(Closed) Decluttering Challenges; I want Parental Authority over my DH!

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NFLwidow:  “Parental Authority”? He’s not your child!

What exactly is his stuff that you want to “declutter”?

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NFLwidow:  Hahaha! Parental authority made me laugh. Aw. I’m very lucky that my boyfriend is more organised than I am.

Can you do it together? Or will he not budge?

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NFLwidow:  lol, welcome to my world. My Darling Husband is an awful packrat. I’ve just learned to pick my battles. Some of it, I know he won’t get rid of so I work with him to organize it better. Other times I can point out the logic of it all and he’ll cave and let it go. Really though, there’s no need to keep an entire storage tote of cables to items you don’t even own anymore!  I never touch his side of the closet, unless it’s to shove stuff out of the way so I can vacuum….

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Same problem over here! I just put all his extra things into our spare room where his computer is (it’s kind of his man cave) and close the door. That way I can have a tidy house and he can live in his clutter! If we ever have kids, i don’t know what I’ll do. 


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I’m married to a packrat. I’ve taken to scheduling donation pick-ups and giving him a pile to work through, I think the fact that its a donation makes him feel bad enough to take a harder look at his stuff. I’ve tried just tossing stuff but he has a 6th sense and always somehow asks where ‘such and such’ is a week later.

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Omg I’ve given up with Darling Husband.  When we first moved in together we were going through getting rid of things.  Darling Husband used to entertain a lot and had every different wine glass you can imagine.  I don’t drink so, since meeting me, he doesn’t drink.  I wanted to get rid of all of them expect maybe 4 in case we had company over.  I kid you not, he CLUTCHED two of the wine glasses to his chest and backed away from me slowly.

Another incident- he had a HUGE thing of those multi pack vitamins that were expired two years prior (we had been together a year at that point and I had never seen him take a vitamin).  He wouldn’t let me throw them out, so I just started taking them myself.  Then I got accused of throwing them out after I had used them up.  I get accused of throwing his stuff out a lot when he can’t find something he misplaced or I start using up stuff to try to get rid of it (like his ENTIRE cabinet of protien powder that he doesn’t use).

Disclaimer: Although I have been tempted to, I have never thrown out anything of his.  Even his cast iron skillet that will smoke up the ENTIRE house when he uses it.  And trust me, I was SO tempted to throw it out when we moved and blame it on the movers.

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heputaringonit:  Hah! The protein powder! That must be a total man thing because SO had an entire collection of those jugs. Fortunately for me, he had to work the week we were moving in together so I pretty much got free range to get rid of stuff, including the 4 giant jugs of protein powder I had never seen him touch! We’ve lived together for 4 months now and he will still occasionally ask me if I’ve seen such and such a thing and I realize I donated it in my declutter frenzy :/

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OMG…The Real Housewives of Packrat County. 

I don’t think you can have parental authority over your husband. I have sympathy for how hard it must be to have a partner whose neatness standards are so different from your own. 

Your words about your husband are HILARIOUS. Think about starting a blog. 

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NFLwidow:  Oh trust me, I LOVE that he cooks (or else we would be eating McDonalds every single night).  But when the dogs start to go crazy because they think the house is on fire while he’s cooking, and I can’t stick the thing in the dishwasher because it will rust so there it sits in its greasy glory…  *sigh*  Funny story, he was unpacking some boxes the other day and found it (he hadn’t even realized it was missing since our move a year ago).  Smh.

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desertgypsy:  He seriously stocked up on this stuff YEARS ago when he was working out a lot.  Unfortunately I can’t really use it because it’s the stuff that has 400 calories in one scoop!  I mix a little bit with mine to try to use it up, but it’s a SLOW process.

I just can’t throw his stuff away without his knowledge as much as I would like to.

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heputaringonit:  no shit my Darling Husband has some protein powder stashed away from before we even met.  It’s still there.  He still tells me I can’t throw it out.  He has never once used protein powder since I’ve known him.  I’m totally just going to throw it out next time I think about it.  Bye bye!  I call him a hoarder.  I’m going to go through is clothes and get rid of some.  Last time I asked him about each one and he wanted to keep them.  He still hasn’t worn them 2 years later.  At this point I’ll just get rid of them and he’ll never notice.  I don’t even care at this point.  If he doesn’t want to help clean then he doesn’t get an opinion

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