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Honey bee

I’m having an “I’m over it week,” but that’s probably due to the fact that it was gorgeous this weekend and we were outside doing yard work and then this week it’s cold and snowing.  But overall, I’m doing alright.  I miss my friends, but we’ve been doing a lot of zoom/google hang outs.  Like, I’m an introvert and I’m even starting to miss people!   

My fiance is loving being at the cabin for an extended period of time.  He’s out chopping wood and building things.  We have land and an ATV to ride around.  We even have a farm down the street where we can buy fresh eggs, milk and meat from.  They put it in the fridge outside and we just leave the money for them.  No contact. 

I’ve started prepping my garden and even foraging for edible plants in the woods.  

I don’t even know who I am anymore.

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I’m over it. I hate working from home.

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nikkibee23 :  Right as all of it was starting I started having a health problem and have had to go out for various testing (which still isn’t resolved), so I’m not as locked down as I’d hoped to be, either for my sake or my families. So you might say my anxiety is through the F’ing roof right now, both because of the virus, my health and having to go out (especially to medical facilities) during it.

I was hoping to care more for my family and So during this, but if anything because of this and the way it’s been making me feel it’s been the other way around. And I hate my stupid body and mind for that.

I’m falling apart like an old sack lol. I know it’s worse for other people tho so I’m sorry for my whiny post.

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Bee Keeper

It comes in waves of anxiety/depression fear of unknown. Then I feel bad for feeling bad bc I’m not frontline. Then I keep busy. Then the cycle starts over again.  

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I’ve been working from home for 7 weeks now since I was possibly exposed to the virus when I went to a doctors appointment in late February. I quarantined myself for 14 days, went back to work for one day, and then the shelter in place kicked in on March 16th.

I am completely over it. I’m such a social butterfly, and hate being at home. I’m also a huge gym rat, so not being able to weightlift has been super depressing. My mental health is deteriorating each day. 

Thankfully, I go on daily 3 mile walks, workout by doing beach body on demand (transform 20), and I was recently able to find a nintendo switch and been playing Animal Crossing!

Is there a way to unplug, wait 10 seconds, and plug back in 2020?

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I’m loving the lockdown. Sure, I don’t have the freedom to go outside as I wish and I kinda miss chatting with my coworkers even though I’m an introvert, but I know things will go back to normal eventually and I’ll be wishing I could be working from home again. At this time I’m still quite busy at home so I’ve been preoccupied. Will enjoy WFH while it lasts. We’ve also been getting a lot of take out so the foodie in me is loving it.

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Bumble bee

Like lots of people, I seem to cycle through stages of depression, anxiety, peace, gratitude and even happiness. 

Sometimes I cycle through all of these emotions within an hour. It’s exhausting, quite honestly. 

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Honey bee

I do think that barely watching the news and being off of FB has helped keep my spirits up.  It’s not constant doom and gloom all day long.

And I will admit that when I have to go out to the grocery, my anxiety is through the roof, so I make sure I have a very detailed list so that I don’t have to go back multiple times.  Thankfully I have xanax and cbd oil to help with that though.

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I haven’t minded the lockdown so much. I like having my husband home during the day and I don’t miss my long commute. We get out three times a day to walk our dog. I’ve been trying to workout at least every other day. Working out and getting outside are important for me not to start to feel too restless and cooped up. 

I’ve been cooking a lot which has been nice, by necessity I’ve gotten way better at meal planning and actually hope I can stick with it once things start to get back to normal. I’ve been reading a lot and working on knitting projects. I’m pretty introverted so I haven’t missed social interaction too much. On Sunday we did a big video chat with my husbands siblings and parents and that was fun. 

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Blushing bee
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It’s been hard and has been giving me anxiety. Still hoping we can have our small wedding in September. I am a part-time real estate investor, and one of my tenants can’t pay rent right now due to not being able to work. She just had a baby, too, and I am not heartless and trying to make her pay right now, but it puts me in more financial strain because I still have to pay the mortgage.

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I’m honestly enjoying it. I have to force myself to be social and am always exhausted after but still feel a sense of guilt when I don’t go out with friends a few nights a week. So the very easy excuse to stay home has been really great for me. It’s making me rethink how often I will “force” myself to go out after this tbh.

I also am enjoying working from home and feel as though I’m more productive. We were told to stop working overtime (I was doing 50+ hour weeks prior) so between gaining that time and almost an hours drive time every day I’ve spent more time working out and reading.

D.H. and I both did have to take pay cuts (10% for him, mine will likely work out to 30%-40%) but we keep a decent budget so neither of us are too worried about that for the short term.

Overall, I do know that we are VERY lucky and I appreciate that every single day. This situation has really been helping me realize how much I took for granted before all of this.

I had a very hard time at the beginning when everything was still open because I was so worried I would unwittingly give the virus to someone at work and it felt like there were so many unknowns.

I’ve been making sure to check in on friends and family that I know are having a hard time and just give them a listening ear. I think this has actually strengthened many of my relationships.

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Helper bee

Honestly…I’m loving it.  It’s allowed me to step off the metaphorical hamster wheel of my life and realize I wasn’t happy and I have changes to make.  My bf and I get so much more time together,  and we are laughing and flirting like it’s 4 years ago.  

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I seem to have reached a particular level of boredom where I suddenly felt the intense urge to buy things. Clothes, shoes, chocolate, crafts – I keep finding myself browsing shopping sites and having to remind myself that I don’t actually need any of these things and not to waste money.

Overall, I’m not that bothered by the lockdown. I’m into my fourth week now. I’m an introvert, so I’m perfectly happy at home most of the time. We’ve had really nice weather for the last week though, so I have been wanting to go out and enjoy it. Nice sunny days are unpredictable in the U.K., you usually have to make the most of it when you can! I can’t really sit in the garden – next door have four small kids, who are understandably going stir crazy. They’re spending most of their time in their garden, so it’s not particularly relaxing in mine! 😛 Having a lot of sympathy for their parents at the moment, they must be exhausted!

Work-wise I’m working from home, but it’s really quiet. I have to be available for emergencies, but there are gaps of an hour or two where I have nothing to do. I miss my colleagues, though we have a chat channel running all day, so there’s still a lot of joking. Not missing my commute at all, though I’m a little concerned I’m going to forget how to drive…

My husband is getting on fine, he’s more social than me though, so I think he’s a bit more frustrated than me. He’s also still having to help look after his elderly mother, which is worrying. He has that horrible conflict where he obviously wants to stay distant from her (she’s 83 and in poor health), but at the same time she can’t fully take care of herself, so he has to keep going over, albeit as infrequently as possible.

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Helper bee

It’s been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. I’m in Spain and we are on complete lockdown. We aren’t allowed out to exercise and can only leave the house to do a food shop. There are police patrolling everywhere and they stop people.

I live in a flat with no outside space at all and I have moments of being down. Especially when my friends and family in the UK (who can still go out for exercise) send photos of them on their walks or even sitting in their gardens. 

I have moments where I feel down and cry. Then I do some indoor exercise video or realise how lucky I am that I am not sick and feel better.

I would like to think we will all come out stronger the other side and learn a lot from this. 

It has definitely shown me to never ever take my life for granted. I can’t wait to walk under that Spanish sun when they let us out!!

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