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I don’t have any personal experiences with this….but I’ve always thought there has to be more out there that we don’t know about.


The Catholic Church still (though not as much) performs exorcisms.  They don’t do those willy-nilly.  They bring in a psychologist, a medical doctor, etc. to verify that the person truly is posessed before performing a ritual.


I think there are people out there who are more sensitive to beings that are not of this world.


You have a gift…depending upon how you look at it, really.  Some people wouldn’t want that gift, some people would be really jealous.

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I believe there are demons and evil sprits that inhabit people.  Don’t know what to think about your parent’s story though.  I wonder that your mother’s demon may not be some undiagnosed mental illness.

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I definitely believe in demons and demonic possession. My mom claims she was haunted by a demon in her teenage years (whether I believe that or not is another story.) 

I also dont think theres anything crazy about you being able to sense things before they happen. I once had a dream about a friend that I hadnt spoken to in 2 years and the very next day she called me. Another time I had a dream about a girl I knew as a child and found out later that week that she had died. 

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I think its definately possible but still very scary. I actually know a very good Christain woman who has a “spirit guide”.  She can see spirits and talk to them. She often knows what is going on in my life without me telling her and she gives me Psalms to read to help with different situations. She has had this ability her entire life and she is well into her 80s now. I think its very wise of you to stay away from places that make you feel uncomfortable and I also think its wise that you dont invite any negitive energy in by watching scary movies. If I were you I would just protect myself in any way possible. I hope you get everything figured out! 🙂


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@AcheneMalefic:  Interesting story, and thankfully your mom is doing much better now! Oh heck yes I believe this happens in real life, and for that reason I won’t watch movies about it either. I’m very sensitive to people and places too, like sometimes I can just sense that something is wrong/off. 

A few months ago I was in a convenience store and there were about 20 other people in there. In comes this man and I lie to you not, from the moment he came in I had a horrible feeling inside. It was like a feeling of overwhelming fear. And he would NOT STOP GLARING at me! It was the most bizarre thing ever almost like we were the only people in the store. Like everywhere he went in the store his eyes were burning into me. It was almost like this man hated me for no logical reason. I left as fast as I could and the feeling went away as soon as I left the parking lot. When I went home and told my mom she absolutely 100% thought it was a spiritual thing that this man was targeting me out of all these other people, and how I had that horrible feeling from the moment he stepped inside to the moment I left. Now I don’t know if I would go as far as to say this person was “posessed” but I know he was picking up on me being a Christian and I was probably picking up on him being involved in something dark. There’s no logical explanation for how he was glaring at me and how I felt, and to people who don’t believe in this stuff it might sound like just a random thing. I’m fully convinced it wasn’t random!

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Wow, that’s a wild experience your mom had. I’m glad she’s doing better now.

I can’t believe I’m about to share this, because I think it makes me sound a little nuts, but I also suffer from depression and I will say that there are days where my depression is so bad that it really feels like a separate, malevolent entity inside of me, trying to take me over. So I can relate to your mom and can see why she’d feel like she was possessed. Depression really can be that bad.

As far as real experiences go, when I was 13 something happened that I can’t explain rationally. This was right when I first started having symptoms of depression. I was completely unequipped to deal with these overwhelmingly negative feelings and thoughts. It was the middle of the night and I was lying in bed crying because I felt so out of control and hopeless.

Gradually, I realized there was something in the room with me. I couldn’t see it, but I could sense it. I was lying in bed with my hand on the pillow next to my face. And it stroked the back of my hand. I felt it from my knuckles down to my wrist. And at the same time I was filled with this sense of calm and peace. I felt safe and protected.

I sat up to try to see it in the dark and just like that, it was gone. I didn’t feel it leave but I could tell it wasn’t there anymore. I lay back down and went right to sleep. It was lovely.

I told my mom about it the next day and she said it was an angel. I’m an atheist so I had no idea what to make of it. Part of me thinks my mind dreamed it up to help me cope with my feelings. But the other part of me isn’t so sure.

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Don’t be embarrassed about sharing your story. I understand that some people can think “oh what a freak” but the bee’s are not here to judge you. With that being said I 500 percent believe in demons and angels. The Bible has tons to say about them and as for your Dad telling the demon to leave , the Bible gives Christians the authority to cast out demons in Jesus’ name. I get that it sounds freaking CRAZY, and yeah maybe it is. But I know that it’s real because I’ve experienced it.

