(Closed) December POAS Part THREE! Let's bake some buns in our ovens!

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    Alright… FINALLY caught up on responses. But you ladies are too chatty to catch up on everything!!! Lets keep this chattiness up…I wanna break 7 pages since November POAS only got to part 6 before it died!! =)

    Below is the original roll call that @hardtoconcentrate made in Part 1, just changed the last few questions since most of you have answered it already!

    Current Cycle Day: CD15

    Ovulation Date: Today possibly, December 3….EARLEST O EVER! WHOOO!

    POAS date/Usual Cycle Length: My cycles have been
    Cycles trying:  11th cycle NTNP, 10th cycle TTC.

    BD timing: We didn’t do very good this month…boo on us! As you bees know, husband left for work this morning so he will be gone for the next three days. We did O-4 and O-1. FX. lol.

    Link to Chart:  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/totesmahgoats

    If Money Was No Object, What Car Would You Get?:  Ummm I think a Bentley, because they are just lovely. Although Kyle from the Real Housewive of Bevery Hills just got a Mazarati that I LOVE. lol. 

    What December Holiday Do You Celebrate, If Any (If You Want To Share!!!): We celebrate Christmas! (If anyone finds this offensive, don’t answer, and I’m really sorry…just though a little talk about where we come from might be a little fun!)

    Any Fun Family Specific/Location Specific Traditions?: Our family almost always celebrates on Xmas eve instead of Xmas, which all of my friends find SO weird – no Christmas morning celebration. I’m an only child and the youngest in the whole family, and when I was five, my mom tried to do the Santa thing, and I rolled my eyes, like, you really expect me to believe the Santa in every mall in California is the same guy? LOL. So we just all got each other presents and opened them on Xmas eve!

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    @mrswant2B:  Sorry about AF. πŸ™


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    @ChuckNorris:  I’m so glad you’re here!  I missed you around these parts.  Anywho, I watch a lot of comedies.  I love Vince Vaughan, Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogan, Will Ferrell…pretty much anything with any of those guys in it.  I LOVE “I Love You, Man” which I saw on FF you do, too.  Girl after my own heart!  P.S. Reading your roll call cracked me up – love the part about your mom trying to bring Santa into the picture and you not going for it.

    I like this roll call – fun questions.  I did the one in Part 1 but I feel like that was AGES ago, so here I go:

    Current Cycle Day: CD2…I think. Does anyone else have trouble determining this?! I’ve been going back and forth on whether I’m on CD2 or CD1 all day because I don’t have a sudden start of AF – I have spotting that kind of just turns into AF at some point.   Anyway, I like the sound of CD2 better so that’s what I’m sticking with.

    Ovulation Date: Should be around Dec 14 or Dec 15.

    POAS date/Usual Cycle Length: My cycles are always 26-27 days like clockwork, so I shouldn’t pee on anything until December 30th.  But we all know that isn’t going to happen.

    Cycles trying:  4th.

    BD timing: We aren’t good at this.  We’ve only gotten one time in during my FW each month, but this month we’re REALLY going to try to do it every day during that FW.

    Link to Chart:  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/hardtoconcentrate

    If Money Was No Object, What Car Would You Get?:  I’m so out of touch with cars because we’ve lived right outside NYC for 3 years and don’t drive.  Umm, I really want an SUV when we move.  I know that’s not luxurious, but that’s what I’m going with.  I miss having a car…and driving…I can’t wait.  Side note – this weekend we started researching the cars we’re going to buy when we move in June and it got me all excited.

    What December Holiday Do You Celebrate, If Any (If You Want To Share!!!): I’m a Christmas girl.  I love this time of year….except for the cold weather!

    Any Fun Family Specific/Location Specific Traditions?: Every year I go to my sister’s so I can be there when my little nieces wake up to all of Santa’s gifts.  I’ve done this for 12 years, and this year is the first that DH and I will spend it together – he’s coming with me!  I’m so excited to have him there for Christmas day.  Once we have LOs, we’ll probably do Christmas at our house, but for now this works.  Our only real tradition is that we have to eat orange danishes on Christmas morning.  My family has had that as Christmas morning breakfast since way before I was born, and it would NOT be Christmas without it for us.


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    @glittermoon:  Pelvic bone aching? I dk. I kinda get that when I’m in my TWW. I do know that Progesterone causes your smooth muscle to relax, hence why you have heartburn in the TWW since your esophagus is made of smooth muscles. Maybe it has to do with that and your uterus/intestines?

