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Glad you started this. AF due tomorrow and still super negative hpts. So I’ll probably roll call tomorrow

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Your age/partner’s age: 27/26

Baby #: 1

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD5

Ovulation Date: FF predicts  November 16-19

POAS Date: December 1st

Usual Cycle Length: 28-32 days

Cycles Trying: This is number 14

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): Going to RE on November 28th. Opks, temping, prenatals. 

Trying anything new this month? Seeing the RE

Link to your chart if charting: https://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/46f3ea I haven’t started temping yet this month though, so there’s not anything to see yet. 

For fun: What is your favorite holiday beverage and/or candle scent? Hmmm. I really like eggnog. But not too much of it. Lol. And my favorite candle scent would probably be the pine ones. We get a real tree now though so I guess I don’t need the candle.


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AquariusLove :  hopefully I get a BFP in November but just wanted to say I love the graphics on that chart! Yayyyy Christmastime! 

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Still no AF over here… but also still very negative hpt

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Oh, man. Here I go jumping in to the TTC world. I’ve not been on the ‘bee for close to a year. 


Little backstory- I joined the ‘bee back in 2010 or so, before my wedding. I’ve been an active member and lurker for the intermittant years, but decided to come back cause Darling Husband and I just decided to start TTC. We’re in a bit of a different situation because I’ve got Paraguard, so once that puppy comes out, it is game on. 


I told my Darling Husband that I thought it would be a good idea to have a 1-2 year old for our next move, rather than a newborn and he just replied “yeah, I guess I’d like a summer/fall baby more than winter…I guess I feel ready”. And so we just decided that when I get the IUD removed, we’d go for it. My appointment is on the 10th of Nov! So, even though I’m halfway through a almost-certainly no-go cycle. I’d like to get to know the ladies of my POAS group for next month! 


Your age/partner’s age: 28/28

Baby #: 1

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD17/4DPO (current)

Ovulation Date: ~1 Nov, but doesn’t matter b/c BC. 30 Nov is predicted O for Dec POAS!

POAS Date: Maybe 15 Dec? Going to try and avoid going batshit crazy right off

Usual Cycle Length: 29 days

Cycles Trying: 0

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): I’ve tracked my period for years, so other than just BD EOD up til O, probably just going to carry on. On prenatals now. 

Trying anything new this month? Trying for a baby!

Link to your chart if charting: I don’t temp (yet)

For fun: What is your favorite holiday beverage and/or candle scent? 

I love the new MPL, but otherwise…..rumtopf? Hopefully, I’ll have to forego drinking it this winter 🙂

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Your age/partner’s age: 25/25

Baby #: 1

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD 1

Ovulation Date: anywhere from 11/20 to 11/24?

POAS Date: 12/4- 7 depending on when positive opk happens. Our anniversary is 12/13. Would be great to have a positive by then!

Usual Cycle Length: Used to be 28 last two were 32 though so IDK

Cycles Trying: 3

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): SMEP, prenatals, opks, pre-seed, getting some regular exercise, cutting alcohol and energy drinks, limiting diet coke 🙁

Trying anything new this month? The exercise and cutting alcohol/energy drinks. Was considering temping, but I think I’ll give it another month so I can be completely done with school.

Link to your chart if charting: 

For fun: What is your favorite holiday beverage and/or candle scent? Favorite fall candle scent is pumpkin pecan waffles from bath and body works. And my favorite winter scent is twisted peppermint. I’ve got three twisted peppermint candles and four wallflower refills. Our house is about to smell real good!

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AquariusLove :  When you got your IUD out, did you schedule the appointment for during your period (it’s supposed to make it easier)?  When I got my Paraguard, I had no idea that was a thing, so it was just some random time of the month.  I’m planning to get it out at the end of the year (eeeeeeee! so excited to TTC) and I wonder if I should schedule it around AF.  I know it’s not *nearly* as bad to get it out as to get it put in, THANK GOD, but still – if it makes things even easier, why not?  Thanks yo!

And sorry you’re on to December – hopefully you guys get busy more this month and the timing works out well!!

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MooseMeese11 :  ah!  Same question – are you getting your Paraguard out while on your period, or….?  It seems kinda weird to do that, but I’m all about making it as painless as possible.

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AquariusLove :  When the fall candles come out in the summer I start buying and burning immediately. I love the warm scents better than the fruity ones. But cactus blossom and summer boardwalk are my go to summer candles. I’ll probably start burning twisted peppermint soon 🙂

We have been trying smep the past few cycles. In September I was expecting a positive OPK on CD 14 so BDd on CD 13 and 14 just in case. Didn’t end up getting a positive OPK until CD 18 so we BDd 4 in a row, skipped one, then BDd for two more and it was just way too much. Especially to not get pregnant after all that! Maybe will take a more relaxed approach to SMEP this month (LOL at that because I’m crazy and dead set on getting knocked up). Also may look into Mucinex this month but IDK when you’re supposed to take it.

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KittyYogi :  I got my mirena out in March. I never had periods on it so I didn’t have it taken out on a period. For me it was pretty painful, definitely not as painful as insertion, and it was pretty quick. I wish I would have had it out sooner but my period came pretty quickly and I ovulated as I should have and got pregnant the next month, but it was ectopic. 

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I’ll play this month! Hopefully I can keep up, I usually forget to come back for a few days and the thread takes off! 

Your age/partner’s age: both 25 now! 

Baby #: 1

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD10

Ovulation Date: November 17

POAS Date: December 1st

Usual Cycle Length: ‘usual’ doesn’t exist for me haha

Cycles Trying: this is our 6th

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): prenatals, relaxing

Trying anything new this month? I have ditched the charts and the planning. Trying to relax and enjoy sex again! 

Link to your chart if charting: NA

For fun: What is your favorite holiday beverage and/or candle scent? I don’t really have a fave holiday beverage. Eggnog isn’t common here, and our Christmas is in Summer. So anything cold and non-alcoholic suits me! And I looove cinnamon/gingerbread/spicy candles at this time of the year! 


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