(Closed) Depression… have you had it or ever have it?

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  • poll: Depression... have you had it or ever have it?
    Yes, I have it and am being treated for it. : (22 votes)
    21 %
    Yes, I have it and should get treated for it. : (11 votes)
    10 %
    Yes, I have it and don't think I need to get treated for it. : (7 votes)
    7 %
    Yes, I had it and no longer being treated for it. : (31 votes)
    29 %
    I might have had it in the past but never got treated for it. : (18 votes)
    17 %
    Nope, I have never had depression : (13 votes)
    12 %
    Other : (4 votes)
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    Eh…well. Yes I have it. I have had mood issues since I was in elementary school.

    I needed medication as a teenager and I knew it, but my mother didn’t believe in antidepressants. Finally, at age 25 my new primary care physician put me on zoloft.

    It…has changed my life. I feel so silly for not doing it sooner. I feel…normal mood wise and I’m much more stable. 🙂

    I do notice a HUGE sudden mood change if I forget a dosage. Bad stuff.

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    My Fiance has it and has for years. He also has anxiety issues. He’s getting treated for it now but it’s been a long five years. He’s been on and off medication for months but finally everything is getting into place and he’s just started seeing a counsellor. My mother has depression and is on Anti- depressants. She’s had depression since she was probably around 6 years old.

    It’s a lot more common than most people think and a lot more harmful. It’s not just a case of “Oh I feel sad today” It hits people so hard that they struggle to get out of bed. I honestly cant understand a lot of it but I try and I help as much as I can.

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    Sugar bee


    Oh my gosh. exact same for me, minus the Mum part.  I was living along in a different province alone, while going to school and experienced my worst episode to that point.  For some reason I went into a book store and stumbled across Elizabether Wurtzel’s book, Prozac Nation.  I was like … this is me!  Theres a reason I feel this way. Got a prescription for Prozac and a few weeks later I felt like the sun was shining, for the first time in a loong time.|Ive since switched meds, but I am great now.  Im so thankful for that book

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    I battled pretty severe depression and anxiety when I started grad school. For a lot of different reasons, the transition was really hard on me, and I’m sure a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was living on the opposite side of the country, so I had virtually no friends or family around. Thankfully, I knew I had to get help, and I did so almost right away. If I hadn’t sought counseling, I don’t know if I would have been able to complete my first year (I was dangerously close to withdrawing for a semester at one point). Going through counseling definitely changed my perspective, and it really helped me to stop seeing things in such a black and white manner (which was a huge part of my anxiety and depression). It was also really liberating to tell certain people about my struggle. Although I felt self-conscious, those I did tell were really supportive, and I even found out that another close friend was experiencing much of the same things I was. 

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    Yes. It lasted 6 years (from ages 12-18) and although I do feel much better now I still get 1-2 week long relapses every now and again.

    I was never treated or diagnosed but I have no doubt in my mind what it was. I asked for help when I was 16 and my family agreed to take me to the doctors but they never did. Due to other issues I was having at the same time I didn’t bring it up again and it was never mentioned after that. My depression went hand in hand with my eating disorder and an anxiety disorder (I had very frequent panic attacks). I never recieved formal treatment for any of the 3; I managed to “self-recover” although it was extremely difficult and took over 2 years. Like I said, it hasn’t fully went away but it’s gone for the most part so I don’t believe I need medication now.

    I am wanting to start seeing a therapist but I’m waiting until we move and get settled in to our new city.

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    I would say that depression is very, very common but most people are uncomfortable discussing mental health. 

    I went through several periods of depression as a teen but never got treated. Like a lot of people my parents didn’t believe that it was depression, they just didn’t want to believe it, tried to minimize my feelings. A few years ago I went on Effexor to treat the most severe episode. I couldn’t believe the fog that I had been living in for all that time! 

