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Sugar bee
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Pretty sure there was a similar not so old thread, though it was before the Oklahoma thing, but either way I’m for it. Hard to feel sympathy for murderers/ rapists/ etc.  yeah, ” two wrongs don’t make a right” and blah blah but sticking them in prison doesn’t either. Plus, maybe if there were worse consequences there’d be less people in prison? *shrug*

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Bumble bee
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There a multitude of reasons that I do not support the death penalty. I’m not super religious but I don’t feel that it is our right to judge whether a person should die. I also feel that the possibility of innocent people being executed still exists. Botched executions are scary, too. So, for me, it’s a no. 

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Busy bee
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I’m rather opinionated so I do have thought on this lol but I know I’m not educated enough to have a real solid opinion but the way I see it…

We did aeay with “an eye for an eye” long long ago. Yes the crimes are horrendous and their victims didn’t get a srcond chance but I think everyone deserves a second chance. Lock them up and throw aeay the key. Give them a chance to change, if they are a danger to other prisoners and can not be controlled that’s when the death penalty shoulf be applied imo.

My brother went to prison for drugs once upon a time and from the way he made it sound, they had it a lot easier than you would expect and the “chomos” as he called them (crimes against kids) were seperatef and got special treatment. I think that’s wrpng. You do the crime, you should do the te without silver platters (not literally) and hannah mpntana movies. Seems like prisoners have it easier than a lot of the US citizens already and it keeps getting easier.

Ad a kid if I was grounded for something like grades or telling a lie I got NO tv, no outside, no radio, couldn’t even leave my room. But prisons offer these things to their inmates. I know its hard with violence in prison which should be addressed, more than their comfort of living.

I will stop now though, I’m getting off point

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Helper bee
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Im on the fence about it,  but I think in instances of crimes like mass murder, heinous crimes where victums were not only killed but also totured (edpecially if they were children) I think it is justified as long as they can be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt which in itself is pretty hard. The reason I am on the fence is because you cant give life back to an inconnect who was exocuted.

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Bee Keeper
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I wonder how much debate the murderer in OK had about beating, shooting and burrying Stephanie Neiman while still alive?? Sorry no sympathy for the murderer.  I don’t think he deserves a second chance to torture someone else.  


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Bee Keeper
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It’s very easy for an outsider to casually say “two wrongs don’t make a right”, but if I or someone I loved was a victim of a terrible crime I’d sure as hell want the bastard to be executed. No second chance.

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Busy Beekeeper
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The US is the only so-called “free” society that still keeps up with this savage, barbaric practice. We are no better than the people we think we have the right to put down. It’s past time to ban capital punishment. We should be ashamed to allow it to continue. At a minimum you should be bothered that there’s been far too many innocent people put to death (actually, one person is too many, but estimates are as high as 4% of death row inmates are innocent), and that poor black males receive the death penalty at a disporportionate rate (African-Americans make up 12% of the US population but 42% of death row).

what confuses the hell out of me is how so many pro-lifers are also pro-death-penalty.

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Helper bee
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I think a lot of you pro death penalty bee’s would change your mind if you knew how much more expensive execution was over life imprisonment. All feelings about their deserving to die aside, conservative estimates say that california (my home state) would save 120 million per year, and well over 5 billion in the next 20, if we changed all of our exsisting inmates to lifers. Nation wide it costs 90,000 more per inmate per year to keep someone on death row than life imprisonment. 

All feelings aside about weather it’s right to execute someone or if they deserve to die or any of that. I really feel the state should be putting that tax payer money towards educating our kids, feeding our hungry and caring for our sick and elderly.

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Bumble bee
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Personally, I am against it because of the number of innocent people convicted. As a previous Bee mentioned, it is currently estimated at around 4%. I also agree with craftylish that often the cost of execution is more than life imprisonment. The ethics of it make me uncomfortable as well.

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Buzzing bee
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I’m a definite no vote for a variety of reasons.

In no particular order…

  • Possibility of innocents being executed
  • Botched executions
  • Psychological trauma inflicted on those who do the executions
  • The ethics of it… who is to decide who lives and who dies
  • The cost! It’s insane how much money is spent to kill someone, funnel that money to better causes
  • The inequality of who is giving the death penalty (some for killing one person while someone who rapes, tortures and kills 10 people may not get it)

While some people may “deserve” to die, I don’t think we have the right to choose who.  I also feel that jail needs to be worse than it is, so that perhaps it is actually a deterent. 

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Being anti-death penalty does not have to mean that you have sympathy for murderers. The death penalty is more expensive than life in prison and we frequently a) botch it (like the recent cases in the news) and b) wrongly convict and execute innocent people. If we are unable to guarantee that every single person executed is truly guilty of the crime they were convicted of, we shouldn’t be doing it. Think about the chaos and pain we are inflicting on the family members of those innocent people who were put to death or imprisoned by their country for decades. It’s unreal. The death penalty is also applied unequally, and a disproportionate number of the people who get sent to death row are there because they were poor and could not afford a competent defense team to advocate for their life. You shouldn’t be able to buy your way out of the death penalty but that’s exactly what happens. Racial minorities are also disproportionately represented on death row for similar reasons. 

Personally, I’m against the death penalty because I don’t believe in answering violence with violence, and have never understood the idea that more death/torture/violence = justice. The death penalty does not deter crime, so really all we’re doing is satisfying our own vengeance and anger when we put people to death. If we can accomplish the goal of keeping dangerous people away from the general public by putting them in prison for the rest of their lives then there is simply no justification for going further than that and killing them. 

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Busy bee
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This is such a tricky subject for me. I honestly think that if you deliberately take a person’s life, and you are beyond any doubt guilty, your life should be taken from you. And if that’s not through execution, then at least prison until you die of natural causes or suicide or whatever. And murderers should not have tv, internet access, treats like chocolate and sweets (candy). You’re a prisoner, you should be treated as one, and not like some tourist on holiday.


Peoplw who commit crimes against children should be imprisoned for at least 50 years imo.


Oh and people who commit murder shouldn’t have any visitors either, you’ve taken another person away from their loved ones forever, why should you get to see your loved ones after doing that?


Those are just my thoughts on the matter.

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Busy Beekeeper
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There is no place in society for the man who raped and murdered his girlfriends 11 month old baby (the other man they were scheduled to execute). I have no problem with them killing him. NONE. 

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