(Closed) “Dear _______”, AKA today’s vent letter thread.

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Busy bee
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Dear B**** I share an office space with. My boss really likes me. You tattling on me that I forgot to unplug my fan last night isn’t going to change that. In fact, neither of us like you and when we get out of this lease, we’re moving. Then who will you complain to?


~Only been here a couple months and people like me more than you. 

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Bumble bee
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Dear Jerk off from Craig’s List

If you’re going to cancel, don’t do it 2 minutes before you’re supposed to meet me. And please have the decency to call next time. I waited for you all morning and finally assumed you would come only to get an email from you 2 minutes before.

Thanks. Thanks a bunch.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2011

Dear Ebay,

Please stop selling s**t cheap and then charge me more for shipping than what I got the item for.


Dear Everyone who keep bothering me about the wedding,

Leave me the hell alone and stop asking questions that dont concern you.


Dear Bitchy Co-worker,

I can’t stand your condescending attitude and the fact that you dont want to take calls and see clients but then reiterate the term “Teamwork.” I’m so over your bi-polar attitude and the fact that you act like a victim even though you tried to throw me under the bus at a meeting yesterday. Go screw yourself and and take team work and shove it up your a**.

Thanks, Annoyed

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Busy Beekeeper
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Dear stupid FBIL’s friend,

I do not want to invite you to our wedding, just because you send me a msg every once in a blue moon asking me how I’m doing, it does not mean I want to invite you to our wedding. You are a B*$&h, all you think about is yourself, you don’t give a damn about anybody, Your boyfriend is my FBIL’s little bitch and that’s probably the only reason you might get an invite because your boyfriend might get an invitation. So stop pretending that you care and go fly a kyte!!!

Ouff, that felt good lol, thanks for this thread!

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Bumble bee
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Dear nice lady sitting across from me in my doctor’s waiting room this morning,

While I  know you had the best intentions and were concerned only for my safety, I did not appreciate you interrupting me in my reading of “Can This Marriage Be Saved?” to tell me that you just read about someone crashing her car because her flipflops got stuck under the gas pedal, all while staring at my flipflops.  I felt like a small child being scolded, except you aren’t my mommy.


Unrepentant Flipflop Wearer

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: June 2011

Dear reps from training, apparently you are not ready yet to be working on the stuff you were supposed to be trained on. I am getting tired of when you send me your work to Audit to find you not reading the request correctly to making mind boggling mistakes that I have to let you know about.



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Buzzing bee

Dear step-cousin,

We all get that you and your fiance (that you’ve been with for less than a year) are soo in love.  I guess that would explain the numerous emotional affairs he’s been conducting via e-Mail (on the computer and internet connection that YOU pay for) and text messaging (on the cell phone YOU pay for).  Anyway, we all understand how deeply in love with each other the two of you are.  Therefore, it is completely unecessary to see FB conversations between you like this:

Her fiance comes home from work, to where she is lying in bed, and posts this on her FB wall:

“I love you baby… just got home, getting ready to crawl into bed with you.” 

(Totally not necessary, seeing as how she knows he is home and ready to get into bed.)

Cousin’s comment to her fiance:

“I love you too baby…i’m glad you’re home safe and sound..i’ve missed you.”

Her Fiance:

“i always miss you when we are apart”


“awwww baby so do i…i love you with all my heart & soul.”

Her fiance:

“i love you with every fiber of my being”



Her fiance:

“its true


“i know baby and i feel the same way.”

Her fiance:

good, i dont want that to ever change”


 it never will baby”

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Bumble bee
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@Neva: She said that!?  Wow…she’s on one serious personal mission.

To the people I work for…

Yes you WILL figure something out for today, because I am not coming in sick.  Just because you’re demanding and ridiculous and don’t bother having people to cover when things happen…doesn’t mean I’m going to come in when I feel like death.  And I’m not going to feel bad about it eitiher.

Sincerely, sicky.

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Blushing bee
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oooo- I have a few of these.

Dear Job, 

You kind of suck the life out of me but at least I have you even though you just barely pay my bills.


Dear Wedding, 

You are super exciting, expensive, and stressful. Please find a way to work out in the next few weeks before I cancel you and elope.

Oh and please tell my family they need to not be so sensitive, it’s quite exhausting planning a wedding and having to inform everyone of everything you’re thinking or they feel insulted and left out.


Dear LIRR, 

Can you please go one week without being delayed? My commute is long as it is, you are not helping like you should be.


Dear Other Wedding I’m dealing with as a Maid/Matron of Honor,

I don’t like you and if you weren’t two months away I might very well quit you because of the drama. I am not a f^ck up and there is not reason your in-laws should be calling me that and honestly there’s no reason for you to let them.

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Busy bee
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Dear annoying lady that i share an office with…

Please do not SCREAM into your phone when you are talking, actually just don’t talk at all, your voice gives me a head ache. Please STOP SPRAYING your old lady PERFUME in a small room with no air…


thank you..

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

Bahaha I wish we coule “like” things here.

“actually just don’t talk at all, your voice gives me a head ache.” That made me laugh.

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: April 2012

Dear friend,

Our venue is NOT shabby.  Also, the fact that you’re having a reception BEFORE YOUR MARRIAGE isn’t the brightest of ideas.  Plus, you do realize everyone is going to know you copied US, since it’s AFTER OUR WEDDING, right????  Learn to do your own thing and stop copying people.  Also, if you continue insulting with the passive agressiveness, you will learn that though I am typically nice andk sweet, I have claws and know how to use them.  After sharpening them.  And your bf who is my FI’s best friend, ain’t gonna save your ass.  Just sayin’, ’cause my Fiance is on MY SIDE and agrees with me.




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Sugar bee
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Dear Milo (my cat),

I would appreciate it if you could handle being shut in a room for an hour.  The movers had to move our stuff in and you know that.  Instead, you find a way to open the linen cabinet door and find it awesome that there’s no ceiling in there.  I didn’t know there was no ceiling in there or obviously I wouldn’t have put you in there so why did you find it so fun?  Lucky for you the ceiling has panels so you were able to fall through instead of being stuck.  Also lucky is the fact that you didn’t electrocute yourself.  Don’t do it again or else.  Consider yourself warned. 

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