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  • poll: Did you feel better after slerp apnea treatment? What did you use for treatment that worked best?
    Yes : (6 votes)
    27 %
    No : (2 votes)
    9 %
    CPAP : (14 votes)
    64 %
    Surgery : (0 votes)
    Dentsl Device : (0 votes)
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    Busy bee

    I had an ex-husband and a father with sleep apnea. Neither was disciplined enough to commit to using the CPAP and continued to suffer terribly. Those to whom I have spoken that did successfully use the CPAP said it unequivocally changed their lives. I would give the machine a shot for sure – I have heard mixed reviews of the surgical interventions but those are improving all the time I suspect. Remember that not all machines are created equal – it may take a few tries to find the right one for you. Good luck and happy sleeping!!!

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    Helper bee

    sweatergal007 :  my brothers long term gf has sleep apnea and wears a cpap mask. She’s said she has so much more energy now and doesn’t always feel exhausted like she used too. She would sleep 12 hrs a night and still wake up exhausted before her cpap machine. Now she’s sleeping 8 hrs and doesn’t wake up tired or have low energy anymore. She can also feel an immediate difference in her energy levels if she doesn’t wear her mask at night.

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    Busy bee

    My dad has severe sleep apnea. He stopped breathing like 200 times in his sleep study. He would be watching tv at like 6 in the evening or middle of the day on the weekends and be constantly falling asleep. The CPAP totally changed that!

    They also have newer, more compact and quiet machines now too.

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    Blushing bee

    My dad also has severe sleep apnea like PPs dad. He got a very quiet compact CPAP and it has changed his life. He said at first it took some getting used to at night and the mask was a little uncomfortable for sleep but once he got used to it he feels so much better. I’ve personally noticed that he has much more energy and he actually started going back to the gym (since he has more energy) and lost a ton of weight. It’s been A+ for his overall health.

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    Honey bee

    Get the cpap, but lose the weight. Most apnea sufferers are overweight, sometimes considerably, and losing weight makes a huge difference.

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    Blushing bee

    sweatergal007 :  I totally understand. It’s hard when you’re already so drained and exhausted. He just simply had no spare energy until he got a CPAP. Now he actually powerlifts and is nearing 60 years old in fantastic shape. Life changer 100% 

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    Helper bee

    My husband has sleep apnea. After many years of suffering through his constant snoring, I finally convinced him to get tested for sleep apnea, and yep, he had it. He got the mask, and the adjustment was hard at first, but now he can’t sleep without it. Sometimes he’ll unknowingly rip off the mask in his sleep, and whenever that happens he feels like crap the next day. It’s really crazy. His sleep apnea wasn’t even that severe, but the mask still makes a big difference for him.

    I will also say that my husband is a PRIMA DONNA about sleep. Like everything has to be JUST SO or he has a meltdown. He has to wear the same pair of shorts to sleep in every night–if the shorts cant be located he’ll tear apart the houes until he finds them; it must be pitch black; must be completely silent; the pillow has to be perfect, etc. I thought there’s no chance in hell such a maniac will ever adjust to the CPAP mask…but he did! If he can do it, I believe anyone can. It did take him about a month though before he was comfortable in it.

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