(Closed) Debating on Moissanite?

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I cant speak for experience because I don’t have one, but I’ve seen SO many moissys on the Bee that it’s ridiculous. Almost every single one of them look exactly like a diamond (in my opinion) especially in pictures I sometimes can’t tell a difference at all. When the ladies start posting, you will see. I think it’s amazing option, especially since you already have your diamond setting (which is gorg) You can get a gorgeous enhanced moissy for 3-500 and I don’t think you can beat the price for what you’re getting. I love diamonds and I love moissanite. No bias here except that in your situation, I think moissy would be an ideal choice πŸ™‚ And it allows you to get a little bigger of a stone without breaking the bank for a flawless diamond of that size πŸ™‚ good luck!

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I say go for it!!  My ring has moissanites in it.  I don’t think they look green or yellow at all.  It definitely sparkles more than a diamond (at least when it’s clean).  There are lots of girls on here who also have them and love them.  

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Heres some pictures of my moissy in different lighting. I bought it when it was called mira moissanite, but i think thats the same as the current asha. the halo surrounding the center is all diamond – and i cant tell a difference! its very white imo. its a 1 ct round

hope this helps!

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@lisa51:  I can’t really answer all your questions, because I have unenhanced moissanite, not Amora, but I can tell you that moissanite is great! I’ve never had anyone question if my ring is diamond or not (at least not to my face) and I’m sure no one would have ever known any different had I not told them it is, in fact, moissanite. I’ve only had my ring for about 3 months, but no, it hasn’t chipped or changed how it looks in any way. In fact, I’ve read that moissanite is even more resistant to chips than diamonds because moissanite is less brittle. 

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My moissanite is pre-Amora/Mira enhanced and looks completely white.  I don’t see any colour at all, not even cloudy/overcast days (when it’s most likely to show green).  I also have a F colourless diamond and I’ve compared the two and the colour of the moissy is very comparable.  Having said that, my ring is an eternity band so the stones are smaller and that helps with the whiteness. I’ve read that larger stones greater than 2ct equivilents are more likely to show colour.

The one difference I’ve seen between my moissy and diamond is sparkle/flare.  Moissy’s have double refraction which give a lot more sparkle. This may or may not appeal to you.  I  have never been questioned on my ring and had LOTS of people comment on how gorgeous it was when I first started wearing it, even strangers at work, LOL!

Honestly, I think it was the best decision we ever made….I love my ring and saved soooooo much money!

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@sugarcube:  Ahhhhh, I have a new favorite ring on the bee! GORGEOUS!

OP, from pictures I have seen with moissanite mixed with diamonds they always looks just as white as the diamonds & looks great!


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We too are looking into Moissanite. I never considered a non diamond before the bee! But, like you, we are in school and looking for an affordable alternative to the traditional daimond ring!

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That’s my moissy. It’s a bad picture but it sparkles like crazy. No one can tell it’s not a diamond, even I having worked in the diamond industry for a few years can’t tell the difference without a loupe.

Mine is unenhanced and I don’t have the yellow or green issue. It looks gorgeous and everyone loves it. I’ve had strangers on the bus and train tell me what a beautiful engagement ring.

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Mine is unenhanced moissanite. I very rarely, if never, have seen it look yellow or geen. Although- I did go to JCPenney to see their moissanite (they carried it a while ago, and they had some left over) and it was soooo yellow. I didn’t mind a tiny bit of it, I actually think it’s pretty, but this just wasn’t.

We did order a stone off Moissanite&Co to see what it would look like, and it was beautiful, although my ring was bought in a local jeweler who carries moissy.

I love it- I get so many compliments, and EVERYONE thinks it’s a diamond. Even my family after he proposed said “WHOA LOOK AT THOSE DIAMONDS” I’m not ashamed, so I did set them straight.

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As far as looking realistic, I would think you’d want a carat or under, but that’s just me. Living in a small town, there’s just not a lot bigger than that, but of course it’s whatever you feel most comfortable wearing.

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Firstly, welcome to the ‘bee! (: I just got engaged and we went with a 1.25 (7mm) round Amora Moissanite rather than a diamond. I have a lot of ethical concerns with diamonds and we’re both students so we wanted to save money where we could. Plus I just loved the look of Moissy. My ring size is 6 and the setting is ENG161 from MoissaniteCo. We got the Amora from BetterThanDiamond separately because he got the setting back in August before you could get the Amora enhancement at MoissyCo.

First, I want to know if enhanced moissanites show any yellow or green? If so when is it most prevalent? Mine only shows a little bit of yellow in indoor overcast lighting (if that makes sense). If I’m outside it’s super white, if I’m in a room with lots of lighting it’s super white, if I’m in the dark it’s super white (and seems to glow), but if I’m in the bedroom in the day the overcast natural light makes it a little buttery. I think I notice it more because my ring has tiny white diamond sidestones.

Have you ever seen your moissanite next to a diamond? Is there a big difference? I’ve never seen my Amora next to a diamond of the same size. I have seen it next to a CZ though and it’s pretty close in colour (the CZ is a little whiter in certain lighting) but the Amora sparkles way more and has more ‘depth’.

Has any one ever asked you if your ring was real? Well my ring is real haha πŸ˜‰ but I get what you mean. No one has asked if I had a non-diamond engagement ring. Everyone just says it’s really pretty and moves on. Before we got engaged I was kind of nervous about who we would tell. I felt like I should tell my parents but didn’t want them to go around telling people it wasn’t a diamond (we also live in a conservative town, so you get what I mean). In the end we told my grandma, mom, and dad that it wasn’t a diamond and just let them know that we didn’t want to tell people unless they asked because we didn’t want unnecessary judgement. So far, no issues!

I live in a very conservative town, and except for close family my boyfriend doesn’t want people to know, so he wants something that looks like a diamond. I totally understand this!!

Also, has any one had their moissanite chip? Nope, but then again I’ve only had it a week πŸ˜‰ I haven’t heard of anyone’s chipping though (:

Please post pictures too!!! No problem! πŸ˜‰ I love showing off my beauty haha

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