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I’ll join you! Do you have any updates on your transfer?


Your age/partner’s age: 31/38

Baby #: 1

Cycles TTC: I think 26? One MC at 6 weeks after trying for 6 months, then nothing for 18 months, then another MC a few weeks ago.

Current CD/DPO: Not sure, I had a MC and my HCG was down to 6 as of last week. 

Usual cycle length: 32-34 days

Ovulation date or procedure (and what kind): No clue, I’m hoping in the next week or two

POAS/Beta day: Not sure

Known fertility issues: Mostly unexplained – subclinical hypothyroidism, but I’ve been regulated for close to a year, I think somewhat thin lining and general inflammation issues, but my RE doesn’t seem concerned. Also reccurent loss.

BFP plan: Testing for recurrent loss, but we’ll wait on those results to figure out what to do going forward.

Trying anything new this month?: No, just in a waiting pattern for my test results and my cycle to come back.

For Fun – What are you getting your SO for Christmas this year?  AND what is your favourite holiday movie? Ugh I have no idea. We don’t typically do presents and just take more trips throughout the year, but I’d like to do something little at least. As for movies, my favorite is still the cartoon Grinch.

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Hi! Long time lurker for wedding & TTC posts.  This is our first month TTC with fertility treatments so I thought I’d roll call.


Your age/partner’s age: 29/31

Baby #:1

Cycles TTC:Lost count – it’s been a little over a year and a half with short cycles so over 20.

Current CD/DPO:14/1

Usual cycle length: 23- 25 days

Ovulation date or procedure (and what kind): 11/27 / My first IUI & first medicated cycle with letrozole and ovidrel trigger shot. My RE seemed happy with how it went – 3 mature follicles, 12.6mm lining, motile count after wash was 8 million.  Initially, I was upset with the count but the RE was happy with it and said she was looking for at least 5 million. So I’m choosing to be content and cautiously optimistic!

POAS/Beta day: I think I will try to test on 12/11 if I haven’t gotten AF yet.

Known fertility issues: MFI from varicocele- low concentration and morphology.  Decent volume, so total count usually falls into the low end of normal range. All my tests look pretty good but I did start on thyroid medication this month.  I am within the normal range, but not in the ideal range for TTC.

BFP plan: Healthy eating, reducing caffeine and alcohol intake, supplements.

Trying anything new this month?: IUI, letrozole & trigger shot with monitoring

For Fun – What are you getting your SO for Christmas this year?  AND what is your favourite holiday movie? I haven’t even started thinking about it! TTC has taken over my thoughts, but I’m going to try to think it through today to have a few ideas for tomorrow’s shopping. He’s hinting at the idea of a drone but he’s not sure.  I don’t really have a favorite holiday movie, just usually put on whatever is on TV for Christmas decorating!

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ellebee116 :  good luck! Those numbers look great! If it makes you feel any better about the count, I’ve gotten pregnant on <1million post wash. I was also upset about the count but here we are. Those 8 million are all strong and eager haha

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What are the criteria for infertility? Everything I have read says 12 months of trying if you are under 35 and 6 months if you are over 35. Nothing seems to clearly state whether recurrent pregnancy loss is in our out. It seems like it’s technically different from infertility but then I guess it’s not a particularly meaningful difference? Just wondering since I have RPL. I just realized this is the December thread so I might be be calling here if RPL counts. If not, never mind. 

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We transferred an embryo today and froze another! 

age: 36/34

Baby #: 1

Cycles TTC: 24 

Current CD/DPO: Day 15 of an IVF cycle. 

Usual cycle length: 23-25 days

Ovulation date or procedure (and what kind): egg retrieval on November 24. 

POAS/Beta day: Dec 9th!! 

Known fertility issues: we are quite unexplained. 

BFP plan: IVF 

Trying anything new this month?: IVF! 

For Fun – What are you getting your SO for Christmas this year?  AND what is your favourite holiday movie? We are just doing stockings this year as we spent a lot on our IVF cycle. My favourite Christmas movie is Christmas Vacation and it’s a wonderful life. 

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anev :  So sorry your transfer was cancelled. Hopefully your lining rebounds for a second attempt. 

ellebee116 :  FX that your IUI worked!!!! Welcome, but sorry you are here. 

cbn8787 :  I am so so sorry about your miscarriage. 

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anev :  I know I won’t be POAS in December since we’ll just be getting started with IVF, but can I hang out with you guys? lol 

My unofficial roll call:

Your age/partner’s age: 28/48

Baby #: Our first

Cycles TTC: I knew something was up after 5 cycles of nothing, during our 6th we learned my husband had azoospermia. That was last December, and you can’t really try if you know there’s no sperm. 

