(Closed) Dealing with PTSD? Advice please.

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We were both in a really bad car accident and we both have PTSD. He’s been able to manage it well by himself, and he’s gotten better. I start seeing someone for it on monday. I’m glad you’re doing better, and I’m sorry about your Fiance. My SO feels the same way about “losing me to PTSD,” I wish I had more insight from him as to how he helped convince me to get help. 


Just wanted to let you know you’re not alone xx

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I’m soo sorry you’re going through this. I don’t have much advice but FI’s cousin who is also like a brother to Fiance is suffering from PTSD. He served in the marines right after 9/11 for 4 yrs.  He hangs out with us ALOT!!! He has a hard time trusting people or even dealing with new people in general so only really comes around us. He has some really bad days and sometimes Fiance and I don’t know how to deal because he is SOOOOO hard headed. Just recently we all went on a trip and he forgot his medications. He was drinking everyday because his anxiety was crazy.  It makes harder to help someone that doesn’t want it.  All Fiance and I can do is be there for him but it does wear us out because it’s constant. Plus he doesn’t want anthing to do with his parents and brother because he says no one knows what he’s struggling with.  Like I said I can’t give much advice but I kind of feel where you’re coming and I’m sorry! I hope things get better. 

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PilotsLocal:  I’m not sure the protocol here but can his superiors require him to set up counseling as a mandate for him to continue in his position? Some careers can mandate that (police/fire/military, etc…).

*hugs* bee, I’m so sorry you are both going through this. PTSD is rough, just make sure you have a support for yourself so you can stay well even if he’s struggling.

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Hi hon…I”m a veteran with PTSD… and I had to go to counseling for it.  I am so glad I did.  Talking really helped me.  I was against pills — which seems to be the main thing they prescribe us veterans.  

I pray he goes to counseling.  Or – better yet, you can PM me if you like.  One of my colleagues is a purple heart veteran and he’s part of a non profit that works with vets who are suffering… perhaps your honey would prefer to talk to a fellow soldier?  

Good luck!

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I had it as well for years from childhood abuse. So many hugs to you. And kudos for standing by him. It sounds like you are doing a lot for him. I know what helped me was reading some books. I can’t suggest any because mine were specific to my type of abuse. But I know there are tons out there. It might help him feel better in the beginning and figure out the first step in dealing with everything.He might not even know what to say to a therapist, which is why he is avoiding it. I know i got that way. Is he open to medication at all? I know that a controversial topic for a lot of people, and it took me a couple years before I would take any but it truly helped me. I was on Prozac and it was only for a couple of years. It doesn’t have to be forever, but a tool to help him. I know its touchy though. I definitely recommend looking into books. He can read them at his own pace, when he is alone and hopefully find some answers to help guide him. Good luck.

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My fiance is a veteran as well, and is still in the reserves.  Thankfully he never had to deal with PTSD, but he’s INSANELY stoic.  He can be incredibly hard to read sometimes because of it.  Anyway, sometimes (99.9% of the time) it’s hard for soldiers to ask for help or admit they need help.  Sometimes I feel there is pressure for guys in the military to swallow their emotions and not deal with them.  Keep talking with his CO and CO’s wife, and see if they have any recommendations.  Keep being as supportive as possible and try to encourage therapy.  I know it’s tough.  Maybe find a veteran’s center that specializes in war related PTSD like someone mentioned above.  Good luck!

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