I have always felt a little inclined to pick up on things that “aren’t right” and one of my spiritual gifts is discernment. When i am really walking close with God , He allows me to be able to get insight on what people are going through without them having to tell me, and will give me what I need to say to them.


When I was around 10 or 11 my Mema had been diagnosed with cancer, I lived with her and my papa and mom growing up so we were very close. One day we were getting ready to go visit her in the hospital, the night before that my cousins and I had gone into her closet , got on our knees and prayed individually for my Mema, that next day I was waiting for my mom to be ready to leave and went to sit in the living room , as I was sitting there I asked God again for everything to be okay, suddenly when I opened my eyes there was a cross suspended in thin air , above the coffee table, the room felt warmer and cozy, and there were 3 rainbows right above where I was sitting. I sat there for a minute looking at everything, nothing went away. Finally I got up and was a little freaked out, went to the bathroom with my mom and watched her do her makeup..we left for the hospital and when we came back that evening I remember being afraid to go to the living room. When i did everything was normal but the room NEVER felt the same after that. It felt empty and cold every day after that. The next day my grandmother’s heart stopped. After she passed I would at random times smell fresh flowers (she owned a flower shop) and I knew it was God telling me he was with her.

On the other hand, I have anxiety issues and on multiple occasions I have felt demons in the room with me , taunting me and saying that I would turn out just like my dad ( who went crazy and is homeless now.) One time I was having a panic attack, my boyfriend at the time was holding me and I told him I thought there was a demon messing with my back. He asked me if the demon came out from under his bed and another through the window. I told him yes it did. He prayed over my back and immediately I felt relief. Another time a friend and I were being dumb and saying that if demons were real then they needed to prove it, we decided to “set up a trap” so we left a pen on the coffee table and went to the kitchen for 30 minutes. When we came back the pen was facing another way. We took a picture of it and the picture came out extremely distorted. There was no one else in the house with us and neither of us left the kitchen the entire time. Other things on the table had also been shuffled around. We were so scared we spent most of the night at ihop and came back in the morning when her parents were home.

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My FH was raised Pentecostal and demonic possessions are something that are very real for them. I personally have never witnessed anything like that, but FH says that he has been present for two exorcisms and they are terrifying. The things he saw really are scary, and I have no reason to doubt the stories. FH wouldn’t lie about something like that. 

For one, a family in the church believed their son was possessed, so several members of the church went to visit with them (that’s why FH was there). They started praying and the barn outside the kids bedroom started shaking and rumbling violently and the boy was flung around the room. FH said that he actually saw a demon, but refuses to describe it in detail. He still has nightmares about it. 

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Busy bee

@AcheneMalefic:  ouiji boards are a NO!! don’t ever play them because they attract spirits and they forever will follow you. 

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@Galang_Gyal:  Wow. That reminds me (vaguely) of something that happened to me when I was 12. I had had a nightmare about this guy. Could so clearly see his face. In the nightmare he killed my family and tried to rape me. The next day we went to the mall and as crazy as it sounds, I saw him. And he was glaring at me. It was terrifying and I had a panic attack in the middle of the mall. We had to leave.

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I played with a Ouiji board when I was in HS and I’ve wondered if it did anything bad…I didn’t know it was supposed to attract bad spirits and stuff, I just did it because my friend wanted to. It moved but it didn’t really make sense so I didn’t “believe in it” really. I kinda feel like maybe that helped protect me? I thought of it as a game at the time. I wouldn’t play with one now, that’s for sure. I guess I believe in demons but I don’t really think about it. I wouldn’t discredit someone saying they had a first hand experience with them which is why I think they probably exist and I must be extremely blessed that I haven’t had an experience myself. I do believe in angels though! I’ve had 2 classmates have first hand experiences after car accidents that were so cool. I also have had a collection of angels (like the little statues) since I was a toddler and it’s always helped me feel protected.

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@AcheneMalefic:  your mom is mentally ill and your dad is very impressionable.

my mom would play ouiji and believes in ghosts (“for fun”), but your mom sounds unstable.

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