Current CD/DPO: Waiting for AF in the next 3 days. I stopped tracking my cycle after we got my husband’s diagnosis. 

Usual cycle length: 28-30 days on the dot

Ovulation date or procedure (and what kind): Starting birth control and our first cycle of IVF once AF arrived!

POAS/Beta day: TBD in January, I just like the company in these threads 

Known fertility issues: Male factor infertility – azoospermia due to Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome. 

BFP plan: IVF using donor sperm. 

Trying anything new this month?: Our RE recommended adding CoQ10 to my vitamin cocktail, which additionally consists of a prenatal and D3. I’m also upping my fruits and veggies and trying to stick with lean proteins. I don’t drink much caffeine as it is so I’m probably just going to stick with one tea a day. 

For Fun – What are you getting your SO for Christmas this year?  AND what is your favourite holiday movie? Well we just dropped $1000 on donor sperm and another $1000 on our new couch so we’re just focusing on upgrading our living room to make it more cozy. Those are our gifts to each other. I’ll probably look out for some stocking stuffers for him though.

My favorite holiday movie is A Christmas Story. Wishing everyone good luck in the holiday season!

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mrsnnn3 :  Thanks for the encouragement…It’s great to hear that you’ve had success with a lower count!

anev :  Thanks!  My tsh was 3.25 on my last blood work.  I’m not sure if that was a recent change or just wasn’t caught by the OB in previous bloodwork.

heartandstars :  FX for a successful transfer!

cbn8787 :  Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I hope testing gives you some answers.

ladyvictoria :  Good luck with starting the IVF process!

zstbee84 :  Sorry for your losses. I would agree with you. It does seem like a type of infertility even if it might not meet a strict definition for infertility.  

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Not going to roll call, but following to lurk if that’s alright! I have a baseline to start IVF stims on Thursday (after 3 years of TTC/NTNP with known PCOS, then discovering pretty severe MFI as well when we decided to take next steps with an RE).  My meds just arrived this week and I had a bit of a panic attack unpacking everything :/

Hoping all goes well for everyone this month, so many of you have been a wealth of knowledge as I’ve read through old posts getting ready to dive into fertility treatments!

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ellebee116 :  Welcome and FX this IUI does the trick! It only takes one, so 8 million hopefully gives you a good shot! I’ve been on thyroid meds for almost a year now because mine was normal, but not ideal for TTC either. Hope this helps!

anev :  I’m super ready for your next transfer, but hopefully you can see what your lining does and that will help you develop a good plan for your FET. I’m just doing initial testing for different immune irregularities and blood clotting problems, which can cause loss. Our risk of MC is higher now, so I’m guessing we’ll end up looking harder at IVF with PGS since we can’t keep waiting years for another BFP and then hoping it sticks, but we need to make sure there’s nothing major too.

heartandstars :  FX your embryo sticks!!

ladyvictoria :  Welcome! I have followed your story and I’m glad you guys are moving forward with a plan!!

scootersandwich :  Welcome! I’m glad you’re making some progress and hope this gets you your BFP!

zstbee84 :  I’ve followed your story as well and I’ve had two losses (but with years in between). I’ll be honest though, infertility and RPL are very different – for you, it’s a matter of figuring out how to carry a baby to term, but for infertility, it’s about trying to get a BFP at all. They are both heartbreaking, but it’s a different type of support, testing, etc. Since I’m dealing with infertility, I don’t feel like I fit in with recurrent loss but I know it’s such a tough battle.

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cbn8787 :  I am so sorry for your losses cry

heartandstars :  All my fingers and toes are crossed for you! So exciting!!

ladyvictoria :  I remember you from the POAS/charting boards! I am so excited for you to be moving forward with IVF! 

AFM, I am having a hysteroscopy on 12/16 to remove a small mass they found in my lower uterus / cervix. Then I have my first appt with an RE on 12/19. We started trying two years ago (I remember stupidly telling our families we were going to start trying two thanksgiving’s ago) but took a few months off here and there, so it’s been 15 actual cycles TTC. We’ve stopped trying when I found out about the mass beginning of October. My OB says I can start trying right away after the procedure as long as everything checks out okay and then I’ll be roll-calling in January. He ordered a SA for my husband so I just need to get him to do that sometime before our appt. I really appreciate all the support this group has offered so I’m going to continue to lurk around!


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