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Busy bee
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Woah. That man was so out of line. You didn’t do anything wrong. And though it is frustrating that the other people denied that his dogs are agressive, they probably just didn’t want to get yelled at. Personally, I would definitely consider those dogs to be agressive. Like owner like dog?

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Worker bee
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Yes, I consider his dogs aggressive.. and it’s no mystery where they got it from. That man is clearly extremely aggressive. It sadly wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he mistreats his dogs. 

ETA: I agree with the PP about why the other people agreed with him.. they probably were just trying to avoid getting involved after witnessing his erratic behavior. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Yikes! I don’t think you did anything wrong by alerting him to his dogs’ behavior. It sounds like he prefers to ignore the behavior. It’s good that you called security. Did they give you any suggestions about what to do with him? 

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Blushing bee
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Yes the dogs are aggresive and he shouldnt be taking them to a park when they act like that. But when HE acts like that its obvious he wont ever care what his dogs are doing to others. Most people WOULD apologise if their dog was all up in another one but he is not that type of person to say sorry, its all his way and everything he does is right

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Yes those dogs were aggressive, but that is not their fault. He is a jackass and you did the right thing calling security!

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Sugar bee
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What the heck! That guy sounds like such a jerk. But yeah, his dogs sound slightly aggressive. I wouldn’t say full on aggressive tho because I’ve experienced a lot of aggression and if you don’t have to break up a dog fight then things should be ok. The guy’s dogs are probably like mine where they have this pack mentality when they are together, or maybe even they have gate/door issues, like a lot of dogs I’ve met. (Which isn’t really their fault)

You did the right thing calling security. I’d also suggest trying to avoid that guy and trying to get to the park and leave the park before he shows up…just in case his dogs are truly aggressive or in case he truly is psychotic.

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Busy bee

Wow if he flys off like that I can imagine his dogs do too. 

Dog attacks are so scary. I’d be going somewhere new. My dogs are hardly ever off the leash. I can trust them, but you can’t always trust others

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Helper bee
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Oh those dogs definitely are aggressive. i have only ever witnessed small dogs get away with that kind if behaviour.  if it were a big dog people would be all up in arms about it, calling for them to be take away etc. You did nothing wrong at all. Those dogs are the antisocial ones and the owner needs to take responsibility for them. 

I agree with @Pepperwoodsy:  I think the other owners who backed him up would have been scared to go against him. 

I am sorry about the situation… I understand how uncomfortable it would be for you to go back there now with the risk of him confronting you or his dogs attacking yours. Mabye for a while start taking him for a longer walk and a couple of times a week drive to another location to play fetch?

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Busy bee
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@HawaiiBamaBride:  With an owner like that i’m not surprised what a douche.

My dog is dog aggressive, he is the most playful loving dog in the world but he just hates other dogs, he’s a rescue so i don’t know whats happaned to make him be like this and he’s 5 so even after 2 dog trainers (both who gave up after 6 months coz he was untrainable) he’s stuck like this.

But being the responsible dog owner i am my dog is muzzled and kept on the lead he’s only allowed off to play when there are no other dogs about.

People like him shouldn’t have dogs.

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Helper bee
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I totally agree those dogs were aggressive, and that their owner is insane.  I can’t imagine a possible scenario that would involve it being appropriate to go off like that on a complete stranger, but maybe he’s heard it before and was all set to be really defensive.  I would just keep calling security if/when he comes near you, and I would go to the park at times when other dogs/people will be present, so you don’t risk running into him alone.

I also agree with PP that small dogs get away with all kinds of stuff that big dogs would never get away with.  I have a pit mix, so I’m always very aware of typecasting and that even if she doesn’t initiate, she will likely be blamed for any scuffle.  She is the sweetest girl, investigates everyone, but the second a dog snaps at her, she just wants to get as far away as possible.  I don’t understand why some small dog owners (not all) don’t seem to care if their dogs are aggressive, because even if they can’t *hurt* my dog, they can still make her feel threatened and cause a problem.  Especially if there’s two of them.

I’m sorry you had such an unpleasant interaction.  Hang in there.

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Helper bee
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It sounds like both the owner and the dogs are aggressive, so it doesn’t surprise me that he doesn’t see it.

Can you vary the times you go to the park? I would want to minimize my contact with the jerk & his dogs as much as possible. 

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Busy bee

Sounds like the dogs just wanted to dominate. Hopefully they would not have bitten (not worth the risk – but my girl has been trounced a few times and only bitten once – I don’t consider the wrestling sans biting to be the same as the bite & shake). Anyway, the one time she was bitten, we were standing at a light and the black pit in front of us turned around and bit my pomeranian on the shoulder and latched. No warning. The owner did not apologize and told me there was no damage. When I asked, nicely, for her number she got incredibly hostile. The owners are worse than the dogs. Not your fault at all. 

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Busy bee
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Ugh, this is why I don’t go to dog parks.  Some people are just crazy.  I had a guy follow me and cuss me out because I asked him to please keep his (unneutered, of course) Jack Russel from aggressively humping my dog.  He scared everyone away from the park with how vile his language was, and how spun up he got – sounds like a relative of the guy at your park!

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