    I’ve since gone off of medication because it felt like the right thing to do for me. Part of my depression was situational (loooong story) and that had all changed for the better. I have worked really hard to know myself and recognize my moods and really try to work on the cognitive aspects before going back to medication. I have nothing against meds, if I had to I would go back on them again but I had an awful time going off. Once I got down to the smallest dose I had to literally open the pill and take out 1 little ball each day until I was left with nothing in order to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. 

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    I have had problems with depression ever since I can remember… it got a lot worse when I got pregnant and just kept getting worse. I got to the point where I would sleep for maybe 2 hours everynight and went kinda crazy… Then I got a perscription for Paxil and it helped a bit but if I was even an hour late taking it, it would make me sick… then I left it at home when I went out of town and that was the worst two days (almost) ever. I never took them again.

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    I went through a lot after my father passed away when I was 8. There was a lot of family drama and I always felt that I was in the middle of it. As I got older, the drama got worse and I started noticing that I had very low self esteem. I was picked on a lot and I didn’t have any friends where I went to school. While I was in high school, I was in two seperate emotionally and physically abusive relationships which completely destroyed my feeling of self worth and self confidence, I had very few friends and I felt really alone. After I got a job and built some social skills, I started to feel better. I had a few bouts of depression when I first started college. No one talked to me and I didn’t make any friends despite being in a sorority. My old friends were off having kids or going to colleges far away and I felt really alone. I also started having health problems and had to withdraw, which made me feel like a failure and my parents didn’t help much. After I got back in school later that year, in 2008, things got a little better. I haven’t been depressed much since then except for recently. I lost two of the three only freinds I had, my family has been stressing me out and unsupportive of my engagement and I’ve gained weight, which hasn’t helped my ever present self esteem issues. My family is always making comments about it, which makes it worse.

    I saw a counselor from the time I was 13 until I was 15 and I was on medication, but I didn’t like they way they made me feel, so I stopped taking them. I also stopped seeing my counselor because at the time, I didn’t feel depressed.

    I know that I will probably never be as postive as I’d like to be, and I know that I will probably be depressed in the future. But I have managed to change some of the negative feelings in my life to postive ones.


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    I’m not going to go into specifics but I had it.  I needed medication.  After about 6 months, I came off the medication and while I still was battling it, I was able to think clearly.  It was a time period of my life that I want to forget but I think because of that period, I’ve learned how much I can go through and come out alive.  I would suggest that if anyone needs help, they go to their doctor and get a referral to a psychologist.  If you find that your psychologist and/or doctor isn’t sympathetic/kind, find a new one because I had to and I’m lucky I realized to do that.  I could barely function during that time period.

     P.S. The only friend that stood by during that time was my Fiance (we weren’t dating yet).  We were best friends and that sort of loyalty can never be reconciled.  He took everything I gave him and still loved me and for that I grew to love him more than just friends.

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    There are different types of depression.  Clinical depression and then circumstantial depression (forgive me, there is a proper term for this!).  I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had circumstantial depression at some point- (due to a loss of a job, unable to find work, death in the family, relatonship going south, etc.)

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    I was diagnosed with clinical depression my senior year of high school and spent half a year going through the pain of trying to find the right medication and dealing with the side effects. I met a guy at the end of the year who convinced me to go off my meds cold turkey (which is REALLY bad) and, thank goodness, I was okay. It was a mistake, but I don’t regret it. Right after that, the guy began abusing me. I met another man who showed me how bad it really was and helped me to get out of the relationship. He has been a great support system for me for two years since. My mindset hasn’t changed since I stopped treatment, but my situations and how I handle them have. Now, when I’m feeling down or upset, I have someone to talk to, someone who will help me through it. I left the house I was living in, which has helped immensely and now I’m focusing on making myself and my SO happy rather than doing what other people want me to do. It has helped immensly and I haven’t had any of the symptoms from my depression in two years.

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    I have depression, but I have the bad kind, Major Depressive Disorder. It’s awful.

    As those of you with depression know, it’s a cyclical disease, kind of like a roller coaster. If I’m on a good stretch, I’m always watching out for the next “bad” time. Sometimes, during bad stretches I’m scared I won’t make it out.

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