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  • poll: What is your favorite holiday movie?


    A Christmas Story

    Miracle on 34th St.

    White Christmas

    It's a Wonderful Life

    Home Alone

    Holiday Inn

    How The Grinch Stole Christmas

    Christmas Vacation

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    can’t believe i’m doing this after following this site since we were engaged … but we aren’t telling anyone about ttc and i’m really looking forward to the support system here!



    Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD-2 (appx)

    Ovulation Date/fertile window: O sometime around Dec 12-December 14th (apx)

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: December 28 (appx)

    Cycles Trying: first one! went off BC about a month ago, had withdrawal bleeding, and presuming (slash hoping) my cycles are like they were before BC i should be seeing AF this holiday weekend! technically we are NTNP since I’m not charting or anything (that’s why all dates are approximate – want to try a few cycles without charting/temping so it’s less stressful). We are both in our 20s so there’s no real time crunch as of now.

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): Prenatals off and on since august (but I’ve been really good about it for the last 6 weeks)…and BD alot! DH is being more careful about drinking etc, which is good because when I get my BFP it won’t look weird that we are both staying away from alc 🙂

    Link to Chart, if any: n/a

    and for fun –

    What would you REALLY, REALLY love for a holiday gift (other than the obvious BFP of course…) ? a breadmaker! i recently became obsessed with making bread, but kneading is so hard on my shoulders, and making the dough always makes a huge mess in my kitchen!

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    Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD13

    Ovulation Date/fertile window: The earliest I have ever Oed was CD15 and the latest CD38! I’m usually between CD20 and CD24. I’m going to start OPKs today and I think the FW will be next week.

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: December 17th. Based on a lot of wildly various data…

    Cycles Trying: This is #2.

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): Prenatals, calcium. Take EPO + maca + mucinex for EWCM because I take daily allergy medication. I think we’ll do EOD and then once we get the + on the OPK it will be daily.

    Link to Chart, if any: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/MrsH1030/

    and for fun –

    What would you REALLY, REALLY love for a holiday gift (other than the  obvious BFP of course…)? Unfortunately I had to facilitate the purchase, but I’ll be getting a KitchenAid mixer! Some knee high, brown leather wedge boots would be nice too! 😉

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    Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD31 (boo to long cycles)

    Ovulation Date/fertile window: Hopefully Thurs or Friday!  Fertile window this week!

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: December 11th – Cycle length 45-47 days

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): Prenatals.  BDing as much as possible during fertile window

    Link to Chart, if any: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/MrsBaldEagle

    And for fun –

    What would you REALLY, REALLY love for a holiday gift (other than the  obvious BFP of course…)? My mom already got me a new jacket and a new purse – I cant wait to get them!  Besides those, I dont really want anything else besides house renovations!

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    @CocoLoco523:  True that, a NYE BFP would be pretty spectacular. According to FF I should be testing either around Christmas or NYE, so either way should be interesting. I can’t wait to start taking the OPK’s that are burning a whole in my bathroom drawer!

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    First time doing roll call. Here’s hoping it’s the extra luck that we needed!

    Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD19. Either 1 or 3 DPO, the OPK was confusing.

    Ovulation Date/fertile window: 11/21 to 11/25

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: 12/15. 34 day cycle

    Cycles Trying: this is number 3. Third time is a charm, right?

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): BD EOD, prenatals, rasberry leaf tea, vitex, and OPKs

    Link to Chart, if any:

    and for fun –

    What would you REALLY, REALLY love for a holiday gift (other than the  obvious BFP of course…) ? a new kindle.


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    OK.  I’ve tried using cheapies off the internet but have never been able to get a positive.  Decided to use digitals today and finally got something…but then it quickly disappeared.  The top was at 10 AM and the bottom at 2PM with a hold in the middle.

    Can i mark positive on my chart?

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    @mdglass:  Just wanted to say HELLO to a fellow Hoosier! I graduated from IU in 2006. I’m jealous that you’re in Bloomington. Such a fantastic town. I live in Cincinnati, OH now. Good luck this month! FX for a BFP!

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    @MrsBaldEagle:  Oo, I’m so behind but wanted to quickly respond that although I suck very badly at tracking CM, I did notice that semen tends to only be present in the morning, whereas EWCM is present throughout the day (assuming we BD the night before). Other than that, I really can’t tell the difference and that sucks, because I feel like that’s when it’s important to be able to distinguish – during your FW so there should be EWCM, which is also when you have a lot of sex, so therefore semen is present as well. 


    Thank god for this board to talk Too Much Information stuff with! 

    ETA: Looks like

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    @PatientBee:  beat me to it and said something similar 🙂 


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    And to add, I for one, am very much looking forward to drinking really good wine with my Thanksgiving dinner. If I had gotten a BFP last month, I’m sure I would have been thrilled to NOT drink, but I will be sure to enjoy every last drop! I should be in my FW or just starting the TWW at that time, so am not even going to stress about not drinking. 

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    @Mars62312:  hard to tell from those pics as the lighting isnt the greatest. I’m leaning towards no for the top one as I think the control still looks like a darker, fatter line than the test line. Anyone else wanna chime in with their thoughts?


    What do ovulation pains feel like? Are they all-over cramps? I have had a short shooting pain (I guess where my right ovary would be lol) off and on today, which should be O day since I got a positive OPK yesterday, but I feel like sometimes I just get random pains like that. Although maybe me getting those random pains was really me ovulating all these months and this is the only time I am thinking about what it means? Anyways…how does it feel for you ladies?

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    @IUrebekah3RT:  Hahahahaha. Well all the way over here in aus, we don’t even have thanksgiving! I’m decorating my house on Friday too! yay!! Christmas is my favourite so I’m hoping that helps a little bIt! I just really really really really want a bfp. This particular one is crucial because it marks which life plan we choose (yes, we have two lol) 

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    @Pink Asawa:  Thanks…it’s the closest I’ve ever come so I guess I’ve just gotta go with it!  I’ll test again tomorrow and see what happens!

    That’s what my pains feel like!  I feel like they’re pretty distinct.

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    Hi ladies! I’m checking in for the Dec POAS thread. AF should be here tomorrow or on T-day (booo) but then it’s time for us to stop charting to avoid and charting to concieve! *happy dance* I’m so excited that it’s finally time (after over a year of charting avoid, it’s about damn time!)

    Current Cycle Day/DPO: 28/12

    Ovulation Date/fertile window: looking at dec it looks sometime between the 13th and 20th. Horay for irregular ovulation!

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: hahaha we’ll talk about poas date after I o

    Cycles Trying: this will be our first

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): taking it easy this first cycle… but lots of sex.. and I may be a little more frisky during o window. Paying more attention to my cm (since that’s what counts now that I’m no longer avoiding!) and taking my prenatals!

    Link to Chart, if any


    What would you REALLY, REALLY love for a holiday gift (other than the obvious BFP of course…) ? 

    gps running watch and a nice pair of earrings.

    for the poll I chose other. My all time faves are Muppet Christmas Carol and The Santa Clause (and none of those sequels)

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