(Closed) David’s Bridal Experience..worst ever!

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Sugar bee

I didn’t have the same expereience as you.  That sounded like a circus.  I did try on dresses, uneventfully.  But a friend did warn me about some hassles she had.  I think it was someting about extra costs the bridesmaids incurred.  So I didn’t end up purchasing from them.

I also thought the sales people were pushy.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2009

I got my dress there, but you need to go about an hour before closing on a middle-of-the-week day.  I went a few times, and that seemed to be the best.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: January 2010

I had a friend who got her wedding dress there an she had a great experience.  I am planning on having my Bridesmaids get their dresses from there, just because only two live locally to me and the rest live in Chicago, Idaho and Arizona. 

Has anyone had experiences with bridesmaids dresses there?

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  • Wedding: October 2009

I went to DB last summer to try on some dresses and they were horrible.  I think the girl I got was a newbie becuase she didn’t really help me at all.  I asked to try on the dresses I picked online and then thats it.  She never suggested anything or gave me her opinion.  It just sucked and a lot of the dresses are not that good.  I eventually went to a small boutique and got a dress there.  The lady who helped me was amazing and asked what I like and gave me suggestions and I picked about a dozen dresses to try on.  SHe even helped me into every dress which was kind of weird but helpful cause a lot of them were heavy and hard to get into and out of.  Overall I would never go back to DB ever.  Worst costumer service. 

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  • Wedding: April 2009

I heard so many iffy stories about David’s Bridal that I decided not to go at all. I’m lucky that I live in a large metropolitan area with lots of boutique choices at all price points. It would be harder to avoid DB if I lived in a smaller town, I’m sure. To me it was worth the price to get personalized service from someone with a lot of experience.

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  • Wedding: July 2008

I hated DB.  Not only was the service awful, the dresses were in general really poorly made, and the fabrics were cheap.  And the prices were not good!!  I paid $600 for my Alfred Angelo, which was about in the middle of the DB price range – and it was far superior in fabric and workmanship to anything we saw at DB.  Plus the salon where we found it gave us fantastic service – a whole private room to view the dresses, with a separate area to try on, and our own consultant who was there throughout the process (selection, alterations, and pick-up).

I think that people read internet posts and magazines and get the idea that a wedding dress from a salon costs thousands of dollars.  So they unfortunately think that DB, which basically sells itself as the WalMart or Target of wedding attire, is all they can afford.  And that’s too bad, because any decent salon will have a range of price points, and you can absolutely get a lovely dress from a real salon and not break your budget.  Just tell them when you go in what can afford to spend, and they won’t show you anything outside that price range.

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  • Wedding: May 2009

I didn’t end up buying my dress from DB, but I had a really pleasant experience…on a Saturday afternoon, no less. It was a lot busier than the smaller boutiques, but my consultant made sure that she was entirely focused on me and one other bride, and she brought dresses that were along the lines of what I had told her I liked (which essentially meant…no strapless dresses.)

I’m sorry you had such a terrible experience!

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Blushing bee

While I did not end up buying my dress at David’s Bridal (just did not find "the one"), I had a fantastic experience at the salon in Oak Lawn, IL. My SA was extremely helpful with suggesting similar styles to ones I had picked out. At the end of my appointment, she did not push for the sale at all – she simply wrote down the two styles I liked most and welcomed me to come back with my mom and sister. (I went alone for most of my dress shopping – best idea EVER.)

 I also went on a weekday in the late afternoon, shen the shop was not crowded at all. It’s certainly not a pampered salon type of environment, but it was exactly if not more that what I expected for the cost of the dresses. 

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Sugar bee

I went to DB the week after I got engaged because I wanted to try out a variety of dresses and I didn’t anticipate being able to fit into the bridal 10s sample sizes in regular salons. I had a TERRIBLE experience there.  It was a weekday, so they weren’t at all busy.  However, the sales consultant was totally rude and didn’t listen at all to what I was looking for.  We waited for close to a half hour and he came back with two dresses–nothing like what I wanted.  I kept reiterating the styles or fabrics that I was looking for and he kept saying that if the dress wasn’t what I really wanted, I could always change it up with accessories.  My sister continued to pull dresses for me, so I could at least try something on.  I’m pretty laid back, so I wasn’t looking for someone to cater to me.  However, I was hoping for someone who would listen to my comments and choose dresses that fit my style.  After he figured out that I didn’t plan to buy anything that day, he cut us loose completely and we never saw him again.  The only good thing about DB was that they had tons of dresses in different sizes, so if you’re bigger/smaller than bridal samples, you can actually see how the dresses fit. 

