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Honey bee
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I don’t generally care unless it would be a friend I’m obviously close to. But let’s be honest, we all have those peripheral acquaintances that we knew in some capacity but aren’t actively friends with. Past friends from high school. That girl from my freshman comp class I’d swap and edit papers with. The friend of a friend I met at a wedding. If you haven’t talked to them much over the last few months, then who cares if you’ve been defriended? You’re not actively working on a relationship with them. Keeping them as facebook friends is basically voyeuristic at that point. I’m guilty of it, too; I could probably halve my friend list. But I let them there and occasionally wonder what soandso is up to these days. But if they defriend me, I usually don’t even notice.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I wouldn’t take it personally. About once per year I get frustrated with the fact that I don’t know half the people I’m “friends” with and I clean house by deleting everyone I’ve not talked to in a while. Its not personal or anything, I just don’t like a busy facebook. 

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Sugar bee
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Haha, I get “unfriended” by my sister-in-law every time she’s mad at my family about something or upset with my brother. I’ve decided if she “friends” me again, I’m not accepting it because it’s her own problem that she “unfriended” me in the first place.

Like CorgiTales, I “clean house” every now and again… and people have legit gotten MAD at me for unfriending them even though I haven’t talked to them in forever… so stupid.

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Bee Keeper
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Ever since I accidentally accepted a friend request from a weirdo who I thought was DH’s friend, I’ve been super careful about my friend list. If I don’t know who the person is after going through their profile, I don’t accept the friend request. I also deleted people from my friend list who I’ve never actually been friends with but just sort of know. I need to get more saavy about putting people in folders so they can’t see certain things instead of de-friending though because de-friending is kind of a low blow.

Honestly my friend list goes up and down without me doing anything, so I know people are de-friending me but I’ve never actually realized who it was so I guess it isn’t a big deal!

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Busy bee
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i’ve defriended people. but only because i like to keep my fb friends list really small, i’m not into sharing info with random people i barely know. i’ve accepted & then later tried to shrink my friends list & trimmed the fat- so to speak. not people i see or speak to though. i was defriended by one of the groomsmen in our wedding though! which i think it really funny, in his defense, he defriended me before he was asked to be a groomsmen. we have very different political & just general life views (i guess i’m too liberal! lol!). i think if you defriend someone, you should accept that you basically just told them you have no interest in them, and shouldn’t expect to have a future relationship with you. it does feel yucky to be on the receiving end of it though & i totally understand why you’d be upset. 

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Bumble bee
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I actually had to defriend my OWN aunt for saying very mean and hurtful things on my facebook. She only picks on me and none of her other nieces or nephews. I was extremely hurt I cried all morning. Its going to be weird at Easter!

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Sugar bee
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Did you find out because you happened to check their page and you weren’t able to anymore?

Honestly, I de-friend others ALL the time. Every couple months I go through my friends list and anyone that has not contacted me in any way shape or form in the last months. And I didn’t even friend them in the first place, gets axed.

If there’s no communication and you just want to be nosy about my life. Or want 346 friends, then no thank you.

I do actually share things on my FB so if we’re not even “friends” why should you be privy?

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Bumble bee
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Haha, I just got defriended by a girl I went to high school with.  I think she was just cleaning out her friends, though.  I sometimes think I need to do the same, but I’m so shamefully addicted to the information that comes with being facebook friends with someone!  Sigh.  Sad life I lead haha.

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Honey bee

How do you know when you are defriended? Do you get a message sent to you?

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Sugar bee
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I had someone who sent an email when they defriended me.  He was just a high school acquaintance who I see occasionally but have never even spoken on the phone with.  I thought it was weirder to be told I was being defriended.  I probably would not have noticed otherwise.

I go through and pare down my friend list every 6 months or so.  Occasionally one of them will ask to be my friend again, but usually not.  I think it’s totally normal…

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