very persistent and remains to this day in many cropland soils; its soil half-life (time required for 50 percent to dissipate) is generally between 15 and 30 years, depending on soil and climatic properties.”
  • Nearly 99% contained diphenylamine (DPA), a “‘high volume’ industrial chemical used for many purposes in manufacturing rubber and plastic parts, and in making certain drugs.”
  • 41% of samples contained dieldrin, a “long-banned” organochlorine pesticide.
  • Endosulfan sulfate, an endocrine disrupter, turned up in 18% of samples.
  • About a quarter of samples delivered synthetic pyrethroid insecticides.
  • Nearly 9 percent of samples contained a lovely-sounding chemical called 3-hydroxycarbofuran, a “highly-toxic breakdown product of the carbamate insecticide.”


http://whatsonmyfood.org/food.jsp?food=MK’ defer=’defer


@vanessa7:  I don’t drink any milk or milk substitutes anymore, but my SO drinks Silk Soy milk. He drinks the original flavor rather than the vanilla flavor. He really likes it. He puts it in tea. I like the Silk brand because they don’t use genetically modified soy. He has tried the coconut milk and hated it, but doesn’t mind the unsweetened almond milk from Diamond. If you’re watching your weight, the unsweetened almond milk has only 40 cals a cup. Not too shabby.

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