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    @hardtoconcentrate:  So I bet you’re super excited for Anchorman 2 then, huh?! Did you ever see The Watch, with Vince Vaughan? And yes, I have SO much trouble determining when CD1 is because I have serious spotting issues as you know. For me, it’s like an OPK. I can never tell if it happened leading up to it, but when it DOES happen, I can definitely tell…does that make sense? I say like (TMI) bright red, or clotty, and dripping into the toilet is CD1. Do you use pads or tampons? I’ve always used tampons, and I’ve found that it actually made determining CD1 difficult… When I had my MC, I didn’t want to put anything in there until I had confirmed that I was in fact not pregnant anymore, so I used pads, and it helps (TMI and DISGUSTING) to get a visual of how much is coming out. OMG. Too Much Information I know. LOL. But that has helped me. I usually use pads until I KNOW I’ve started my period, them switch to tampons. So you plan on moving away from NYC in June 2013? Where do you plan on moving to? My Brother-In-Law and SIL live in the Bay Area, and she doesn’t even have a license… They just use public transportation for everything. It’s crazy! lol. What a fun way to spend xmas morning! What are orange danishes? <—- how’s THAT for a long comment. Hahahaha.

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    @MrsMaskatoBe:  That sounds TOTALLY promising, yay! Great BD plan! My fingers are sooo crossed for you!!!!!!!!! I just realized our weddings are three days away from being a year apart. We got married on March 26! Yay for March weddings!

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    @ChuckNorris:  YES, that’s EXACTLY how I feel!!!  — GET READY FOR Too Much Information — Tampons make it so much harder to determine CD1 because I just shove one up there because my spotting makes me think I’ve started and then lo and behold, I take it out 8 hours later and there’s barely anything there.  That’s what happened Saturday…and Sunday.  Today I had the full-on what you described – red, lots, dripping – yeah, all that.  Damn, sounds like I should count today as CD1.  I can’t bring myself to do it.  The only reasons are (a) I did have some red drops yesterday, even though it was light, it was more than just brown, (b) that would mean my LP was a day longer than usual which is strange and (c) thinking I was at CD1 for 3 days in a row and being wrong for 3 days makes me want to cry into my wine glass.  So, I’m still sticking to CD2, even if it is clearly wrong. πŸ™‚  Ummm, I haven’t seen The Watch but now I want to.  I’m going to put it on my movie list to watch soon!  About the move, we’re not from here – we’re from Virginia – and we moved up here 3.5 years ago for me to start a PhD program.  Now that program is coming to an end and we’ll be moving next summer since I’ve taken a job as a professor at a school in North Carolina.  I’ve loved living here but I CANNOT wait to head back down south – that really feels like home to me.  Plus I want a house and a yard and a car…and all that mundane stuff that I miss.

    ETA: I think I one-upped you on the long response…;)

    ETA again: OH!  I forgot the orange danishes….which are the best part.  They’re magically delicious fluffy croissants that you cover with sweet, orange, gooey delicious icing.  I don’t even like sweets and I love them.  They’re made by Pillsbury so it’s not even like we make them from scratch.  But they’re awesome.

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    @ChuckNorris:  Oh weird. I was like wth is happening??? My body is all sorts of grumpy lol. I’m sorry you lost your thermometer!! Did you get the same kind again? 

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    @MrsMaskatoBe:  What a pretty tree!!!!! πŸ™‚

    @rosworms: Yours too!! I just checked the other board for hte last messages and saw it. πŸ™‚

    Current Cycle Day: CD23

    Ovulation Date: CD15 (I’m 8DPO)

    POAS date/Usual Cycle Length: December 8 because I’m going out that night and need to know if I can or can’t drink.

    Cycles trying:  2nd

    BD timing: O-1

    Link to Chart:  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/glittermoon

    If Money Was No Object, What Car Would You Get?:  A new scion tc maybe….or an ’11. I love my TC πŸ™‚ 

    What December Holiday Do You Celebrate, If Any (If You Want To Share!!!): Hanukkah this year (it’s my second year) and a non-religious Christmas (aka modern day Saturnalia). 

    Any Fun Family Specific/Location Specific Traditions?: We’ll be celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve with the hub’s family and then Christmas on mine…and going down south to southern oregon to see my dad at some point lol. And our daughter’s birthday is 10 days before xmas, so it’ll be a busy couple of weeks!

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    Our tree and wreath πŸ™‚

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    ok, so keeping up is reeaallly difficult! Lol!

    I checked through SO many pages in the last thread, but I couldn’t find the “article” that so many bees were thanking cowgirllace for posting. if it’s truly worth the read can someone find it and re-post, pretty please!

    and on another note: call me a hippie-dippie if you like (I won’t be offended) but I’d like to call out what I see as negative self-talk to our bodies.

    Especially at this time (but really, all the time) we need to LOVE our bodies, and speak kindly to ourselves, inside. Comments like, “our bodies can be such assholes” or “my stupid uterus” or whatever aren’t going to help.

    just think about the intention and energy you are sending not only to your body, but to the spirit on the other side that you are calling in. that is all.


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