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Helper bee
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I’m in the same situation. Don’t worry.

I booked appointments for my Fiance and I to go get our teeth checked. For me, it’s been about 5 yrs – I was in college and didn’t have a dental plan for the majority of that time, so yeah. I know it’s going to be baaaaad. I too have cavities, and, having overcome an eating disorder, some pah-retty serious tooth decay, I’m sure.

March 10th I’m going. If you go around the same time, we could be dentist buddies 😀

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Buzzing bee

I haven’t been in a long time either (super super bad i know) :/ your post just gave me the courage to make a dentist appointment. i know it will be bad but it’s like ripping off a bandaid. at first its going to be painful to hear everything that is wrong but fixing the problems will make everything better 🙂

plus in exactly one year i get kicked off my parents fabulous insurance (i’ll be 23) and i want to fix as much as i can before that point.

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Bumble bee
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Can we all be dental buddies? lol. My dad’s fear of the dentist (and not the best health insurance as a kid) has been instilled in me…

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Honey Beekeeper
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Dude i never had dental insurance growing up. I NEVER went as a kid. I never went until last year when I got a job.

I’m going March 12th =]

Also…Darling Husband has really bad teeth enamel. it runs in his family. Mine ghost. I think everybody has teeth problems somewhere. A friend of mine had these veneers put on. Now she has the most amazing teeth…even though they totally aren’t real. If your teeth bug you that much, is that something you could consider and pay for over a few years?

The cavities aren’t THAT expensive. They’re like $150 or so apiece. But if you need a root canal, that’ll run a lot more. Stick with local anaesthesia as much as you can. Get your teeth fixed and then do something to prevent this in the future. I think that is all you can do when you have some bad genes being passed down. I know we’ve looked at things like enamel replating and stuff for the future. It’s not cheap but something like your smile really affects your quality of life and I think it’s worth paying for in the long run.

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Honey bee
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🙁 Going to the dentist is scary and no fun. And it smells funny. I haven’t been in a few years (Um, okay like, 1 but still) out of straight up LAZINESS! I wish I could claim the “no insurance” thing but that’s just not the case at all. I need to make myself go, but I’m scared to. We need to start a support group…

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I drink copious amounts of coffee. I mean, at least four cups a day, usually six or more. 

So I’m quite afraid of the dentist. Also, they call my teeth “children’s teeth” or, like one dentist “minis” because they’re so small. That’s all they talk about the entire time I’m in the chair! Blargh. So I put off going, and let it add up a little – I usually go once a year, but I’ve been bad lately and it’s been more like a year and a half. 

Good luck!

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Bumble bee
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You poor thing! I actually have a dental phobia, and I understand completely. My parents passed down lots of problems to me too (genetically weak enamel being a big one). Like you, I brushed regularly and flossed a few times a week, but always had cavities.

Now that you have insurance, definitely go! I KNOW it is scary, but the key is to find a good dentist. Ask for recommendations from friends. Many dental offices advertise a “gentle” appraoch. I was upfront with my new dentist about my phobia, and said it was very important for him to explain absolutely everything that he was doing, at all times. No surprises. This has made it possible for me to go to the dentist every 6 months!

At your appointment, ask your dentist to be upfront about the work that needs to be done, and ask him to prioritize it. Get the most painful/difficult procedures out of the way first – the ones that will cause further problems down the road if not dealt with right away. If the thought of it stresses you out, you can be given Ativan at the start of the appointment for the procedure to calm you down (although my dentist requires that I have someone drop me off and pick me up for this). I haven’t used it yet, but it is good to know it is there.

Good luck!

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Sugar bee
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aww honey i TOTALLY understand where you’re coming from…

i’ve had HORRIBLE teeth all my life… (my dad)… my parents were self-employed so they always paid out of pocket for my dental expenses…

come two years ago, when i got dental benefits… i was so afraid and embarassed that it took me almost a year to schedule my first appt!

i ended up losing three teeth in the process of waiting it out so long! and i’m only 26!!… i lucked out that they’re back molars and i’ll be getting implants in the next few years… but it seriously blows having bad teeth… :'(

shake your nerves off and get into the dentist, you’ll only be in a better position that where you’re at now!



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@helstrong- do you have  a university with a Dental school nearby? They’ll often have clinics where students (under supervision of course) do the procedures for discounted rates. I know here in Pittsburgh they will anyway.

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I’ve totally been there but from experience let me tell you you absolutely have to go. I hadn’t been to the dentist in six years (didn’t go all through college and a while after) and my dentist diagnosed me with advanced gum disease. I have all sorts of decay and would have started to lose teeth if I hadn’t started treatment. Gum disease is also really bad because it weakens your immune system because your body is constantly trying (and failing) to fight the bad bacteria.

Trust me. Please go now that you have insurance. A good dentist who cares about your dental health will not “yell” at you. The dentist will probably tell you stuff you don’t want to hear, but that’s not yelling.

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Bumble bee
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i havent been in like..3 years..im afraid of being yelled at..plus mr. sew just went and had like 7 cavitiies! eeehhh! i don’t want to know what my mouth is like. i’ve always had pretty good teeth (minus the horrible crookedness), but it’s my gums I’m scared of! i’m not the most consistent flosser in the world..and i totally understand the cost thing. my insurance only covers basic maintenance, so any fillings and such could get costly. >.>”

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Helper bee
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I’m sure everything will be ok!! Stay strong! I don’t think they will reprimand you so don’t be scared (I know easier said than done right?). I suggest asking them specifically what you need to have done now and let them give you a price breakdown BEFORE anything is agreed upon. Also, check to make sure what is covered and isn’t with your insurance. That can be tricky sometimes.

My mom had to have an extensive dental surgery done and used CareCredit. It’s been great and I highly recommend because they do offer no interest for 18 months. If you need the work done for your health and wellbeing it’s best to get it done. Just breathe…

I hope everything goes well! Sending positive thoughts your way hun.

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Sugar bee
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Totally understand!  Last summer, Fiance (at the time) convinced me to make an appt because I hadn’t been in (wait for it!) TEN YEARS.  Not kidding.  After I got my braces off in elementary school, I maybe went one more time in middle school and then didn’t have dental in college, or with my post-college job.

I made my appt and found out that the damage was not as bad as I suspected.  I did have NINE cavities (ICK!) but getting them filled has been fine.  Now that we’re married and I am under hubby’s insurance, it’s great, we pay only 20 percent.

Bad news though, is that I found out I have to get my wisdom teeth extracted next month!!

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