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  • poll: Did you feel better after slerp apnea treatment? What did you use for treatment that worked best?
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    27 %
    No : (2 votes)
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    CPAP : (14 votes)
    64 %
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    sweatergal007 :  Yes, you can do it! What helped my husband was easing into it. When he first got it, he couldn’t sleep in it at all, so his doctor recommended just wearing it while awake for an hour or so in the evening to get used to the way it felt. He did that for a few days and then gradually started putting it on at bedtime. At first he’d only last 30 min or an hour, but eventually he managed to sleep longer and longer with it, and finally reached a point where he can’t sleep WITHOUT it. I think it was the promise of finally feeling rested that made him so determined to keep trying with the mask. Good luck!

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    My ex *finally* got a sleep study and was dx’d with sleep apnea.  I think it really scared him because he was pretty religious about using and taking care of the CPAP.

    It made a *huge* difference.  He used to be a terrible grump in the morning, which lasted from 6 am till noon. Ugh.  He had every symptom and damage to two memory centers in his brain which actually started functioning normally after the CPAP, according to the neurologist.

    If you need it, Bee, it’s really important to use it.  Your emotional and physical health are at serious risk.

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    sweatergal007 :  

    Aaawww, Bee, it must be really scary for you.  When do you get it?

    You’re young, most likely you will be just fine until you get your machine.  My ex was *not* young and had a raging frontal sinus infection for *years* (major pig headedness) that was making his breathing even worse.  I finally had to force him into treatment.

    But, he survived and had a big post CPAP turn around.

    I also have a 35 yo friend with sleep apnea.  Her husband is military and her insurance is completely screwed up.  Her sleep study keeps getting postponed so she can’t get her CPAP.  She’s tired, but, ok.  Poor woman has two little girls to chase around and drive everywhere.

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    The CPAP was life changing for my husband. But he did have to try a few different masks (not machine, just the plastic mask part) to find the right one.

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    sweatergal007 :  both H and I use CPAPs for apnea. H has been using one for almost 10yrs now and I’ve been on one for almost 2yrs. Honestly I resisted going for a sleep test for a long time because I just didn’t want to admit that I had an issue but it was hard being tired all the time and I had permanent dark circles around my eyes. Leading up to getting my CPAP I was actually excited to get it because by then I just wanted a good nights sleep! I used it all night, every night from the first day I got it and it’s been amazing. I still sort of half wake up at night to turn over or adjust the mask but then ther than that I wake up rested and my dark circles are gone. Neither of us can even nap without it now and we take our CPAPs with us for overnight trips, international travel, etc. We have the Resmed brand CPAPs and they come in travel cases. We always pack it into our carryon bags and take them out when going through airport security. Some advice – take your time choosing the mask that works for you and give yourself at least 2 weeks to get used to wearing it at night. For me, getting used to it was all about going into it with the mentality that I really wanted it to work and that the CPAP was finally going to help me get the sleep I needed. Happy to answer any questions you have!

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    Life changer!  One comment I can make is if you find you cannot tolerate the CPAP, odds are the mask is not the right mask for you, it has not been fitted properly, or they have not calibrated the pressure correctly.  I gave up the first time – horrible experience.  Fortunately my doctor stayed on my butt about trying again, and the second attempt has been successful.  If you have problems, keep working with your medical people to get it right.  It will change your life.

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    My dad has bad apnea, he’s also overweight but has been losing and I believe it’s getting better. However, you need to be religious in wearing that thing. I was always able to tell when my dad slept with the CPAP vs not. 

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