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Bumble bee
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I really thought he’d propose on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day last year.  But he didn’t.  I did get a small box…and I opened it to find….earrings.  I hope how disappointed I was didn’t show, but I’m sure it did.

However, he ended up proposing a week later on New Year’s Eve. Why?  Because he knew I’d expect it on Christmas and wanted to surprise me. 

PS – Why November 9?  Does that date have special significance to the two of you?

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Honey Beekeeper
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I thought he’d do christmas, but last year, then that didnt happen, and it couldn’t happen new years since we werent going to spend it together.  then i thought maybe in march during a trip since that was our first ‘date’.  didnt happen either.  he just did it completely randomly in may.  sort of randomly – it was right after he picked up the ring after finally getting the chance to sneak out twice to order and pick up the ring without me noticing. 

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Busy bee
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I thought he would propose while we were on vacation in Las Vegas. And he did.

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Bee Keeper
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I’ve had a few ideas of when it might happen…  but so far, no luck.  My guesses were:

July 28, 2010: The day I finally came home from Japan.  I thought he might propose at the airport.
August 14 or 15, 2010: The weekend we spent at his boathouse on the lake.  It was incredibly romantic, and we had been looking forward to it for months.

Also, at any point between then and now, if he were to just put together something special.  Here are a few more actual dates I have in mind:

My birthday (coming up this month): Kind of self explanatory.
November 24, 2010: It was the day before Thanksgiving last year that we first said the L-word (this time around, that is).  Plus, we would be surrounded by family the next day so we could make the big announcement.
Christmas: Also self explanatory.
December 26, 2010: On this day in 2002, we first officially met while ice skating together.  We’ve talked about wanting to go ice skating that day anyway.
New Year’s Eve/Day:  Yeah, holidays.

If he hasn’t done it by January 2, I’m going to be really upset.  Months and months ago, my best friend, who is also my BF’s roommate, swore up and down that it would definitely happen by Christmas, and he said he would be shocked if it hadn’t happened by my birthday.  Granted, he also said that he had no evidence from my Boyfriend or Best Friend to support this claim, but that was his gut feeling.

I’m also about 99% sure that he hasn’t bought the ring yet.  :-

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Sugar bee
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I thought he’d probably pop sometime the question in 2011 or 2012 and uhhh…. i was very wrong lol. July 17 2010 – surprise!

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Bumble bee
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I got it right!! He was a little obvious about it thinking back though, but I still couldn’t tell for sure.

He flew in from up North Dec. 21, 2009 after being away for work for fourth months. It was the longest we had ever been away from each other. On Dec. 22, 2009 we went into the city for a date night after being apart for so long.

 I got really excited when I found out about the 5 star luxury hotel we were staying at because it was soooo not like him to book a $400 room for one night. Someone from Gotham Steakhouse called the house the night before Fiance arrived home because his phone was shut off. They were calling to confirm a reservation and I got even more excited because it’s a really nice swanky resturant right by the hotel we’d be staying at!!

Sure enough, he couldn’t even wait until we got to dinner before he popped the question 🙂 🙂 🙂 I was very happy to be right about this one!

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Bee Keeper
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@yellowlinedpage:  I know!  I mean, he’s very clear that he plans to do it, and I know that he asked my dad for permission back at the beginning of September (but shhhh, I’m not supposed to know that), but he’s just not yet…  ARGH.  Driving me CRAZY.

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: December 2010

I was convinced he was going to do it around the holidays.  We both love the holidays. 

He proposed almost FIVE months later, in April!

Funny story though, Christmas Day we exchanged gifts – he pulled out a jewelry box, and before I could say anything he said “Don’t get too excited, it’s not a ring.”  LOL.  Classy guy! It was a beautiful necklace though.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2011

Fiance had me start looking at rings around October. According to my MOH/BF, he told her in August that he was going to propose within the year, but I had no idea! 

So, Fiance took me to look at rings to “get an idea of what I liked” and then…. nothing. No word of anything. So I figured it would be further out than I originally though. 

We went to Disney World in March, and I sort of hoped it would be then, but it wasn’t… 

So then I was sort of expecting Summer ’10, probably on our 4 year anniversary (July 22nd).

Instead, he threw a complete curveball and proposed on April, 10, 2010. It’s not a special day, it wasn’t a day I expected at all, but it ended up being perfect!


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Busy bee

I dreamt of him proposing in August when we were in the South of France with my family… We went there 2 years ago with my family also and my nana took all of us out for lunch at a beautiful clifftop hotel. I remembered the hotel and was really hoping he would do it if we went there again this summer (even though I knew he han’t looked at rings yet and we were still just hinting about it).

We did go back for a lunch at the hotel on our visit this summer but he didn’t do it then… and then afterwards my cousin came up to me and said she had really been hoping he would have proposed to me at the lunch!!! (NOT helpful…) Haha she’s so sweet, she’s 19 and thinks my life is very romantic haha and keeps asking me if I am engaged yet… I don’t know how to tell her it just makes it worse!

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Honey bee
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So far I’ve thought it might be:

  • Birthday last year (Oct)
  • Last Christmas
  • 2 year anniversary this Sept
  • Birthday this year (Oct)

My next thought is Christmas or new years of this year. We just started shopping for rings a few weeks ago (here I was thinking he was working on it without me.. lol) and we’ve narrowed it down pretty close. We are going this thursday again to check our final location and then we’ll be making a decision. I’m not sure it’s enough time to get it by Christmas though so we’ll see. It would be nice considering my family lives 4 hours away and we’ll be visiting them over the holidays, it would be cool to announce/show them the ring/celebrate with them.

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Bumble bee
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I don’t think I ever had a date in my head. There was one day back in 2007 when we were on vacation and having dinner in a fancy restaurant. He pulled out a small box and quickly said “It’s not a ring!!!!”. It was lovely earrings, but I thought for a split second “is he proposing?”

He surprised me by proposing on HIS birthday last year.

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Buzzing bee
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Ohh wow, now that I actually think about it I am not good a guessing. I should stay away from casinos

  • October 2008- we went on our first cruise
  • Springtime 2009- we went to the lake
  • April 2009- my birthday
  • May 2009- our four year anniversary
  • December 2009- Christmas
  • April 2010- 2nd cruise/ my birthday
  • May 2010- our 5 year anniversary, the worst let down I have had yet
  • 10/10/10- such an awesome date
  • Halloween- We are both huge Halloween fans
  • Last weekend- I just had a feeling

But I did manage to get some news and it sounds like he is having the ring made now. I would absolutely love it if I could announce our engagement to everyone at Thanksgiving.

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