December 2018 POAS – The Infertility Edition! (6+ Months TTC + Other Issues)

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Feeling a little guility as I’m reporting with some good news. I tested yesterday because it my boobs were just so sore and my temps were getting higher and higher. 

I first tested with an ovulation strip because I didn’t have any cheapies and it was a blazing postive, used a clear blue digital and got a pregnant. Tested first thing this am with a FRER and got a blazing postive and got blood drawn today- my hcg was 443.4 and I’m pregnant! I get more blood work done on saturday, trying to keep my excitment at bay as pcos has higher miscarriage risks but also so excited. 

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asobos :  That’s great news and a really high HCG read. Congrats!

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asobos :  yay!! Congrats!!


I have to say I am not a fan of the two week window this time around. Before I had my son, I had pms before every period – cramps and sore breasts. When I got pregnant with him, I thought I had pms and was surprised I was pregnant based on my symptoms, even though we had been trying. Since getting my period back after having him, I have zero PmS symptoms. Literally none. I also felt nothing when I got pregnant in September – which ended up being a chemical pregnancy. I don’t know what my point is.


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tulipdazey :  so frustrating! It’s a weird feeling to feel NOTHING.

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asobos :  c: nearly 2 years

ongrats!! that’s so exciting and such an amazing Christmas gift!


Your age/partner’s age: 28/31

Baby #: 1

Cycles Trying: 17

Current Cycle Day/DPO: cd19/ 6dpo

Usual Cycle Length: 30-31 days

POAS/Beta Date: December 24th! (Christmas should be interesting)

Known fertility issues: Leaning towards Unexplained. DH’s morphology the first was 0 then went to 1% the second time and had high motility & count so the RE isn’t convinced that’s the sole reason. I also ovulate late between day 21-23 & my hsg showed some build up in both my tubes that they were able to clear! 

BFP Plan (BD Timing, supplements, charting, prenatals, etc.): Prenatals for me, Fertilaid for hubby, & timed BD. It’s our last natural cycle before our first medicated IUI if we get a negative test.. LONGEST TWW EVER.

Trying anything new this month?: Hubby was prescribed fertilaid. I had my hsg cd 6 which wasn’t super painful but did show build up in both my tubes that the RE was luckily able to clear. It also caused me to ovulate cd 13 which was exciting!! we’re really hopeful this month 🙂

For fun: What is your holiday wish for this year (besides a little one, of course!)?

Honestly, just to have an amazing 2019! 2018 we bought and fully renovated our house which was exciting but insanly stressful. SO between that & not having any luck TTC, we just want to relax and maybe go on vacation  lol

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asobos :  congratulations!!!!!!


I got my crosshairs today. I fully expect this cycle of Femara to be triphasic like the other two and certainly won’t get my hopes up. Ff wants me to test on Dec 24th 😬

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I tested on Wednesday and Thursday. Both negative. I’m not out yet, but not very hopeful. AF is due Monday. I’m trying to decide if I’m going to test again today or if I should wait. I should probably wait, but I know I’m not going to. My sister-in-law called my husband last night to tell him she was pregnant. I lost it. I told him to give her all our baby stuff because we obviously didn’t need it and slammed out the door to go to work. I ran into his hugely pregnant cousin at my daughter’s concert last night. We were supposed to be due at the same time. I’m just so tired of not being pregnant. So, I’ve been having a giant pity party for myself tonight. My husband wants me to go talk to someone. I don’t know what I’m supposed to say to them.  

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asobos :  AHHHHHH!!!!! That is so exciting!!!! If you want to keep your excitement at bay, then I’ll be extra excited for you!!!!!! 


angel_baby_12_9 :  It sounds like you may need to see a therapist or counsellor if it’s an option. It’s a difficult situation but they could give you tools to help, also stress is not helpful for TTC. 

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futuremrscas :  welcome to our sad little club!

anev :  yeah crosshairs!

angel_baby_12_9 :  I’m sorry you’re having a rough go. I think we all know what it’s like to lose hope in this long, hard process. I don’t think it hurts to see a counselor. Infertility is deeply stressful, and having someone help you walk through it is great. I’ve seen therapists off and on throughout my life during various rough patches and I’ve always found that they’re pretty good at helping me figure out what to say and better understand my feelings so I can cope with them.

AFM: I passed my OHSS check this morning, my lining looks good, and we’re set for transfer on Sunday! I’m slightly terrified that they’ll call Sunday morning to let me know I have nothing to transfer, but that fear is mostly overshadowed by excitement. I just feel so hopeful right now and after a rough year and a half, I’ll take all the hope I can muster.

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Sadly I’m out this month….again. I’ll be rolling over to next month :S

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asobos :  that’s wonderful! Congrats! 

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Well, turns out I didn’t pass my OHSS check. The doctor saw a considerable amount of fluid around my uterus and said that, while she would let me transfer if I insisted, she didn’t recommend it as I had OHSS indicators and those would be exacerbated in pregnancy. So instead, I’m taking lupron now to prepare for a medicated FET in January!

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Your age/partner’s age: 38/31

Baby #: 1

Cycles Trying: 11

Current Cycle Day/DPO: 5DPO

Usual Cycle Length: Varies but usually 10-12 DPO AF arrives

POAS/Beta Date: December 25th, would be 13 DPO so if I make it that far it might be a good day to test

Known fertility issues: Unknown

BFP Plan (BD Timing, supplements, charting, prenatals, etc.): Prenatals and Cassanovum Boost, charting, OPK

Trying anything new this month?: First unmedicated cycle after 3 cycles of Letrozole

For fun: What is your holiday wish for this year (besides a little one, of course!)? Friends and family to finally decide to put their happiness before bad relationships.

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