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@ZombieBullfrogHoller:  why are you cloth diapering? I started out using disposables until my daughter umbilical cord fell off and then I switched to cloth. I used cloth till she started eating solids and then I went back to disposables. I honestly didnt even think they cloth diapers were worth it, it was a hassle to wash them! Plus you have to have the special detergent an you’re not supposed to dry them in the dryer. We also tried like 5 different kinds of cloth diapers and my daughter leaked in ALL of them. We would have to wake her up in the night just to change her otherwise the cloth diapers would leak all over the bed!!!! It was terrible!

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@ZombieBullfrogHoller:  the seventh genration free and clear should be fine. you don’t want to use detergent with fragrance, dye or brighteners on any of the babies clothes or your clothes since you will be holding him all of the time so i would not use the tide. I would ask Mother-In-Law if she uses fabric softener or dryer sheets and go from there. if she regularly uses fabric softener i would use a different machine, that stuff is full of nasty chemicals!  don’t worry about the washer getting icky, if you’re breasfeeding it’s going to be super easy to rinse anything solid off before throwing them in the washer. breastfed baby poop is really soft, kind of like cottage cheese so even if there is any left over on the diapers it will get rinsed away in the washer. if you haven’t already, check out gdiapers, they are awesome!

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Both families I babysit for do cloth diapers, and they have a diaper service collect the dirty cloths once a week and drop off a bag of fresh cloths. Not sure of the cost, but is super convenient since neither have washing machines in their apartment.

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@ZombieBullfrogHoller:  don’t listen to the naysayer above.  Congrats on your decision to go with cloth AND to not circumcise!  Both big decisions but two big decisions that are HUGE for your baby. πŸ™‚

  1. For ease of use I would use the washer in your building.  Poops(as long as you rinse off the majority, hence the sprayer you can hook up to your toilet) will not linger in the machine.  Also use a diaper liner like Bummis Diaper liners that are biodegradeble but are kinda pad like in that they hold most of the poop on them so you peel off and toss in the potty.  To wash use hot water and the longer cycle.  Double rinse if they are really soiled.
  2. The diapers will be ok in a dryer that uses fabric softener.
  3. Your 7th Gen should be ok.  We use Method and Charlie’s Powder.  I would not use Tide or All or whatever mainstream brand.
  4. Check with your local baby store that sells cloth diapers.  They usually have a free intro to cloth diapers class where they show you the different kinds and discuss the benefits.  Show you how to fit them(proper fit is important to prevent leaks, comfort, etc), wash them, etc.  We plan to use pocket diapers by Fuzzibunz.  My sister uses them and they are great.  They work from newborn to potty training.  One size fits all!  They have a pad in the inside that you can add more pads at nights to prevent leaks.   GL!  I hope it turns out well for you.  Like anything there is a learning curve but you will get it.  Let me know if you have any other questions. πŸ™‚

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@ZombieBullfrogHoller:  I’m cloth diapering part time right now. My son is 11 weeks old, and we cloth diaper at home, and use disposables when we go out.  

1)We are EBF, and I haven’t had any issues with poop in the washer. I wash the diapers, and then go right on with the rest of my laundry without running any extra washes or cleaning the machine.  That may change when we start solids in a few months, but so far we’ve been good. 

2)The diapers will probably be ok sharing a machine that also uses dryer sheets.  You might have to strip them a little more often.  If you’re really worried, you could run your load of towels through before the diapers, and they should pick up any residue in the machine.

3)I’ve seen both those detergents listed as safe for cloth diapers. I use tide and its been working fine. 

4)I have a mix of diapers too, we weren’t sure what would work best so I have some pockets, some prefold/covers.  I wash everything together.  I hang dry the pocket shells and the fitted covers.  If its nice out they are on the line, or if its raining I have a fold out drying rack I can set up in the house.   My dryer is older and I don’t have temp settings on it so I’m nervous about running the PUL through it.  I dry all the inserts together in the dryer or clothes line, and will run an extra dryer cycle if they aren’t quite dry.  

So far I’m loving the cloth diapers.  As long as I keep the fit adjusted correctly we don’t have leaks, and LO seems to like the soft fabric when he is wearing them.  They’ve already saved us a lot of money vs buying disposables.  I also switched to cloth wipes when I realized how much money I was wasting on disposables.  I got a sheet of flannel at Joann Fabric and used pinking shears to cut it into squares (maybe 2″x3″).  I keep a peribottle with water at the changing tables and moisten a wipe and use it, then it gets thrown in with the cloth diapers.  I use fewer wipes to get LO clean, and they get washed with the diapers and reused.  Again we have disposable wipes for when we are out.  

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@ZombieBullfrogHoller:  Yeah we just use water.  So far we haven’t had any diaper rash or irritation so we r sticking with what works for us

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My son will be a year and we have cloth diapered ever since he was about 2 weeks old.   It is significantly more intimidating to think about than to actually do.  I seriously don’t know why more people don’t cloth diaper. 

 First off,  ignore the MILLION conflicting posts about cloth diapering, detergents, etc.  That is what is overwhelming.  We do a small load every night after he goes to bed.  Its a part of our routine so its not too overwhelming.  My hubby and I alternate putting him down each night and the other person is in charge of cleaning up and doing a load of cloth diapers.  Super easy.  You will find when it comes to detergents its just an experiment due to changes in washers and water.  Just look for a skin reaction on baby or lack of absortion to tell you to strip your diapers and try a new cleaning method.  We have a top loader and do a 15 min pre soak and extra rinse.   We use charlies soap with a splash of the rest (bleach, oxi clean, and tide) in each load.   If a cloth diaper has a stain, we just put it out to dry still wet and its stain free in a few hrs.   But we typically put them in the dryer.  My cloth diapers look brand new and I have deviated from the strict cloth diaper routine.  We use the diaper sprayer for ALL poops.  I think the sprayer, washing daily, and sunning have helped keep my diapers looking so great.


 We have a mix of bumgenius 4.0’s and elementals.  Love them both for different reasons but make sure you get snaps instead of velcro.  When we were pregnant we were nervous if cloth diapering was for us so we didn’t want to make the investment.  I scoured craigslist and found som bumgenius  for really cheap. FYI some people will even ship and negotiate price.  Its worth a shot.   We have since replaced them with new ones but it helped us experiment for a lil cheaper in the beginning. 


FYI:  Added bonus to using cloth diapers.  NO DIAPER RASH.  The only time my son had diaper rash is when he is put in a disposable.  I do still appreciate dispoables and always have them on hand.  You just never know when you might need them but we use cloth diapers even on vacation. 



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