Don’t even get me started about how they sell your personal information to TONS of telemarketers!  I spent several weeks trying to get myself taken off their call lists.  After calling their corporate headquarters for weeks, I finally got someone to take me off their contact lists after I insisted that I would NEVER purchase anything there EVER.  Supposedly there’s a disclaimer you can check to remove your info, but the sales rep there never allowed me to fill in or look at the form myself, he "did it for me", leaving me on the list, of course.

If you do go there, give them only an email address you don’t care about.  Don’t give them your phone number, especially a cell, unless you want to use all your minutes getting rid of people trying to scam you on some free honeymoon or pots and pans set! 

Like you, Suzanno, I think the wedding industry wants you to think that you if you can’t afford something really high end, then you’re stuck with DB.  I found a great dress (Casablanca) that was cheaper than the ones I looked found at DB at a salon with awesome service.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2009

I had an okay experience with them. I didn’t love the service, but the girl was pretty attentive and brought things based on what I said I was looking for. I was happier with DB than the first salon I went to, because I let slip that I wasn’t "officially" engaged yet at that point, and the first salon completely blew me off at that point. I would never give them my business now that I AM engaged, because of the way they acted. DB at least treated me as well as anyone else, even if that wasn’t great.

I’ve heard/read a TON of horror stories about them too. I know they overcharged me by a LOT on alterations to a bm dress I got there. I basically only went because at that point I just wanted to try on lots of styles and it seemed like a good place for that.

I definitely would recommend anyone stay away from them. There are plenty of places to get better service, better quality, AND better prices. And I second everything Jessie516 said about giving out personal info. I wound up on SO many freaking call/mailing lists!

I work for The Men’s Wearhouse, and we have some kind of partnership with DB, where we can match *some* of their bm dress colors and stuff. So I get a ton of customers coming over from them and I just want to tell them to run, don’t shop with DB! But I’m pretty sure that’d get me fired so…

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  • Wedding: May 2009

I’m sorry that you had such an experience. There were several reasons I didnt want to go with DB, one being that I wanted to support as many local business as possible, the other being I had heard so many horror stories about them. But the biggest reason is the people that work there. I work in a resturant located in the same mall as David’s Bridal. After work several of their employees come in and vent about their day. I know we all need to vent but when the talk turns to how ugly someone looks in their dress, or how they sold someone a dress knowing it wasn’t what the bride wanted, thats another story. I didn’t think that was very professional of them, espically considering the clients they were talking about could have been at the next table over.

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  • Wedding: May 2009

I agree that DB does not have the best customer service. I tried on wedding gowns there but ended up getting my designer dress at a charity gown sale for the same price as a cheaply made DB dress.

However, I do think it is a great option for bridesmaid dresses. They are inexpensive and there are many styles in each color so that everyone feels comfortable. I know that most girls won’t wear a bridesmaid dress again no matter how nicely it is made, so for me and my budget-conscious friends, it was the right choice.

The most horror stories I have heard were of the alterations dept. which we are not even dealing with. If someone needs somethin fixed, they are to go to another reputable tailor!

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  • Wedding: September 2008

I got my dress (a total steal as it was being discontinued) from DB- my sister and 2 cousins also got theirs from DB.  We all went to different stores in NY, NJ, and MA and all had good experiences.

I’ve also gotten several Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses from them.

As with any chain, I think it depends on the store and on what you want.  I hate when sales people are up your but trying to help you.  I didn’t want to be in my skivvies in front of a stranger.  So I liked that we had help picking dresses, and then my mom could help me in and out of them.

My sales associate was wonderful.  I went once for myself on a Saturday late afternoon and even though it was busy, she juggled the brides well.

When I went to the same store with my Maid/Matron of Honor, we had the same associate and she went above and beyond to help us.  My Maid/Matron of Honor has special needs and her mom was with us (the mom is a nutcase and hard to deal with).  Our associate did a great job wrangling the mom and helping pick dresses that would work for my Maid/Matron of Honor.

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  • Wedding: July 2009

I went with a friend to DB after she had bought her dress and was there for alterations. We couldn’t get any assistance and when we finally did the attendent brought her dress (which she had never taken out of the store) and it had a run in the fabric. The attendent tried to tell us it wasn’t a problem that her dress would be fine, but we insisted they repair the problem. Later that afternoon when trying on Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses we got zero help.

 I will never give a dime to DB. I got a great deal on my dress at a locally owned bridal store and got great service.

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