Dating adventures – bad and hilarious dates!

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I’m so sorry! That guy sounds totally awful and in fact, you lasted much longer on the date than I would have!

I have a really bad date story that cracks me up every time I even think about it!

I met a guy on an online dating site (about 6 years ago, before apps were as popular as they are now). The guy lived in a city which was about 40 minutes away and we made a date at a pub for a Saturday afternoon as he said he was heading this way anyway to have a barbecue with friends that evening. (First red flag in my opinion: if a guy is not willing to make a special trip to come on a date with you if it is not crazy far, that is not a good sign.)

I got to the pub about 5 minutes early and was sitting in my car and he texts me to say there was bad traffic and he was running late. How late, I asked? 10 minutes or so, he said. 15 minutes later I was still waiting and I got another message from him. Traffic is moving really slowly, he’s sorry. Call me when you start moving again and know how long you’ll be, I said, feeling bad for him. After I’d been waiting half an hour, I texted and asked if he was at all close by? Yes, he didn’t think he’d be too long. When 45 minutes had gone by, I turned on my ignition to drive out of the parking lot and leave because… I don’t wait that long for anyone. At that moment, he drove into the parking lot.

Ok, so the date is going ahead, but I’m a bit irritable. He gets out of his car and saunters over to me, doesn’t apologise but just quickly greets me and walks into the pub. We sit down at a booth and, without a word to me, he looks past me and starts watching the soccer which is on TV. This continues for 5 minutes while I sit there wondering if I had just wandered into some kind of alternate reality.

After 5 minutes of completely ignoring me and watching TV, he seems to remember that I am there and looks at me and asks me some question which I had already answered in our email conversations like “What do you do for a living?” 

I answer the question, trying to be smiling and polite and once I had finished, he immediately returns to watching the soccer. Another 5 minutes of him watching TV and complete silence follows. He then followed the same pattern of before, asking me a banal question like “How long have you lived here?” and once I’d answered it, returned his attention to the TV. I stayed more out of morbid curiosity at this point, but after 15 minutes of this, I’d had enough.

I stood up and said “I have to go.” He looked at me somewhat crestfallen and said, “Oh, was it that bad?” And I smiled and said, “No, I just can’t stay, I’m sorry.”

Worst date I’ve ever had. But still makes me laugh when I think about it.

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@indigobee:  I’d have said, yes! It was that bad that I’d rather be home ironing or doing pretty much anything else!

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@amazonqueenie:  WOW!  I don’t have a good story, but I do want to say I had an ED for years and never blew up at people for eating – what a dick!!!  

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So some years ago I decided to meet this guy at an EL Rancho Grande for a first date. I get there and he has already downed half the margarita pitcher(!). I sit next to him at the bar and he says hi and atter 10 minutes of small talk starts crying because apparently his roommate moved out recently and got married and he really misses him.

I listened to him for 10 minutes then said I had to go. He texted me, saying, “I guess I should thank you for not ordering any food…” Uggggh

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You’re probably right! He could have stood to hear how rude he was being. Back then I was super polite and didn’t want any kind of confrontation with him, but I often wondered whether I should have emailed him afterwards to tell him. 

But honestly, if you need to be told that you don’t rock up to a date 45 minutes late without apologising and then watch soccer on the TV for the majority of it, there’s not much hope for you, is there?

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My worst date was when I was back in college and we were both broke students. We went out to the $1 movie theater, which was fine. He had a “great plan” for our date. We stopped by McDonald’s and he ordered hamburger and fries for us. (Didn’t even ask if I like McDonald’s.) Apparently his “great plan” was for us to sneak McDonald’s into the movie theater. I’m all for saying money, but I thought that was ridiculous. 

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i have been on many very bad dates in my life and i treasure them all. Great stories. The worst kind of date is a mediocre date.

In particular this guy who posted a very flatting photo of himself clearly several years ago when he had much more hair (I don’t have problems with balding men! I’m married to one, but be honest you know?), so much so I wasn’t sure it was the same guy at first.

We met at a wine bar and I got a glass of wine and asked if he wanted to split a cheese board and he got wierd and squirrely about it, but I got my cheese board, and then we started talking and he was like “I moved to the City to be a screenwriter, but I realized I don’t want to work too much so I’m a waiter 3 days a week and make enough from tips I can just play video games and hang out the rest of the week” and  i was like…ummmmm…..ok…..

then he went on a very long thing about how people are wrong that the first seasons of the Simpsons are the best and everything from season 20 on was better…..ok.

Then he was talking about his weekly poker game with friends and I was like “haha you’ve got a little gambling addiction hahah” and he very seriously paused and was like “that’s not a problem for me…..anymore”. !!!

And then the finale is when we were paying up, and I was like “I’ve got it, we should split it but I got the cheese so, I’ll do the tip and everything” and he goes “listen normally I would just pay but I lost a lot of money in this weeks poker game so I’m a bit short”

he was like “this was so fun we should go out again! lets hug”…..

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