Dealing with THAT coworker who always needs a favor!

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mrshmc1204 :  wait what!?!  Why in the world did your manager do that?  I’m so shocked he’s sticking to it, how hard can it be to switch it back?!  Did you tell him that you have multiple appointments you already made for those shifts?

Man, this makes me so angry for you.  This happened to me once and it’s the only job I’ve ever walked out on.  To be fair though, for me it was just some side waitressing gig.

I’d make it incredibly clear to him that she has been incredibly manipulative and you want it to be clear from now on that you would NEVER trade shifts with her, mostly because of how she went behind your back now.

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You aren’t being a jerk at all, she is. There are people that look for handouts wherever they can then when a person gets fed up with them they move on to the next person. I’ve got friends that I’ll pay for drinks or pick up the tip here and there because I known they’ll do the same but other friends I’ve noticed I’m the only one doing it so I don’t do it for them anymore. We’re all still friends but if you choose to always take take take then I’m not giving anymore

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I would make or clear to your manager than you’d like them to speak to you  first before switching your shifts. I cannot  believe that they would just switch your shift based on what she said. That’s awful.

That would be the end of me having anything but polite, work related discussions with her and I would never,  ever do a single favor for her again.  And if she asked why I would tell her it was because she went behind my back and switched my shifts after I clearly expressed I didn’t want to switch them.  She was out of line and your manager isn’t doing a great job managing.

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Don’t answer her calls or texts: she’s taking advantage of you. 

Just say “no” with her, the first couple of times will be awkward and hard. But she will *hopefully* get the hint. 

Distance youself Bee, you don’t need her dragging you down. 

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Oh no no no! 

You’re awesome but you need stop doing things for her because she’s over using you now. tell her you can’t help her anymore because financially she’s making you spend YOUR money on her. Cigarettes cost $6 for pack and depending how heavy of smoker she is she has money. her priorities are messed up that’s all! 

Depending how bad she wants to get to work she’s find a way even if it’s not way she wants. I have coworkers that bike and walk to work and it’s far!  I have never heard them complain because it’s what they had to do to earnot money. 

She’ll survive! 

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mrshmc1204 :  you aren’t doing her any favors by giving her rides and food/money. 

Like you said she’s 30: if this job is not working out for her (she can’t commute) she will need to find a new job. 

I took the bus to work and sometimes I still do! She’s making excuses! My special ed adult students can figure out how to get to work and school; she’s perfectly capable, she’s got no excuse. 

Good grief, just wait it out, she’ll either give up on bugging you or quit. 

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At first when I read your original post I thought “oh hell no! She’s not nice, she’s a user”. Then your most recent updates, oh man. I’d be on fire pissed and would talk to your manager about how this workplace is not condusive to what you need. I’d start looking for other jobs ASAP, because it sounds like they’re accommodating this whiney little biatch instead of rewarding the hard working employees. Absolutely crazy!

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