Dealing with Bridezilla

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theresabow :  Not a bridesmaid, but wants you to be one anyway. ok.

Just because you’re a bride it doesn’t give you a free pass to be a shit human being.

If she continues to behave like a child, tell her you’re stepping away. Straight up, don’t beat around the bush. Friends wouldn’t treat friends this way, no matter how much pressure they’re under. She chose to have her wedding in 2 months. She brought it on herself.

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Yep. Have a brief, honest conversation with her explaining why you are taking a step back and then do so. Why do you want to feel guilty? If a person is treating you poorly, it would be an odd choice to stick around and take it. The person that should feel guilty is your friend. 

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theresabow :  What did your other friend say when she confronted this bridezilla?

It can be really powerful to interrupt someone’s poor behavior, mid-rant, and just flat out say “You may not speak to me like that.” and if she stops, the conversation can continue. If she keeps it up (or offers bullshit excuses) then you leave.

It’s wise to put her on a break. What would be the benefit of taking her off of said break, is my question.

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A few things… don’t communicate through the other friend, or stick her in the middle of the drama. It’s not fair to her. Take your issues directly to your ‘bridezilla’ friend. Also, whether she deserved it or not, I don’t think “shut up” is ever an okay thing to say.

I would just tell bridezilla-friend that the stress of the wedding planning is putting a huge strain on your relationship, and because you truly value your friendship, you need to take a step back for a bit. Don’t do anything rash, if the fight just happened yesterday than you need a few days to cool down and reevaluate.

Maybe set some guidelines on what you will and will not be able to help with as far as wedding planning?

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You haven’t said exactly what makes her a bridezilla, but since that is how you view her, yes just do you both a favor and bow out. And I can’t believe that no one else asked exactly how she is supposedly a bridezila. I guess because you say she is? Most people give examples and then people respond with whether or not it’s really bridezilla-like behavior 

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theresabow :  I’m confused…is she being a brideszilla or is she just a horrible friend in general? What you’ve described makes her just sound like a selfish, shitty human being but you also describe her as your best friend so I’m assuming there’s a lot missing to this story…?

I also completely agree with Josina : . I don’t know what friend #2 has to do with anything, but stop putting her in the middle of things. If you have problems with the bride, talk with the bride about them, not with this other friend. Also, I don’t know what the bride was even saying that made you tell her to “shut up” several times, but that doesn’t paint you in a good light either. It sounds like you’re at your wits end with this entire friendship. 

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___ Accept

_X_ Decline

Not that difficult in this case


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