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Hi 🙂

Depression has been an active participant in my life for the past decade. Congrats on starting to get treatment, and I promise it gets better from here.

My recomendations would be to try doing something relatively mindless that will keep you busy. I like to cook or do puzzles when my depression gets bad. It keeps my mind distracted and in the end I feel like I’ve accomplished something. Stay away from things that will trigger strong emotions. Watch a silly tv show, go for a walk, listen to some upbeat music, anything to occpy your time until you get through the bad patch. Just keep reminding yourself that you won’t always feel bad and that you’re already on the path to getting better. Depression may feel like the end of the world, but it really isn’t.


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dannielle89:  I am so sorry that you are going through this. I remember reading your posts – i know you haven’t had the easiest of times (i only remember becuase you are from the land of down under!)

I’m sure that there are plently of ladies out there who have gone through something similar & be able to give you some wise words but in the mean time, try to keep your chin up. Things WILL get better and surround yourself with people who make you smile xx 

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I have never been diagnosed, but I think everyone (even animas) struggle with depression sometimes. Last semester, I was dealing with a lot. I was struggling academically in my college courses, this guy in one of my classes was stalking and harassing me, I got into some financial difficulties…long story short, I started having major anxiety attacks and ultimately just reached a point where I could no longer get out of bed. The thing is, though, that this to shall pass, even though you can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel right now.

You need to take care of yourself, and do nice things for yourself. If you had a friend or a lover feeling as depressed as you feel, what would you do for them? Get yourself a gift. Take yourself to a nice dinner, or cook yourself something fancy at home. Read a trashy book. Take a bubble bath. Don’t focus on forcing yourself to feel better, but focus on doing little acts of self-care for YOU every day. 

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Yes, for most of my life. I have tried many medications and therapies. There’s no one answer that works for everyone. I just try to be self aware regarding my symptoms. If i feel like shutting everyone out, I know that’s depression talking. If I feel hopeless and alone, that’s depression talking. I don’t beat myself up for it. Some days I just take time to be miserable. Sometimes it hits for no reason, sometimes it hits because of stress.  I found the anxiety and phobia workbook to be very helpful. I also found CBT to be the best for me. I have never been suicidal or felt like I was going to harm myself. For me I work to differentiate my actual feelings and thoughts from the thoughts and feelings that are symptoms. You can’t always tell, and this took me a long time but this is how I deal. I don’t know if this works for anyone else … Just remember depression will try to convince you you’re alone and it’s hopeless but that’s not the truth ever. Talk to your close family and friends. If things get bad don’t be afraid to get help. 

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I recently started Zoloft. I didn’t realize I was depressed. I was just unhappy and stressed all the time. After a ton of time passed with me wanting to cry ask the time I realized….oh, maybe that’s not normal.


I feel a million times better. Its ridiculous.

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dannielle89:  Exercise is really good for mood stablisation. Get outside and go for a walk. I can’t remember where you are in Australia but the weather is pretty good everywhere today. 

Also call your local council and see if they have a list of support groups in your area. Joining a support group can be really beneficial because it puts you in touch with people who are going through exactly what you are or have been through and so can offer support and advice. 

I think the go to line about reading or watching inspirational things is not right for everyone. It can often be a trigger for someone suffering from depression. So instead I would sugget reading or watching things that you enjoy or love. If you love reading romance novels then read a romance novel. If you love dancing to Miley Cyrus then get up and dance to Miley. If you love to garden then get out in the garden.

Just remember that there is no quick fix and it is perfectly ok to take the time to get back on track. It is not a race and the only important thing to to get yourself well again.

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dannielle89:  Yes, since I was very young. I am on medication now and sometimes it’s wonderful and sometimes I really struggle. It’s something I’m very private about and haven’t shared. But I know where you are and if you need someone to talk to pm me and I will send you my email address.  Sometimes having someone to talk to is the best medicine. 

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Yup. Myself and my Fiance both have it. I’ve seen a psych on and off for the past 3 years and that helped me a lot. I’be been on and off meds for that time. It took about a year to find one that helped then I stupidly came off it. I’m back on it now and feel fantastic.

I’m making some pretty large life changes seeing I know my situation is making it more difficult. When Fiance gets a stable job we will be moving and I’m changing uni (reducing a 2 hour trip to 20 mins daily). 

It is so hard and causes friction with Fiance. I have found just telling him I want hugs, even if we are in the middle of an argument, can calm us both down. 

I’m very open about it with friends and family which helps turns out almost everyone I know can relate in some way. Finding something relaxing you can do when you feel a meltdown coming on. I find reading help stop me having a total crazy moment and my Fiance plays games. We both just need to get out of this world clearly.

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Yes, it is certainly a life long battle. Some days can be good, others can be pretty awful. Best wishes OP, as you can see from this thread, and other threads, you are not alone. The hive and the bees are always here when you are having a bad day, and just need somewhere to vent!

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I have major clinical depression, severe along with severe GAD.  In my case, the extreme anxiety causes the depression.  So, I’m on meds for both.

I’m on a cocktail of meds now.  For me, meds are absolutely essential.

I’ll second the suggestion about exercise.  It really does release mood elevating brain chemicals.

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