December 2018 POAS – The Infertility Edition! (6+ Months TTC + Other Issues)

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mrswannabemomma :  what province are you in that you would have to wait that long (unless you are choosing to of course, we’ll be at the 18 cycle mark when we go)? I think you’re around a year now right?  I’m in NB.

i definitely had to be on Darling Husband case to do the test! Here it’s not by appt, you do the sample at home then drop it off at the hospital…. but they only accept SA on certain days and certain times of the day, which is very annoying because they also want to revive it within 30 min! But that’s way better than him having to go to a little room at the clinic lol.

he complained the sample cup should have a wider brim lol



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anev :  We’re in AB, apparently the wait is just a bit long here for many things (I was potentially going to need foot surgery, and the wait was going to be 1.5 years! luckily I don’t but that seems ridiculous), so my doctor sent me for the CD3 and CD21 blood tests (I did 21 things looked good, so just got to do CD3 now). She said once those are back and my Darling Husband SA is back, she can refer me/and him to the reproductive specialist but it will likely take till March/April. Yeah this is our 12th cycle, and the other POAS boards were really bumming me out, so some lovely bees suggested I come here, and I enjoy it much more. 

Yeah here the clinic is also only open certain days at certain times, but you have to make your deposit at the clinic lol. My Darling Husband was telling me (since he was asking questions on the phone), and all I could do was giggle and say I hope they sterilize the rooms well. I wonder how he will find it lol. I’ll have to ask him about the sample cup size when he goes! 

I’m also doing some acupuncture since it’s covered in my health plan, and I dunno if it is actually helping, but it helps me relax so that’s nice. She also got me taking some chinese herbs. I did O this month earlier than I usually do, so maybe it’s helping! 

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mrswannabemomma :  oh interesting, maybe because the population is so much smaller here in NB there’s less of a wait because fewer people to do ART. I’ll know soon enough exactly how long it is, also my OBGYN “warned” me about how it’s not free (I was well aware and their costs are on the website), but honestly it is probably cost prohibitive to a lot of people out here.  Are you seeing your GP or an OBGYN now? Maybe ask to have the hsg done asap since it needs to be in early days of cycle, and it’s another box to checking off before getting to RE.

But the usual wait time for things is crazy long if not an emergency. When I lived in pei I waited 18 months for an MRI on my knee, it was pretty much healed by the time I had the scan 😂.

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anev :  Yeah I believe it especially in the smaller provinces the cost may be more of a consideration. I’m seeing my GP not a OBGYN, I’ll definitely ask her about the HSG once I get all my bloodwork done, I think she already mentionned it to me on my last appointment. Thanks for the heads up I’ll remind her my next appointment! 

I am not at all surprised about the wait in PEI, the healthcare there is awful! I love PEI so much, it’s so beautiful and quaint, and I would totally consider moving there if it wasn’t for the terrible healthcare. 

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Hi everyone, can I join this thread? 


Your age/partner’s age: I just turned 41, my husband is only 39.

Baby #: 2

Cycles Trying: 6. I had a chemical pregnancy in September.

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD14

Usual Cycle Length: between 30 and 36 – usually 33

Ovulation/Procedure (and what kind) Date: Probably CD18 or CD19

POAS/Beta Date: Won’t POAS until around Christmas.

Known fertility issues: None, other than my age, which wasn’t an issue with my first. I got pregnant a month before I turned 39 with #1. Had a chemical pregnancy in September. Still trying.

BFP Plan (BD Timing, supplements, charting, prenatals, etc.): Prenatals, supplements, acupuncture, OPKs

Trying anything new this month?: I will start temping if this month doesn’t work out. I’m a terrible sleeper so I thought temping wouldn’t work but I will try it.

Link to your chart if charting:

For fun: What is your holiday wish for this year (besides a little one, of course!)? Just hoping to have a relaxing and joyful holiday season.

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Our vacation was wonderful! I was much less sad than I expected to be. If anyone needs a good vacation spot, we really enjoyed Club Med Sandpiper Bay. I had a positive ovulation test on Sunday, cd 13, so that worked out. We had plenty of time to baby dance on vacation, so we hit -4, -2, -1, O, and 1 so hopefully that’s good enough. Fingers crossed! I hate the TWW!

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<u>mrswannabemomma :</u>  I do that all the time, my friend keeps reminding me that a lot of the time people don’t write about when things go well so that the stories I end up reading are biased towards the times that don’t work out. Glad he has booked it and that isn’t too far away, hope you have some answers soon.

larissakay :  sometimes it’s better not to ask, they know what they are doing and it can be stressful to know too much I find. How are you feeling now?

angel_baby_12_9 :  FX for the 2WW, sounds like you had great timing!

Update: Got the call from the hospital today, I was a nervous wreck waiting for them to call. They phoned later than normal so I was worrying. It was good news though, we have 8 good quality embryos in the freezer ready for when I recover. I am so happy with that news, gives me hope that we might not need to do a stim cycle again which would be such a relief. I did ask about the others as it seems like quite a high drop off rate from day 3. She said that 2 were slow to develop and had actually started degenerating, the other 10 had made it to blasto but didn’t have the cells split the way they would have hoped. She has said that the fact that the 10 were abnormal doesn’t say anything about the quality of the 8 and I do believe her but it is a little worrying. I just need to get better now and get myself ready for a FET next year.

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pearshampoo :  Hadn’t logged in for a few days. I’m feeling great, actually. I’m officially done with stims. We triggered at 2 am last night! I’m excited and nervous for ER. My estrogen is 3800 so they’re watching me for OHSS fairly closely. We’re still tenatively aiming for fresh, but they said they’ll cancel it if I show any warning signs.  But 8 is such a great number! Congrats. Are you taking a cycle off before FET or will you start prepping for transfer soon?

tulipdazey :  Keep us posted on what ends up happening. Hopefully the crazy confusing cycles are over and you can have some boring ones!

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