(Closed) Damn you, perfect couples

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I love how silly we can be together and act like little kids, but we also have really intellectual, deep discussions.

I love how we are absolultely each other’s best friends.

I am really excited to move in together and make breakfast on the weekends and just lounge around OUR place.

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I’m a terrible person for admitting this probably, but Facebook updates like that make me roll my eyes a little.

It’s like, OK we get it, you’re happy, now get off Facebook and go be in love!

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I love how he takes care of me when I am sick (like right now…).

I love how we can make fun of each/ give each other a hard time, but we know we’re just messing around.

I love that he has my back over anyone else.

And today we were talking about how our roommates do not know how to close doors without slamming them (LOUD). So I love how he slammed our door a bunch of times today when they were napping. Shame on us!

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My Fi is so silly we are both like big kids so we joke n play ALOT together…we play video games together (although not so much lately partially cuz of weddign plannign and partially because i dont care for Call of Duty: Black Ops or Marvel vs Capcom 3) and we are alo both heavy into music so we try to do that stuff together to.

I love how well we balance each other out. For instance I tend to get real excited/stressed/happy/emotional in general and as a result dont always make the best decisions. Fi is so calm and cool all the time that he is often able to think rationally in situations i wouldnt be able to do


plus I just love him  🙂

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I love how he takes care of me when I have a flare. There have been times when he’s had to help me out of the bath tub, put on my socks, and open the refrigerator. He is so patient and strong, even though I know that he’s worried out of his mind when I have them.

I also love how close we are. I can talk to him about absolutely anything, and I know it will not hurt our relationship.

We have so much respect for each other and we love each other so perfectly. He’s my favorite person in the whole world, and I’m his. 

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We are very much on the same wavelength and laugh at all the same things. We have tons of dumb inside jokes. I love how he treats our puppy and I know he will be a great father. He does small things to make life easier on me like take the dog out to potty or does the dishes and laundry so I can relax in my very little time off. Saturday he surprised me with Bruno Mars tickets because we love going to concerts together. I can’t wait 🙂

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First of all, don’t ever trust facebook statuses lol  I feel like it’s usually the ones putting up all the “tee hee look at us and how happy we are” kind of comments, usually have problems too.  My husband and I have facebook pages but he rarely logs in or updates his..never leaves me comments (no point we live together lol) and i just use fb to keep in touch with a lot of out of state/country friends and sharing music.  so yea, a lot of people might look at our facebook and think, “hm they dont interact with each other that much” or notice that i don’t put a status up about what cute little thing we’re doing at that moment” but that’s because i’m busy doin the cute little things and we’re totally happy:) lol  so as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t compare yourself when you are happy…maybe even happier than your friends!

As for us.  We’re the biggest goof balls and comletely sarcastic to each other on a daily basis and i love it.  We have this way of working out our trivial little annoyances of each other by being really sarcastic about it, which turns into laughter and wrestling on the bed or something. but it’s like we know we are communicating still and it keeps things light and fun and not dramatic and naggy/depressing.  when it’s a more serious topic, then we have serious talks too but those are rare. 

 it’s usually something like him going in the computer room and play a video game online and his friend is on speaker (they play together online…little boys lol) and i’ll say loud enough, “WHY DONT YOU TWO MARRY EACH OTHER AND MARRY THIS GAME AND HAVE BABIES”.  And he’ll usually start cracking up and come back with me in the bedroom and say, “ok brat i’m all yours”.  But i let him have his ‘me’ time a lot too so i’m not always demanding his time. we give each other just enough space i think.

and we too can switch it up and talk about really deep things like why we exist and life after death. we’re both big history channel show freaks and love watching stuff about aliens and life and religion.  we’re VERY affectionate and have always been that way as children so it’s perfect for us.  lots of hugging and kissing and “love you babes” on a daily basis.

i’m also proud of the fact that we are sort of known among our friends as being a really cool and easy going couple.  they’ve said it before and it makes me proud. we work hard on our relationship to keep things peaceful and mature and fun at the same time and we’re not one of those couples who fight all the time and bring people down.  we always have a good time together..with or without other people.

ok i’ll shut up now:)

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@nontraditionalmiami: YES to the happy status people being the ones with issues. I’m not saying all couples who are like that have problems, but about 90% of the ones on my facebook do! One friend and her boyfriend are posting constantly about each other/their relationship/stuff like that (and I’m talking constantly: multiple status updates a day, plus 3-5 wall posts back and forth each, plus at least 5 comments on everything) and if you didn’t know them you’d think they’re so crazy in love and deliriously happy.

Wrong. They’re both knowingly cheating on each other (they pretend it’s not happening), they lie to each other constantly, plus she slept with his brother over Christmas, twice.

Soooo yeah. /ramble

ETA: Oh by the way, I don’t mind to imply that the OP’s friends have bad relationship issues that they hide with facebook mush. I was talking in general about people I know. 

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Boyfriend or Best Friend and I have not added each other on facebook… I keep my internet activity from him or the relationship…

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yup i have similar facebook couple friends.  actually one of them is a good friend of mine who relentlessly flirts with every chick he knows (including me, but ever since i told him i got married, he has toned it down).  he’s cheated on her before too i’m sure and he leaves cute comments on his girlfriend’s page and she’ll reply and they generally seem like a really cute and happy couple on facebook but i know that she doesn’t trust him (rightfully so) and goes through his phone and they have issues, etc..   

but i do believe that he does love her in his own little dysfunctional way. i just think he is one of those guys who is weak and was a big dork growing up and is now attractive and popular with the ladies and can’t help himself. he has a good heart.  

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Awe this thread is too cute <3

I think in my group of friends my Boyfriend or Best Friend and I are the annoyingly cute couple, but its not that we do it purposely. We’ve been basically LD since he left for school, so anytime we hang out with friends we try to catch up on us time too. My friends are always teasing us about being in our own world.

What I love most about my relationship is that we both try extremely hard to care for and make life easier/nicer for each other. We are both really aware of each other whether it be our moods or just a feeling and it still surprises me how well we know each other.

We also do a ton of silly things together all the time. Just last week he decided that he wanted to buy a shag rug and so we went around a store laying on all the ones we could find, testing to see which would be the best to crash on.

On a side note, we really avoid sending any FB messages or statuses about each other cause we both find it pretty annoying that it seems like some people can’t have any independence from one another.


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Sometimes my fiance leaves me sweet little messages and I sometimes leave him messages, but I do not constantly update it to tell everyone every little detail of my life. How does anyone have time for that?

As for things about our relationship that I love, one thing is that Fiance is a big kid and makes me laugh. I am totally comfortable with him and I know I can talk to him about anything. It doesn’t matter what we do, but just being together is nice for us. There are lots of other things too, but I am not going to spend all that time talking about that.

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Interestingly, I do NOT find couples like this to be cute. I find them needy for people to validate their relationship or just too eager to prove OMG WE ARE SOOOO HAPPY SEE HOW WE TALK ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME ON FACEBOOK?

FH and I are friends on FB. We never use it to write anything to one another. I find it weird when couples DO constantly tell one another on FB how awesome/wonderful/happy they are. Okay, then go be so happy off the internet!! And this is my own personal bias, but by and large I feel sorry for people who got married at 17 or married the first person they ever dated. 

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