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Hi Ladies! Jumping into a POAS group for the first time! We struggled TTC our first, and I’m really hoping that pregnancy reset my body and it will cooperate this time. 

Good luck to everyone!

Your age/partner’s age: 30/33

Baby #: 2 (DD is almost 10 months)

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD 6

Ovulation Date: No idea. I’m hoping before December 10, but have historically long, irregular cycles.

POAS Date: Unknown as of now. I’ll update once O is confirmed. But I’m really hoping it’s in December! πŸ˜€

Usual Cycle Length: Haha, usual?? No such thing for me. 31-49 days. 31 days were the medicated cycles, 49 days were the long, weird cycles. I’m really hoping to be on shorter side this time around. Average without meds were around 40ish.

Cycles Trying: First cycle TTC #2 (also my first postpartum cycle). It took 16 months and fertility treatments to get pregnant with #1, so we’ll see how long it takes this time. 

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): Charting, opks, using my Ovacue, maybe SMEP if we’re super into it, possibly Mucinex? Already taking prenatals and Vitamin D. If this cycle doesn’t work, then we’re heading to the RE to redo our testing next cycle and then starting treatment the cycle after that.

Trying anything new this month? Ovulating would be new this month, so let’s try that!!

Link to your chart if charting: https://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/ruby26

For fun: What is your favorite holiday beverage and/or candle scent? I love me some wine, but am abstaining from alcohol. I really like the vanilla scented candles, but I don’t burn many because Darling Husband doesn’t like the smell. 

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Your age/partner’s age: 26 and 28


Baby #: 1


Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD14


Ovulation Date: November 18


POAS Date: December 4th


Usual Cycle Length: 33


Cycles Trying: 3rd


BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): prenatals, OPKs


Trying anything new this month? I have flew out for the BD during my FW as my Darling Husband is out of town for work a lot! Also trying to keep our TTC underwraps but I keep leaving OPK wrappers in the trash and pregnancy books out so I’m assuming our roommate out of town must have noticed.. ugh oh well he hasn’t said anything if he has!


Link to your chart if charting: NA


For fun: What is your favorite holiday beverage and/or candle scent? Christmas tree! Love the scent of real live Christmas trees!


Good luck bees!!

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MamaWilson :  If you’re not careful about wrappers, I’m sure your roommate knows.  Haha.  I’m so thankful we have an ensuite bathroom, so I can have all my testing junk laying out.  We put a toddler lock on the door though, as my Mother-In-Law watches her for us often, and the toddler thinks that bathroom is just more play space, so we want to keep her (and MIL) out.

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bjenmomma :  haha oh I’m sure he does, luckily he’s a guy and doesn’t care much about this stuff! Most people in our lives are already asking when we are going to have kids so I don’t think it would be a big surprise if they knew we were trying.. the big surprise will be when this finally happens!! FW all week, poor husband works 12 hour days up here and is tired after work but I’m going to have to tell him to suck it up lol! 

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MamaWilson :  Is there any way you can take some of the strain off your husband? I know that when mine works longer hours than me it helps if I can have dinner ready when he gets home and the the toddler looked after so hee can relax and get “performance ready”.

I know I’ll need to step it up if we want to have ALL THE SEX this month, so I’ve been reading up on new foreplay techniques, and planning meals in advance so the focus can be on making babies this month.

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bjenmomma :  have you been talking to my husband? Hahahaha kidding πŸ™‚

while he’s working out of town for this week I’m up here with him and he gets cooked for and cleaned up after too! We missed doing the BD last night though because it was a very busy day at work and I could tell he was really drained, but I figured it was my first possible fertile day so I can deal if we miss it, but the next 5 days are a go buddy lol! We don’t have any toddlers to deal with yet, that definitely adds a new level of difficulty, but way to go!! Maybe I should do some reading up as well as I’ve got nothing to do all day while he works… πŸ™‚

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bjenmomma :  but I want Darling Husband to do these thing for MEEeEEe πŸ˜‚ 

Im just reeeeeally hoping O comes relatively on time this month cause that will help emensly! The first few days of BD are usually fine but getting close to a week and more he’s really loosing steam. Last month O was late and he was doing the “ugh seriously do I HAAAVE TOO?” lol. I was like dude I’m just as ready for a freakin break!

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I would count the spotting day as CD 1. I usually spot a few hours before AF really starts. I feel like hormonally, it signifies the first day of your cycle even if it’s not really “flowing” just yet.

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Your age/partner’s age: 27/28

Baby #: 2 (we have an 18 month old daughter)

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD1

Ovulation Date: I’m estimating sometime between November 28 and 30th. 

POAS Date: December 14

Usual Cycle Length: 28-30 days before I had my daughter. I got my mirena out on October 17th and started spotting 2 days before that, though I never had a period with it.

Cycles Trying: 2. Pretty sure I had a CP this cycle that just ended.

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): just prenatals. Waiting until next cycle to start OPKs if we don’t succeed this month.

Trying anything new this month? No

Link to your chart if charting: n/a

For fun: What is your favorite holiday beverage and/or candle scent? Champagne! Scent would be anything with cinnamon.


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(Grumpily) moving over from November!

Your age/partner’s age: 28/30

Baby #: 1

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD1

Ovulation Date: I’m not sure how things will go this month because I’m starting Clomid, so my cycle should change up a bit. From what I am reading, women typically O 7-10 days after the last day of Clomid. Clomid starts on CD 5 and is taken for 5 days, so I guess this means O will be somewhere between CD 16-20. So… 11/29ish?

POAS Date: 12/14 (which happens to be the day of my office Holiday party… that I’m in charge of… great.)

Usual Cycle Length: 33 days

Cycles Trying: 7

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): BD EOD after stopping Clomid, BD ED for 3 days after a positive OPK, prenatals, might start temping again but I’ve really enjoyed not temping this last month, preseed

Trying anything new this month? First round of Clomid, adding in coQ10 for both Darling Husband and myself, might try mucinex

For fun: What is your favorite holiday beverage and/or candle scent? Super random but my favorite holiday beverage is Cherry 7up. We’ve drank it on Christmas eve since I was a kid, although now days we add vodka πŸ™‚ I love all christmas candles.


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MamaWilson :   shanbp :  I totally get it!   Haha, my Darling Husband is a gem though, and has been absolutely amazing about picking up the slack around the house when I’m overwhelmed by life and incapable of coping with housework/cooking dinner.  During my FW I feel great so I’m more inclined to do these things anyways, and he’s a real “acts of service” type in regards to love language, so it works out well for us.

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