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Isilme :  If you love him – HIS feelings are supposed to matter, too, aren’t they?  Why should your feelings matter more than his?  That’s not very conducive for a strong marriage, disregarding his feelings because they don’t match yours.

Well, you could turn that around too. Why do his feelings (being flaky about commitment, saying maybe a year, we’ll see) matter more than hers? Why is she supposed to stifle her own anxiety about his level of commitment and just go along for the ride hoping that one day he’ll agree to marry her?

Aren’t you the bee who waited 20 years for a proposal, many of which were spent in a kind of depression about why your partner wouldn’t marry you? I wonder in your own case why you thought your husband’s feelings about marriage were more important than yours?

I think compromise is key in these situations. And if a compromise can’t be found, then the couple is incompatible and should split up. (Not saying you and your husband should have split up, to clarify, just that your logic goes both ways.)

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I still don’t think he wants to marry you despite the update.

Ya maybe he is afraid to lose you now but that doesn’t mean he wants to spend his life with you.

You have been 5 years together and you are in your 30s if he wanted to propose he would have without constantly hinting at it.

Sorry if this is harsh but this is just how I see it from the outside perspective.

Good luck bee

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Are you sure he isnt doing this just to pacify you while he finds a convenient living situation or meets someone else? I have seen this happen and I would hate for you to put in all this effort just to have him flake on you once again. I hope it turns out well though

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You waited until September 2016 to seriously discuss marriage then you expected a propsal within the next few following months?  That seems like a lot of pressure to put on a man.  It sounds like the pressure lead to the break up.  If you want a proposal I think you are going to need to muster up a little more patience as he starts to get on board with the idea.  He obviously has an idea as to how he would like to manage his finances in preparation for ring buying.  If he says he needs a year I’d believe him.  If that year deadline comes and goes then I would be concerned.

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Ugh who would want to marry a loser like this?  Do you consider this guy a loving, responsible, caring man?  He sounds like a child . No wonder you’re angry all the time.  Your choice if you want a life like this.

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blondie603 :  “It’s like I have no control over my own future and that kinda freaks me out.”

But you DO have control over your own future. You’re just choosing not to use it! You’re choosing to sit around waiting for this guy to make a decision about your life. 

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Why would you want to marry someone who said they don’t want to marry you and left? What happens if you do get married and you go through a rough patch? Is he going to just up and leave then? Men know early on if someone is their dream girl or not and they don’t date them for 5 years and then break up with them. He’s a huge buyer beware and if you do marry him it won’t be a happy marriage and it’ll prob end in divorce, sorry to say. I’d get out now before investing any more time. 

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I think it’s wrong to just tell this woman that “yeah you’re just gonna end up divorced”. What if they end up married and happy and it just took this to get the guys ass on fire to do it?? If proposals camw easily for ALL of us, this board wouldn’t exist full of women commiserating about when their guy is going to do it and wondering why he hasn’t yet. Obviously we are all going to make our boyfriends sound just horrible when we complain on here. Not to say that sometimes an outside perspective can’t be helpful when other bees can straight up be like “hey, don’t put up with that”. But in the end, only SHE can know what to do, and just telling her that her future automatically WILL end up in a divorce is just mean and none of you actually know that. 

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Hiya bee.

As many others have said, I don’t trust this guy and I don’t think you do either. When you say that he tells you he loves you but you DON’T BELIEVE HIM to me that speaks volumes. 

You’re around my age and have been with this guy and cohabitating for as long as I have with mine (going on 5 years also- no ring). Life is short. You can either sit him down and give him a timeline–I’d say less than 6 months especially if he has money saved–and if he doesn’t meet it then adios. Really check in w/ yourself and probe your heart to see if this is who you want to share forever with. Something about your words make me think maybe it isn’t. But things can turn around.

I want to hug you, bee–I feel for you and the confusion this brings. It is easy for strangers on the internet to say ditch him, he doesn’t love you, or whatever. I don’t believe it’s that simple OR easy. I just hope it works out because you deserve commitment and happiness. I see a lot of myself in you. <3

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blondie603 :  Right there with you! Glad to hear he’s “window-shopping” online. That IS a step. From what I know, my bf hasn’t even gone that far. Sometimes it’s all I can do to keep my mouth shut and say, “you know you can’t just order a ring off Amazon with 2-day shipping…right?” LOL. Bf is a last-minute person all the way. Must. Stay. Strong!


Also, saving $ for a condo/townhouse is a good thing. It is possible to save for multiple goals at the same time! 

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blondie603 :  This is the internet, and you asked for advice.

You sound immature. He sounds immature. I’m surprised he has savings, and it’s a good thing he does. He’s right, you need $1-2M to retire these days.

The whole “I don’t do anything extra” for him line really irked me. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t want to marry you? Why would he want to marry someone who doesn’t value him and his needs?

My Father died 4 weeks ago. I get married in 5 weeks. My Fiance has been putting my needs ahead of his own since this whole thing happened. He has been my rock. But before that, it was a constant give and take. We don’t have that you owe me attitude as it seems you have about your relationship.

Are you even happy with this man? If not, what’s the point?

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blondie603 :  I would seriously move on. I used to be you. I was in the exact same situation. I was with my boyfriend for 6 years and he never proposed ever. It just didnt happen. After 3 and a half years I started hinting about getting married. After 4 I straight up starting asking. After 5 I pretty much had enough and at just about 6 years I moved on. I wish I could have moved on sooner. I regret wasting my time. The guy I dated after this bf I had propsed to me after being together 4 years. Things were so different. He wanted to get married. I did not have to worry about stuff anymore about whether he wanted to commit. I highly reccomend that you move on. There is someone out there that will want to marry you. Dont settle. I am happy I moved on and found someone worth my time. You should also. You are worth it and there is always still time to start over.

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