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Honestly, if I trained someone like that and they were unprofessional enough to lie about why they’re out of work after only being there one month, then YES, I’d bring it up as a concern to my boss. I am SO MAD for you!

Don’t point fingers, just say something like: hey listen, I’m a little concerned about X’s performance. I know she’s taken a sick leave today, but from her online activities it seems she was out partying last night. I wouldn’t have mentioned this but she’s left me high and dry for the day, and we’re already having punctuality issues with her already. Maybe she needs to speak to HR?
I am obviously not a wordsmith so that probably could be more professional and eloquent.)

In my company, you don’t get any benefits until you’ve worked here 3 months. So no sick days upfront – we’re lenient with it, but it’s also very obvious when someone is abusing their sick days.

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Busy bee

I don’t think bringing up her partying on FB makes you look better. Documenting EVERYTHING she does at WORK is a better course of action that your boss can actually use.  What time she gets in everyday, leaves for lunch, returns from lunch, what you taught her on which day, send everything in email so there are records etc. It doesn’t sound like she’ll be around much longer anyway if they had to talk to her after only a month. 

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My advice is to let her burn herself.  If she’s not doing a good job, she will be fired.  You tattle tale-ing about her FB account only makes you look petty.  This girl will cook herself

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I have a POS co-worker who does a lot of the same things yours does.


However, I can’t really say anything because I’m 20 years younger and she’s in a manager position and it would only cause me more problems if I did say anthing.


This woman tries to treat me like I’m her personal assistant and I seriously want to punch her in the throat every day. I could write a book about her.


She psychotic and doesn’t bother to do anything she’s supposed to and then acts like she’s some wonderful employee because she’s going to come in and work on the weekend – when in fact she’s just doing what she has to do last minute to save her butt.


Then she passes things onto me past the deadline and acts like I’m supposed to drop everything that I’m doing to take care of what she couldn’t do right to begin with.


And she also copies other people on emails and tries to make me look like I’m the incompetent one. So I make sure those same people are copied when I fire a less than friendly email back at her correcting her.


I could go on and on.


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They aren’t going to fire her for taking a long lunch or coming in late unless there is a written record of writeups/disciplinary action. They may be aware of her behavior but keep her around to avoid having to pay her unemployment if they can her. I worked in HR and we’d keep around shitty empolyees until they did something *really* bad and then terminate. If she is as bad as you say, she’s probably on their radar and they may be waiting for her to do something more substantial.

I wouldnt show him the social media stuff.

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Don’t show him a picture of her FB. That seems really childish to me. I get that you’re really upset, but her personal life is her own, and if that means she was too hungover to come into work, well, it’s HER sick time. Assuming that it’s paid and she only gets so many days to use, then it’s on her to decide how to do it.

That said, I’m sorry that her not being there screws up your workflow. 🙁 I would definitely bring up your concerns with your boss, and do it in such a way that would show you’re concerned rather than angry. While it would probably help you to document when she comes in/leaves/etc, I think that if you talk to your boss about it, then it’s their job to hold her accountable. Sounds like she won’t be around much longer if she keeps it up. 

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