(Closed) Depression during pregnancy? Anyone else?

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@cjfs:  Hi. Please don’t beat yourself up over this. Try to think about it like you have a UTI (or something less gross, if youd prefer).

You go to the doctor and they prescribe you antibiotics. You’re sad because you dont want to have to take meds while you are pregnant. He tells you that some antibiotics are bad and some are perfectly safe when pregnant.  

Depression is just the same as getting a UTI. Its an illness. You didn’t choose to have it. You’ve done nothing to deserve it, its just plain bad luck. But you have to take your medication because just like the UTI, it will affect your pregnancy and you need to protect your health and babies health. 

You have done the right thing to talk about this to your doctor and just keep following their advice. Things will work out. Don’t be hard on yourself. It is an illness, its not your fault for getting it. 



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Ah sweetie, I’m sorry you are going through this. I think I have mild pregnancy depression too tho it hasn’t been diagnosed. Sending you lots of support.

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@cjfs:  Do what it takes to make yourself better. If your doctor says you need antidepressants, then you should take his/her advice. Look at it this way: the healthier you are, the healthier your baby is. If you are feeling happy and able to take care of yourself properly, your baby will do great. If you are feeling very stressed, or so low that you aren’t eating or sleeping properly, or god forbid your depression gets much worse that you need way more involved care (this happened to a family member of mine, she was hospitalized from month 6 of her pregnancy due to severe depression), it will be much worse for your baby than just taking an antidepressant. There are many that are safe for pregnant women, your doctor will know how to put you on the right path. My relative was on anti-depressants for her whole pregnancy and still is while nursing, her baby is doing wonderfully. Good luck, take care of yourself, and feel better soon!

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Ive had depression most of my life.  I had been perscribed celexa and xanax for my anxiety.  Finding out i was pregnant was a shock & sent me into a tailspin.  The first few weeks i was so lost.  I still had 3 weeks to wait until i could see my doctor.  By the time my visit arrived (i should also say that i had been off of my meds about 1 month before conception, i was trying to stop taking them) i was a wreck.  Between being sick and feeling tired i felt awful.  I told this to my doctor who said he would rather me not take my meds, but if i felt i needed them that bad, i could.  I made it through another couple of weeks hating (for lack of a better word) my life.  Then, i had a revelation.  I started to get excited about being a mom.  My mom took me to look at baby things, i started to be ok with not drinking (before, i thought having to stop drinking was torture, but i didnt risk it.). My husband had seen my struggle & his support also helped me change my attitude.  I didnt expect it to come so easily but it did.

i feel pretty good now, but me being thr worrier that i am, im now afraid of getting post partum.  Hopefully i will be alright after our son comes.  Luckily Darling Husband is also taking a couple weeks off from work after the baby, so i wont be alone & isolated.  Hope some of my experience helps

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@cjfs:  I have not suffered from depression, but someone close to me has and I know how hard it is. I understand that you’re afraid of going back on medication because of the baby (and maybe feeling a bit defeated/weak? which is totally normal!) but I think ultimately, what’s best for the baby is having a mama who’s in a good place emotionally.

I have chronic hypertension so I need to stay on medication to keep my blood pressure under control. Before TTC, I did some research and spoke with my doctor, who switched me to what is basically the safest blood pressure drug available to pregnant women. Do I love being on medication while pregnant? No. Do I worry sometimes about the baby? Absolutely. But I do what I need to do to stay healthy and I trust that it will be what’s best for baby in the end. You need to trust that your doctor will put you on the safest medication possible to effectively treat your symptoms during your pregnancy. There’s no need for you to keep feeling so hopeless.


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🙁 Our hormones are going nuts during pregnancy, so a lot of people who experienced depression before have it recur in pregnancy or after (post-partum depression). I would definitely try to stay off of anti-depressants while pregnant because a lot of them cause harm to the baby. If you can do therapy, and even things like yoga or meditation and other relaxation/reflection techniques, it should help a lot – that helped me in my depression in college. So far in pregnancy, I have experienced a lot of the lack of motivation to do things and lack of joy in some things I used to love doing, but it is not nearly as bad as the anxiety and depression I had previously. I am so sorry you are going through this. *hug*

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Hey there,

I’ve been dealing with depression for my entire adult life and have been on medication for the vast majority of it. When I found out I was pregnant, I stopped taking my meds (was on Wellbutrin and Celexa) because I was so freaked about the possible damage to my baby and I couldn’t get in to see my psychiatrist for weeks.

After talking to both him and my physician, I started back on one of them. As with any medication both during and not during pregnancy, there’s always a risk-benefit analysis that you have to take into consideration. The risks to your developing baby of you being depressed during pregnancy aren’t good either. Many of the antidepressants don’t have much in the way of actual negative effects for the baby’s development, but a lot of it is withdrawal once the baby is delivered.

I personally would ask if you can see someone who specializes in mental health during pregnancy…

It’s a tough decision, but ultimately you and your doctor need to decide what’s best for you and your baby. Good luck. (((HUGS)))

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